Friday, April 29, 2011

NBC Chicago: Faces of Rahm Emanuel's team at the CTA, CPS, and budget

Slideshow presents who will be running the school system, public transit, and the city's finances when the Mayor-elect takes office next mont

Also from NBC Chicago, there are now three finalists for Chicago Police Superintendent. One prominent candidate that didn't make the cut is President Obama's "Drug Czar".

UPDATE: Clout Street has more on the three finalists for police superintendent.

As Neighborhood Changes, Who’s at Fault? - Chicago News Cooperative

As Neighborhood Changes, Who’s at Fault? - Chicago News Cooperative

An interesting report by Mick Dumke about Chatham:
The issue is hotly debated in Chatham, a middle-class community known for wide lots, manicured lawns, and large bungalows. For decades, black professionals, business leaders, and city workers flocked to the area, roughly bounded by 79th Street, Vincennes Avenue, 91st Street and Cottage Grove. But many longtime residents said Chatham has shown signs of deterioration in the last decade, and they believe the Plan for Transformation is part of the problem.
However real that perception might feel to residents of Chatham, police data and information from the housing authority do not support a connection between an influx of former public-housing residents and an increased crime rate. Police reports show that total violent crime in Chatham has dropped since the Plan for Transformation was launched. Between 1998 and 2009, the most recent year available, aggravated assaults and batteries, which include shootings, have declined 24 percent, from 515 to 392. Murders have climbed, then fallen back, from 11 in 1998 to 22 in 2001 before dropping to 13 in 2009.

The number of former public housing residents in Chatham has also decreased in recent years, according to C.H.A. figures. As of the end of December, 2010, 117 former C.H.A. families were living in Chatham with the help of rental subsidy vouchers. That’s down from 163 in 2005 and ranks 15th in the city.
Chatham is undeniably going through a challenging transitional period. The commercial corridors on Cottage Grove and 79th and 87th Streets are struggling. The number of business licenses in the 60619 ZIP code, which includes Chatham, declined 5 percent, from 1,248 to 1,180, between 2000 and 2011, according to the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

At the same time, the area’s housing has become less stable than in the past. More than 1,200 homes have gone into foreclosure in Chatham since the beginning of 2007, according to the Woodstock Institute, a research and advocacy organization. That is far less than in many troubled South Side communities but a shock for relatively affluent Chatham.

The population of Chatham dropped by about 2 percent between 2000 and 2009, the census estimated, and renters now appear to constitute a larger slice of the community. The number of owner-occupied units in Chatham and surrounding neighborhoods dropped 10 percent during the time period, while the number of housing units occupied by renters grew slightly, according to an analysis by the Chicago Rehab Network, a housing research and advocacy organization.
There are other parts to this series Dumke is working on with regards to connecting the "Plan for transformation" with any uptick in crime within those communities that wouldn't normally see an uptick.

In fact check out this chart by Dumke about comparing violence in Chicago.

BTW, Eddie Johnson who is not only the commander of the Sixth District - Gresham @ 7808 South Halsted Street , but also used to be a beat officer in Chatham during the 1990s. But you'll have to read the whole article to see what he says.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Illinois Service Federal Shredfest

Via Concerned Citizens of Chatham

April 30, 2011
10:00 am-1:00 pm
Illinois Service Federal
8700 S King Drive

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daughter to follow in slain police officer’s footsteps

The late Officer Michael Bailey's police star had been recently retired. And now the daughter is being trained as a police officer.

Nine months after her father was gunned down in his police uniform outside his home July 18, an emotional Jada Bailey and her mother carefully retired his badge to the Superintendent’s Honored Police Star case at Chicago Police headquarters Tuesday morning.

If the young woman gets her way, Michael Bailey’s star number 13970 will soon be replaced on Chicago’s streets with her own.

The 24-year-old revealed her courageous plan to follow in her slain father’s footsteps and take the police entrance exam after hundreds of brother officers in dress blues and Mayor Daley honored her father in a somber ceremony.

“I think that’s something that he’d be very proud of, to see that I’m doing something I was born to do,” Jada Bailey said as she held her mother, Pamela’s, hand.

Her father’s murder — one of three police slayings in a two-month period last summer, during a brutal year that saw six CPD officers killed — remains unsolved, despite a cash reward of more than $130,000. But his daughter, a police cadet, said the outpouring of love and support from his colleagues in the wake of his death meant she never thought twice about applying to the police academy.

“If it were not for him, I would never have seen a different side of the police department,” she said. “The police department is not only there for public service, but they have offered my family so much gratitude. It’s much more than people see on the surface — it runs much deeper — the way they extended themselves to our family, the way they honored my father.”

Bailey was just weeks away from retirement and had just finished working the night shift protecting Mayor Daley’s home when a gunman fatally shot him as he cleaned his Buick Regal outside his home in the 7400 block of South Evans in the Park Manor neighborhood. His family moved out later that month.
Unbelievable, $130K reward and still no takers!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Q & A with David Vitale of Urban Partnership Bank

With Chicago Magazine talking about why the original ShoreBank failed, his career in banking, in addition to where he hopes to take ShoreBank's successor Urban Partnership Bank in the future.

VIDEO: Mayor-elect at Whitney Young Magnet School

View more videos at:

Raw video of Rahm Emanuel congratulating Whitney Young students for winning 1st place at the state's academic decathlon courtesy of our NBC affiliate.

