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If you have a request for city services we urge you to call 311! You can also call 311 for police non-emergencies. For city services requests be sure you get a service request number so that you can follow-up with either 311 or the Alderman's Office. Of course for police emergencies call 911.


  1. Ald. Lyle! Streets and San! Help!
    The 7600 alley between Vernon and Eberhart has not been flattened. Was it skipped from some reason? I'm in the middle of the block and need to get several children to and from school.

  2. In need of knowing how to protest and report a un-monitored rental property that the present new tenants are disrupting this whole block. 7300-7400 So. Evans Ave.Since they have moved in there has been frequent gun fire, unmonitored congregation of teenagers during all times of the day and night, breakins and damage to properties. Searched for a place to report this, only to find what you have here. We can be paged @ 312-417-3060 Thank You 73rd & Evans We are just trying to maintain PEACE, our Investments & PARK MANOR

  3. First, if there is gun fire you should call 911 immediately. Anytime you witness criminal activity contact 911. Secondly, contact 311 and the alderman's office at for your city services.

    Other resources are CHA Section 8 hotline 800-533-0441 and give them the address and issues. Also, your local community organization is Park Manor Neighbors and the meet on the first Monday of every month. Lastly, call 311 find out your beat and when and where the CAPS meeting is held and plan to attend the CAPS beat meeting.

    Personally, I advise if possible, take pictures of when the congregation is happening and any disrepair of the property to have as evidence.

  4. Abandoned and vacant house, 8631 S. Champlain, broken into more than once; not boarded up; has huge broken front window where drug people get in and out. Police came and emptied the house once, but City, Alderman,and Police all seem unable to fix this problem. Now someone trying to live in the damaged garage. It is very dangerous and scary to get in and out of my home near this property. What can be done ASAP?

  5. If you see people going in and out of the property call 911 and report it. Take pictures and send to Lastly email the address, pictures, description of what is going on, times, etc to While I kow its frustrating when you do not get the response you expect you got step back take a breather and go back ad attack the problem. Remember the focus is to get rid of the problem.


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