I noted not long ago that the Harlan High School LSC mentioned that Emanuel was expected to pay a visit to Harlan's Family Resource Fair last month. No news on whether or not he visited that event or if he has ever paid a visit to any south side school at any time.

We should look forward to the day he comes to Harlan when they place at the top of the state's academic decathlon. Perhaps that is when people will recognize that something is happening there. Besides the principals want less sports trophies visible at the front of the school and more academic trophies. :P

Monday, April 25, 2011

City government excerpts

A couple of links of interest especially if you get the daily "Palm Card" e-mails from the Chicago News Cooperative.

First, I would imagine this may be a challenge for Alderman-elect Sawyer. Will he have the challenge of navigating the city bureaucracy and in delivering city services?
Chicago's new aldermen promise better days for business. But can they get business done? Don't bank on it.

Both law and custom give members of the City Council extensive power in their wards, from zoning changes and liquor license applications to permits for loading zones and sidewalk awnings. Even so, aldermen often derive their real clout from knowing who to call to cut through the bureaucracy.

As the recently elected council takes office in mid-May, many fewer members will have that ability. More than a third of the city's aldermen—18 out of 50, the most in more than 30 years—were elected for the first time this year, and another 11 were newly elected just four years earlier. Of course, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is new to City Hall, too, as are many of his department chiefs. Until they find their way, bureaucrats will be more in charge than ever.
While this may not be much indication, I think there is some indication from this article I posted on the blog not long after his election.

Rahm Emanuel does plan to reduce the city council's committees and their spending even as he chooses to get along with Ald. Ed Burke (14th):
After breaking the ice with Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th), Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is likely to retain Burke, but shrink the roster and spending of City Council committees, sources said Friday.

The line-up under discussion calls for the number of standing committees to be reduced from 19 to 15 with an accompanying spending cut of roughly 20 percent.

“The goal is saving money and becoming more efficient,” said Ald. Pat O’Connor (40th), who brokered the meeting with Burke and is likely to become Emanuel’s City Council floor leader.
While not in this morning's palm card, this is something worth noting from the Ward Room on the relationship between Rahm Emanuel & Ed Burke:
In Chicago politics, what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? They meet at Ald. Patrick O’Connor’s house, and agree to coexist in the same universe.

That’s what Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and Alderman-for-Life Edward Burke did last week, after finally realizing they couldn’t get rid of each other.

They tried; man, how they tried. The challenge to Emanuel’s residency was assumed by many to be a plot hatched by Burke at the 14th Ward Democratic Organization offices on 51st Street. The residency challenge failed. Even Burke’s wife, Justice Anne, voted to keep Emanuel on the ballot when the case came before the Illinois Supreme Court.

But Burke had a backup plan. You don’t survive 42 years in Chicago politics without having a backup plan. He ran his old protégé, Gery Chico, for mayor of Chicago. Chico grew up in Burke’s ward and got his start in politics on Burke’s Finance Committee. Chico wouldn’t have risked a Council Wars II by dumping Burke from his committee chairmanship. He would have allowed Burke to help write the budget.

During the mayoral campaign, I spoke to several aldermen who told me that Emanuel would never get the votes to replace Burke as Finance Committee chairman. Burke has given too much money and done too many favors for his fellow aldermen. Plus, an attack on Burke would have been considered an attack on the City Council’s independence.
Some may argue about the City Council's independence. All the same I really would like to see how a Mayor Emanuel will get along with a new Chicago City Council. And the excitement begins next month.

St. Benedict the African Church: Modernism's late entry--or first sign of its comeback?

St. Benedict the African Church: Modernism's late entry--or first sign of its comeback?

Lee Bey o a uniquely designed Catholic church located @ 340 W. 66th Street. There is both commentary and photographs by Bey himself.

Will our soul food restaurants see a miraculous return like Edna's?

[VIDEO] Well Edna's is now Ruby's as it has re-opened under the ownership Harry Henderson who in fact named this historic restaurant @ 3175 W. Madison St. on Chicago's West Side. Hmmm the collard greens without pork could be very interesting and perhaps healthier although I've never had greens without pork.

If Edna's could continue after the death of the former owner/chef Edna Stewart then so might both Izola's & Army & Lou's. BTW, I took this picture of the former Izola's last week near 79th & Rhodes. It almost looks as if it's still in business with the campaign signs for Carol Moseley Braun for Mayor, Ald. Lyle, and one for Alderman-elect Sawyer. Well you won't be able to see this in the snapshot.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Harlanite Judge Lewis Nixon will head Supreme Court committee on foreclosures

Harlanites, a new Illinois Supreme Court special committee charged with developing proposals to help alleviate the state's home foreclosure crisis will be chaired by Cook County Circuit Judge Lewis M. Nixon. Lewis, who is the supervising judge of the mortgage foreclosure section of the circuit court, also is the 39th president of the Illinois Judges Association (IJA).

Lewis joined the IJA in 2001 and was named to the IJA board and its executive committee for the 2006-07 fiscal year. Lewis was treasurer in 2007-08, second vice president in 2008-09 and served as first vice president this past year. Initially appointed as a jidge to fill a vacancy in November 2001 by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Judge Nixon was subsequently elected to the bench in November 2002. Prior to joining the bench, Judge Nixon was the Assistant General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development in Chicago, administering the legal department for the six-state Midwest region.

Lewis began his legal career in 1975 as an assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. An adjunct professor at Roosevelt University since 1989, Lewis currently teaches at the university's School of Paralegal Studies, and taught trial advocacy at the U.S. Department of Justice's Legal Education Institute in Washington, D.C. A native of Chicago's south side, Judge Nixon attended Chicago public schools and graduated near the top of his class from Harlan High School. Lewis received his J.D. from DePaul University School of Law in 1974, and a B.A. from St. John's University in Collegeville, Minn., in 1971.

69th/Dan Ryan via Unknown Chicago

Every so often the Unknown Chicago blog likes to show street pictures from Chicago's past and have us guess the locations of these pictures. So this 1969 scene at 69th Street is one of them. A lot has changed in 40+ years hasn't it?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

At least we're not....Cleveland

Well if you watch this [VIDEO] from CBS2Chicago of the Mayor-elect making a general statement about the direction he wants Chicago to go:
In a clear warning to those who aren’t ready for his vision of city government, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said Chicago needed some major change or it could “veer off to a Cleveland.”

Poor Cleveland. It, along with Detroit, are the cities that Americans associate with urban decline. Now Emanuel is warning Chicago could go right with it.

“I think the decisions we make in the next two years, three years, will determine where we’re going to be in the next 20-30 years,” he said at the Chicago Tribune series, Conversations about the Future. “If we get them wrong … we could veer off to a Cleveland.”

Emanuel’s Cleveland reference came from a Tribune editorial that endorsed his mayoral candidacy.
First it was "at least we're not Detroit", now it's "let's not turn into Cleveland". We can look to those other urban areas as examples of what we don't want to become. We need to look at what we do need to become.

Should Chicago look at emulating, for example, New York City?

Chicago Public Radion: Turnaround school gets turned around again

Reading this article from CPR, Orr High School @ 730 North Pulaski Road reminds me a lot of the Harlan High School I used to know. Want a school to succeed find a way to change the culture of both students and the faculty. It has happened at Harlan, let's hope it happens at other struggling schools around the city. Orr is under the administration of the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL).

EDIT: AUSL also administers Deneen Elementary School @ 7240 South Wabash Avenue. Check out their principal's page.

Happy Birthday, Worlee!

Happy Birthday to The Sixth Ward and Concerned Citizens of Chatham blog writer, Worlee!

Friday, April 22, 2011

6th ward schools on probation

Before the February 22, 2011 municipal election, candidate Richard Wooten posted this [VIDEO] on YouTube to take aim at those schools within our ward that are on probation.

This morning I found a graphic courtesy of the Chicago News Coop about the schools throughout the city that are on probation. They make special note of Austin Polytechnical Academy which took up residence in a now closed public high school. You can read about Austin Polytech here. That is one school that is currently on Probation has been since October.

Here is the graphic with information on the 6th Ward's schools.

Click for larger resolution

Now the reason I post Wooten's video was to show a list of those schools that are currently on probation. Now even as Harlan advertises itself as a school on the rise and Gillespie keeping itself off of the school takeover list I'm disappointed that both of those schools are still on probation.

There are metrics for both high schools and elementary schools

And here's more from that article regarding Austin Polytech:
Administrators and teachers at Austin Polytech, which occupies two floors of a massive concrete building that once housed the failed Austin Community High School, have been working for four years to undo decades of neglect and failure. Neighborhood crime and poverty are rampant, and unemployment rates are among the highest in the city.

The challenges faced by Polytech are common to hundreds of Chicago schools when they struggle to get off probation.
The No Child Left Behind law has received a lot of attention since it was enacted in 2001. But in Chicago, intervention and accountability systems were introduced earlier, in 1996, by Paul Vallas, the former schools chief executive, as a way to shake up failing schools. The policy’s impact has ranged from decreased school autonomy to wholesale changes in staffs and, in extreme cases, school closings — but it has not resulted in much educational progress.

Mr. Vallas initially placed 109 schools on probation, roughly 20 percent of the city’s public schools. This year, the district placed about half of all schools — 289 — on probation. Sixteen years into the overhaul, educators and researchers say probation’s shock value has worn off.

“There is something inherently wrong with that number. It’s almost senseless,” said Joseph Murphy, an associate dean and professor of education at Vanderbilt University, who researches school improvement.

At Polytech, teachers and administrators say they are taking steps — including renewing focus on instruction, conducting frequent assessments, and measuring attendance and graduation rates more consistently — to turn the tide on student achievement. But the task is daunting.
Attendance has also dropped, due mainly, teachers say, to an erratic schedule in which some Wednesdays are half-days — with afternoons set aside for professional development — and some are not, sometimes deterring students from showing up.
You know it seems as if Harlan has the same problem as indicated at Austin Polytech:
Polytech officials and education experts lament that the Chicago Public Schools system hardly takes into account the things that make Polytech unique — the job-shadowing, internship programs and other career-building initiatives.
If you continue to read the article, you may see that a lot of this may be blamed on No Child Left Behind enacted in 2001.

Anyway, what can we do about the schools in probation in our community? How soon can they be off of probation?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping the 6th Ward clean

You can read this over at Worlee's blog. A phone number if you have any issues including, ordering a blue recycling bin and a black trash can. Our superintendent is Brain Gardner and the number for streets & sanitation is 773.747.8776.

Let's help make the 6th the cleanest ward in our city. :)

Fire fighter parking only...

At the Chicago Fire Department station on 79th & Michigan. A warning if you take away the parking spot of any fire fighter here. Picture was taken this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where O Where Have Our Restaurants Gone?

Photo courtesy of The Sixth Ward Blog

Recently over at The Sixth Ward Blog there was a discussion about the closing of Army & Lou's,( that discussion Izola's and Quench Fresh Foods have closed their doors and it appears that Josephine's/Hard Times is barely holding on. We termed the cuisine served in the restaurants here as Pan African cuisine. Unfortunately, the  restaurants are having problems delivering.

Recently, the Alderman Elect stated he would miss Izola's and was courting several restaurant operators to open up in Chatham as well as was planning to attend next month's National Restaurant Association annual show to court additional restaurants operators to consider our community. Also, Alderman Lyle reiterated her commitment to Army & Lou's current owners to assist them in finding investors/financing. Unfortunately, I believe they may have missed their best chance when they turned down a popular TV show overtures to appear on their restaurant makeover show.

So the questions remains why are our restaurants failing. I asked a couple of experienced and accomplished Chef's/restaurant operators what did they think . First, Dave Blackmon, former food writer, executive chef for Blu 47 and current Director of Culinary Education for Chicago Public Schools gave the following reasons
"I shoot from the gut when it comes to this business. The restaurant industry is not as easy as people think. If it was, then everybody would open one. It also has a very narrow profit margin and if and if not watched carefully business credit can be ruined and vendors will not do business with the restaurant. Checks will bounce, employees will get bitter. Blah, blah blah.
But that's just the end part. There are so many other factors to take in.
1. so many other cheap eateries open by outsiders from other countries (who have no interest in reinvesting in our community) yet we buy their unhealthy subpar fast food product.
2. Large fast food chains sell it cheap and FAST!!! (Fried Chicken!!!!)
3. Izola's & Army & Lou's have very slow service. plus the food was cold. UNACCEPTABLE!!!
4. The "Old Black Political Power Unit" that would often dine at these spots have died down.
5. Plus people are getting old and can't eat traditional soul food or are looking for a fresher dining option.
6. Dining areas needed a real update.

Bottom line. People just didn't dine there enough to keep the businesses a float. Places like Josephine's (aka Captain Hard Times) might not be that far behind if they don't change soon.
I understand the need to support our Black businesses, but bad service is bad service. BTW, I don't eat at those other eateries I mentioned either. They too have bad service."

The other comments came from Chef Eric Paul, owner of Alter Ego a healthy food alternative restaurant, personal trainer and nutrition educator. Mr. Paul comments were "I totally agree with Chef David. I would also add that these restaurants need to advertise more and continue to build their brands. The old word of mouth advertising doesn't work as well as it used. Second, mom and pop restaurants need to establish additional revenue sources such as catering, packaged versions of their famous recipes (i.e. peach cobbler for supermarkets) and possibly expand operations to include private events and meetings. David also stated that there is much more competition than in the days of old. Some of these restaurants should begin appealing to destination diners (i.e. diverse demographics and geography). In order to do the latter, the mom and pops need to revamp their business models by introducing attractions (i.e. chef nights, live music, art showings, spoken word, etc). Lastly, traditional soul food may be good for the soul, but not the heart. If these restaurant created lighter versions of some of their popular dishes, they may attract a different type of customer. The mom and pop restaurants should study the business models of established giants because they have tons of money and resources to conduct market research and stay ahead of trends. Doing business the same ole' way for 20 years is not going to cut it in this market. These restaurants need to hire some new age consultants who also understand their demographic and make changes quickly or perish."

What do you think? What type of restaurants would you like to see?

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: CHICAGO SOUTH House Redistricting Hearing

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: CHICAGO SOUTH House Redistricting Hearing:
April 20,2011
4:00 p.m.
Chicago State University
Library Auditorium
9501 S. King Dr.

Public discussion with civic groups, community organizations to provide input on the decennial legislative and congressional mapmaking process, Guests include State Representatives Monique D. Davis, Ken Dunkin, Ester Golar, Constance A. Howard, and Andre Thapedi and members of the redistricting committee, Free parking, use 95th and St. Lawrence entrance, Information, Call 217-782-4040

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Venture: Englewood pins hopes on new tax district

A CPR report on Englewood residents wanting the benefits of a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district. Both Asiaha Butler and outgoing Ald. Lyle were quoted in this piece.

Here's [AUDIO] for that in addition to the brief excerpt:
The state's been slowly adding jobs again, but the gains aren't spread evenly. It's particularly tough to jumpstart the economy of a blighted area.

Take Englewood, for example. On 69th Street near Wentworth Avenue, there are 18 acres of vacant land that used to be Kennedy-King City College. That empty stretch of land – the size of several football fields – represents promise to many people in the community who would like to see the vast expanse translate into jobs. But they want something more than just big box stores.

A financial boost might come in May, when an economic development tool—tax increment financing—likely will be approved. With the TIF as a lever, residents have what you might call a business plan for the 67th Street corridor.
TIFs have been controversial - criticized for being a slush fund for Mayor Richard Daley.  Some tax money gets collected and earmarked to help lure business development. But TIF money often has flowed to areas that aren’t blighted.

In Englewood, it’s a different story. In theory, this is the kind of area TIFs were designed for. That’s why residents like Butler are eager for the opportunity to put a renewed economic shot in their neighborhood.

Quotable: Ald. Freddrenna Lyle

It seems people are still pulling something from Ald. Lyle's very last ward meeting before she leaves office next month. This time it's the Tribune:
"Some of you I'm going to miss and some of you I'm not going to miss. Democracy gives people the right to make mistakes, and I think that's what happened here."

—Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, 6th, to constituents at her final public ward meeting on her loss to Roderick Sawyer, son of the late Mayor Eugene Sawyer.
Do you believe you made we made a mistake on April 5th? 

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Mayor-elect appoints a new CPS team

Well we know who his new CPS CEO will be:
Jean-Claude Brizard's appointment as the new CEO of CPS sets up a potentially explosive showdown with the Chicago Teachers Union, which openly opposes many of the measures Brizard has endorsed, such as expanding charter schools and linking teacher pay with performance. In February, the Rochester Teachers Association gave Brizard a vote of no-confidence.

Brizard "is not afraid of tough choices, and that is what Chicago's students need today," said Emanuel, who has pledged longer school days and more accountability from teachers.

But the Chicago Teachers Union, whose contract expires next year, is poised for battle.

"We get it. I'm going to buy some boxing gloves now," said union President Karen Lewis. "But did I think Rahm Emanuel was going to put some reasonable people in place? Of course not."
Wanting a school system chief with education experience was a sticking point for a lot of people. Even if a future schools CEO had education experience it would be better if there were a "Chief Education Officer". There's a lot more to running a school system than having classroom experience although a CEO must know something about what's going on in the classrooms.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Robbers take mailbox key from carrier

From Chicago Breaking News, on Saturday, April 16...

Two men robbed a mail carrier of his mailbox key at gunpoint -- but gave back the keys to his vehicle -- this afternoon in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side, police said.

The mail carrier was in the 7800 block of South Indiana Avenue a little before 12:30 p.m. when he was confronted by two men, at least one of them armed, said Chicago Police News Affairs
The rest of the story here... Robbers take mailbox key from carrier Comments in the story included the speculation that the mailbox key could be used to gain access to homes (for burglary/robbery), whether inside the home or your checks (such as tax refunds). So please be on alert!

New R.A.G.E. website

An announcement from their Facebook page...

R.A.G.E - Resident Association of Greater Englewood

wants our fans to check out our new website

There are various ways to contact RAGE
RAGE is highly accessible and can be reached via the following:

Call: 1-866-845-1032



Facebook: RAGE-Resident Association of Greater Englewood

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Note: this was supposed to have been pubished on April 4, the night before the election.

Roderick Saywer, on his Facebook page, congratulated former Chicago Citizen reporter Lesley Chinn on the the birth of her baby.


Clout City: Alderman Lyle Tells Her Constituents So Long—and, to Some, Good Riddance

So Mick Dumke, after a brief time at the Chicago News Coop, is back at the Chicago Reader talking about Ald. Lyle's last ward meeting from Thursday. An occasion he described as "less like a town hall meeting than a combination clearance sale, retirement party, and middle finger to anyone who didn’t like it." Dumke's report is more of a journalist account. Worlee at Concerned Citizens of Chatham offered another. Do any of you wish to comment on the Alderman's final ward meeting?

Friday, April 15, 2011

This is probably the rarest time you will find this...

Location: 9652 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628, USA
An agenda for a Harlan LSC meeting. I've attended quite a few starting in October although I have missed a few in the past for both Bennett-Shedd Elementary & Harlan High School.

I've learned that LSCs must post an agenda somewhere outside of the school for the public to see. In fact this is what an LSC advisor from CPS HQ said to the LSC at Bennett-Shedd. Before then if you saw an agenda before you got to the meeting it was usually inside of the school. Even then the Bennett-Shedd LSC would pass an agenda out to the public who attends.

BTW, during the course of the meeting they mainly discussed the students, business of an LSC parent member who missed 5 meetings (they later voted to remove this person), a Harlan Alumna just so happened to write a $1000 check for Harlan's track & field program, in addition to the AVID program and students who were either getting scholarships or attending summer programs.

Another issue is being in compliance as far as the special needs students. There isn't much the school can do without being non-compliant. They have to send notices out to parents and the parents either refuse to meet with the school or just aren't able to meet with the school. If the parents fail to response the school is not compliant, if there aren't enough aides for the special needs students the school is out of compliance. Even worse officials from the State of Illinois will pay a visit to Harlan in the near future to see if Harlan is in compliance.

It should be noted that the Principal commended the staff for their efforts to get Harlan's special ed in compliance. Nothing very exciting to write about really just that they're working on making sure that every i is dotted and every t crossed.

BTW, there was an election for LSC student representative at Harlan Thursday. The incumbent student rep apparently is running again although before he left school for the day he hadn't said who won. In fact the Principal didn't say who won at the meeting. Primarily they campaigned by giving speeches over the intercom. At Chicago's high schools students elect a representative to the LSC in addition to the principal, 6 parent representatives, 2 teacher representatives, 2 community representatives, and finally 1 non-teaching staff member.

On the agenda, it's noted that the next meeting will be held on May 19.

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Recap of Alderman Lyle's Final Ward Meeting

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Would've liked to have made it put as you see in a previous post I chose to attend this month's Harlan LSC meeting. Anyway Worlee reports on this occasion from last night. There was some ward business discussed in addition expressions of victory by the opposition and expressions of gratitude to Ald. Lyle at the meeting:
There has 3 shootings this past week. The shootings have been at 75th King Drive, 76th  State, and 79th Vernon. The shooting at 79th Vernon is considered gang related per Commander Johnson of the 6th district police. The other two were the result of an on going personal conflict. The commander was late to the meeting because he was at a meeting called by Josephine's Hard Times to discuss crime on 79th street.

A Commonwealth Edison representative discussed a energy savings program and a rumored rebate. The rep discussed that the rebate was old information and was not valid.
Worlee also has photographs of the Ald. Lyle's last ward meeting at his FB page, Concerned Citizens of Chatham.

Miarcle League youth basketball league deadline is coming up...

Attention churches & faith based groups:

The Miracle League is a Christian summer basketball league that has been around for nearly 2 decades. It started on the North Side but now includes teams from the South and West as well. Games are played at the safe and encouraging environment of Moody Bible Institute's Solheim Center (where Bulls opponents and Rookie Training Camp have played).

Even if you don't have a formal youth program, this league can be a way to build relationships in the community. Churches could even team up and sponsor a team.

Please contact GRIP Youth ASAP if you even have an interest in forming a team.

From their web page...
Miracle Basketball League Details:

•Who: For youth in Jr. high and high school

•What: 6-weeks of competitive basketball on Tuesday and Thursday nights along with Bible-based programming

•Where: Moody Bible Institute’s Solheim Center - 930 N Wells St. in Chicago

•When: June 7th - July 14th – Championship tournament July 14th & 16th

•Cost: $400 for first team, $250 for a second team from the same organization

•Registration Deadline: May 4th

•Contact: or 312.563.5630

See their web page for more details.
Promotional PDF is here
Hope a team from the 6th ward area can make it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What ever happened to Quench's Fresh Family Foods?

This picture of Fresh Family Foods was taken last week. Wednesday afternoon I paid a visit to Walgreen's near 95th & King Drive. It seems as if the new grocery store that  even had ABC 7 coming out to cover the grand opening of the new neighborhood grocery store has the gates over its entrance consistently locked. Not sure when I first noticed but this had been observed by me intermittently for a number of months not too long before my last visit to this store.

I did pay a visit to the store, on Election Day in November 2010. Unfortunately my purchase only consisted of a bag of microwave popcorn and a bottle of pink lemonade. Didn't really like the product offering that much and was disappointed that there wasn't any products from Brown Sugar Bakery. Also, it would be nice if the staff there smiled more and offered a thank you for spending money with them. Perhaps there are others who paid a visit to this place who agreed.

BTW, although vaguely reference there was a mention of this place or I believed there was a referenced in a campaign mailer by Ald. Lyle.

Does anyone know what happened to Fresh Family Foods?

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FLASHBACK: Mayor Daley's 1989 Inauguration

View more videos at:

This video from NBC 5's Ward Room features a number of old school pols that not only includes former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson, the late former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, but also the then incoming (now outgoing) Mayor Richard M. Daley. It also includes the late former Mayor Eugene Sawyer. Mayor Sawyer as you all know is the father of our Alderman-elect Roderick Sawyer. Enjoy!


On Saturday, April 16th, from 9am to 12noon, the Monroe Foundation has joined with PNC Bank, 87th & Cottage to facilitate a 90 minute money management workshop and a "Second Chance" bank account opening event, right after the workshop for low-income and unbanked and working poor families and individuals that need a bank account, by opening an account for only $ 25 on April 16th, ONLY!

9:30a.m to 11:00 Money Management Workshop
11:-1P.M- Account Opening-Bring Two Forms of I.D. AND $ 25 TO OPEN ACCOUNT

For participating in the money management workshop and bringing $ 25 to open an account, along with two pieces of current I.D., state I.D./Driver's License, Utility Bill (all must match), PNC Bank will provide an additional $ 25 deposit match!




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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OK some confusion...

Well another way to show that Harlan is an AVID National Demonstration School. Something that was mentioned at the March LSC meeting there.

The other thing is that an LSC meeting is advertised. Of course on the Harlan website the meeting is scheduled to take place on April 21st next week. So the marquee doesn't say exactly is the meeting tomorrow roughly the same time as Ald. Lyle's last monthly meeting as 6th Ward Alderman or is it next Thursday. Some more detail might help.

Hmm, I think a phone call is in order tomorrow. And if you to visit the school located at 9652 S. Michigan Ave for the LSC meeting perhaps you can place a call to 773.535.5400 and inquire as to whether or not the meeting will be held tomorrow.

Ald. Lyle on the new city council

[VIDEO] Courtesy of ABC7. Really this story is about the potential struggle between Ald. Ed Burke (14th) and Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel. Burke is the chairman of the powerful City Council Finance Committee. There has been talk about whether or not he will continue in that role:
"I think they'll find their way. There will be some stumbling blocks but there are in everything. But eventually things will settle in," said Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, 6th Ward. 

Condo in West Chesterfield

Another listing found from Trulia via EveryBlock. This condo located @ 239 East 92nd Street is on sale for $74,000 from Century21. Here's a description:
This Condo located at 239 East 92nd Street, Chicago IL is currently for sale and has been listed on Trulia for 1 days. This property is listed by CENTURY 21 for $74,000. 239 E 92nd St has 2 beds, 1 bath, and approximately 1,094 square feet. The price per square foot is $68. The property was built in 1942. 239 E 92nd St is in the Roseland neighborhood in Chicago, IL.
If you want to know about the public schools in the area McDade Elementary @ 8801 S Indiana Ave, there's also Gillespie Elementary @ 9301 S State St, and finally Burnside Elementary @ 650 E 91st Pl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ald. Lyle's final ward meeting before she leaves office

While I know we are caught up in some excitement over the Alderman-elect, we still have the incumbent who will host her final ward meeting as our Alderman.

Via an e-mail blast:
Thursday, April 14, 2011
6:30 p.m.

Mt. Nebo Church
354 W. 71st St
Chicago, Illinois 60621

Any questions, please call: 773-846-7006
No other information as to who will be there. Hopefully we will know before this Thursday.

Do you plan to be there?

Get your taxes done NOW -- and LOCALLY!

Taxes are due this Saturday. 
H & R Block is acting funny again this year. (More on that later)

Preferred Tax Service were able to help me with tax returns, and much quicker than I expected.

Mr. Emil Williams noted that fewer people have stopped by due to extensive umeployment. (He reminded me, however, that even if you get unemployment, you still have to get your taxes done!).

They are located at 434 E.75th St., Chicago IL 60619    

Their phone number is 773-874-5222

If you see Mr. Emil Williams, please let him know J.P. Paulus & The Sixth Ward blog referred you. (No discounts or kick backs -- we just want to see how effective this blog is in connecting our community).

Happy Birthday Alderman Sawyer!

Today is Alderman-Elect Sawyer's Birthday.

There is a birthday party/victory party on Saturday, April 16 at Park 52.

Roderick Sawyer at center of "Back to the Future" vibe at city hall...

Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune / April 6, 2011
Well another article about our Alderman-elect of course I missed this one as this was published in the Tribune the day after the run offs:
When newly elected 6th Ward Ald. Roderick Sawyer sits down in the front row of the City Council chambers, he'll be taking over the spot his father held down for 16 years before becoming mayor.

Sawyer also will be carrying with him the advice the late Eugene Sawyer gave him for navigating the council, as well as lessons he picked up at his father's side during a childhood and young adulthood spent at City Hall during some of Chicago government's most tumultuous years.

The 47-year-old attorney is one of a handful of new aldermen who will bring a bit of a back-to-the-future vibe to the proceedings. Those connections to earlier editions of the council could help the aldermen as they seek footing at a time of political and economic upheaval in the city.
While he'll soon make his debut as an alderman, Sawyer said his years in the hall will spare him the feelings of awe and disorientation that sometimes prevent freshmen aldermen from hitting the ground running. Eugene Sawyer was 6th Ward alderman from 1971 to 1987. During the chaotic days following the late Mayor Harold Washington's death, Sawyer emerged as the council's choice for mayor, a post he held until after a loss to Daley in the 1989 Democratic primary.

"I know where all the bathrooms are," Sawyer said with a laugh. "I know where many of my colleagues' offices are, and I know where the various city departments are located and how they work."

But more important than the logistical know-how is the understanding of how to work in the council, knowledge his father imparted after determining Roderick was the one in the family who had caught the politics bug.

"My father told me: 'Always make friends. Enemies will come on their own,'" Sawyer said.
The photo above is Roderick Sawyer getting his hair cut at "Personal Touch" hair salon located at  2204 E. 75th St.

Wal-Mart closes on land purchase for Chatham supercenter

Chatham Market property (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Breaking Business news on movement at the Chatham Market Wal-Mart:
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. closed on the sale of a piece of land on Chicago’s South Side where it plans to build a long-anticipated 155,000-square-foot supercenter.

The world’s largest retailer paid about $10 million for the 13.5 acre parcel at the Chatham Market shopping center at the corner of 83rd Street and South Holland Road, according to a person close to the deal. The store is slated to open next year.

Wal-Mart also agreed to lease an existing 10,000-square-foot building at Chatham Market for a Walmart Express store, a convenience grocery format that is the first of its kind for the big-box retailer. Jones Lang LaSalle brokered the deals for the shopping center owner Monroe Investment Partners LLC.
UPDATE 12:26 PM - Another article I found this morning from Crain's:
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has closed on the purchase of a 13.5-acre parcel on Chicago’s South Side where the company plans to build its next city supercenter.

The retail giant bought the property near 85th Street and South Holland Road, within the Chatham Market shopping center, from Chicago-based Monroe Investment Partners LLC. The price couldn’t be determined.

Construction of the 155,000-square-foot store is to get under way later this month, says Tom Kirschbraun, a managing director with Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. who was part of the Jones Lang team that represented Monroe in the sale.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Class in Session for Council Newbies

I would imagine this is what our Alderman-elect would have to face before he takes office next month:
Before Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and the City Council are sworn in next month, four re-elected council incumbents will offer a crash orientation course for the bumper crop of new aldermen.

With support from a politically powerful union that did not endorse Emanuel for mayor, council veterans Pat Dowell (3rd Ward), Ricardo Munoz (22nd), Scott Waguespack (32nd) and Joe Moore (49th) will lead the day-long, closed-door training session for neophytes on April 25.

The goal is to solidify and expand the loosely organized “progressive caucus,” Moore and labor leaders told the Chicago News Cooperative on Thursday. The caucus formed in recent years and comprised about 15 council members.

Moore said he expects many of the new aldermen will come to hear about such City Council 101 subjects as setting up a ward office, assessing zoning change proposals and interacting with the mayor’s administration.

“We are starting out with a spirit of having aldermen who want to take a deliberative approach to the issues and who want to act like the deliberative council that we are supposed to be,” Moore said.
BTW, Early & Often will no longer offer any further updates on Chicago politics. The election season is over! :(

Sawyer on Fox Chicago Sunday

Rod Sawyer was a guest of Fox Chicago Sunday. A summary of the 5 minute segment...

  • He said he talked with his father about being alderman quite a bit before his father's death, and said the things he has done in life (professionally) brought him back to the community, but "was never quite right"
  • On working with Rahm Emanuel: didn't say there were any specific things he was for or against Rahm, and would fight him if things affected the 6th ward negatively. Otherwise, it's "issue by issue"
  • Said he was against privatizing of city services. He's willing to look at the proposals, but is initially against it.
  • In regards to the election, he emphasized  that this campaign worked hard, and how he has always been in the community
  • Interested in cutting government bureaucracy and finding new streams of revenue
  • Focused on "transit based economy"
  • Not opposed to big boxes, but wants a mix and especially in favor of locally owned shops & boutiques
  • One of the biggest things the community needs to do to help stop the crime is to come outside and not be "prisoners of their own homes". "Water you grass, talk to your neighbors. If you never come out of your house, you'll never know what's going on."
  • Said he would "probably" support Ed Burke to cotinue as Finance Chair (due to his years of experience)

We may elaborate of some of these points in the coming days.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

South Side transit gets city's attention

South Side transit gets city's attention
The Chicago Tribune Of particular interest for us...
Acknowledging the need for improved transit service, the Chicago Department of Transportation is launching a study aimed at improving public transportation for residents of 13 South Side communities: Douglas, Grand Boulevard, Oakland, Kenwood, Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore, South Chicago, Washington Park, Avalon Park, Calumet Heights, Greater Grand Crossing and Burnside.
So will this be the beginning of some improvement for us, catching us up to the North Lakefront?

Alderman-elect items...

To start here's Alderman-elect Roderick Sawyer on Politics Tonight Thursday night to discuss a number of issues. Especially mentioned are his plans for "transit-based development" [VIDEO]


The night before Sawyer was on Chicago Tonight [VIDEO] along with other run off election winners such as Nicholas Sposato (36th), Michele Smith (43rd), and James Cappleman (46th).

Also I believe this was mentioned on Politics Tonight. I can believe family friend former US Sen. Roland Burris helped Sawyer immensely, but I wonder if such talk by both The Ward Room blog and Chicago Magazine is vastly overblown about Burris the "kingmaker".

Ward Room listed Burris as a winner:
ROLAND BURRIS: Older voters in Chatham neighborhood have been fans of Roland Burris ever since he was elected comptroller -- with the help of 6th Ward Alderman Eugene Sawyer. Burris’s endorsement of Sawyer’s son, Roderick, helped him squeak out a victory over incumbent Freddrenna Lyle, who was backed by Rahm Emanuel, Ed Burke and all the major unions. Does Burris have more clout than Emanuel on the South Side? Probably not, but he does have more clout than the South Side’s other ex-senator, who made no endorsements during the runoffs.
Chicago Mag. refers to Burris as "kingmaker":
A return to the limelight, sort of, for Burris

In the 6th Ward, which includes Chatham and Englewood, the expectation was that 13-year incumbent Freddrenna Lyle would easily survive a challenge from Roderick Sawyer, son of the late Mayor Eugene Sawyer (who was also a former alderman in the 6th). Lyle had Rahm behind her, as well as Ed Burke, unions, business and big money ($24,726 in in-kind contributions from Rahm’s New Chicago Committee). So how did Sawyer eke out a narrow win? According to Sawyer, an endorsement from Roland Burris—a family friend and ward resident for more than 50 years—helped a lot. There was the former U.S. senator, smiling happily for the cameras at Sawyer’s emotional victory.
What do you think?

Also Mechanics takes a look at the distribution of precinct victories in all the run off races including our very own 6th Ward.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day after Englewood house fire kills 3 children, help welcome

An update to the story where 3 children died in a house fire in Englewood. Posted about that the other day.
The fire began when one of Sims and Stacey Austin’s children, playing with a lighter in his bedroom, accidentally set his bunk bed on fire early Thursday. The fire left the couple homeless and penniless. Calahan Funeral Home on the South Side is donating its services, but that won’t cover all of the costs of the funeral.

Sims said she’ll take all the help she can get as she struggles to get through this extremely difficult time in her life.

If you want to make a donation, a fund has been set up to help the family.

Send a check to: Austin Family Fund, U.S. Bank, 815 W. 63rd St., Chicago IL. 60621. The bank manager said people who want to help may also bring in cash or drop off clothes, toys or anything else to help Sims and Austin.

Donations also may be made to Calahan Funeral Home, 7030 S. Halsted, Chicago IL. 60621.

Services for Stacey Austin Jr., 10, Joseph Austin, 4, and Dashiyah Austin, 2, are set for April 16, beginning with visitation at 9 a.m. at Alpha Temple Baptist Church, 6701 S. Emerald Ave.

A funeral service is set for 10:30 a.m. at the church.
If you want to help this family please do so.

Check out this Roseland Heights Ranch house...

This one-story house at 9842 South Forest Avenue is listed at Trulia. It was posted for sale via Keller Williams Realty. Here's a brief description:
Solid brick Ranch. Hardwood floors under carpet. Walking distance to University. Full finished basement.
Of course Shedd School branch is nearby at 99th & Indiana. Harlan High School is also nearby at the intersection of 98th & Michigan. The university the description is referring to is Chicago State University near 95th & King Drive.

With three bedrooms; one  full & one half bathrooms; and seven more rooms, this home can be purchased for $119,900 according to Trulia.

This information and others can be found via the Blotter.

2011 ELECTIONS: check the numbers

I hate to contradict Worlee, becuase he is right in that Rod Sawyer won and we need to move on.

But I would like to remind us of the fact that this race was won by LESS than 1 percent of the vote (just 1/2 percent). 102 votes (an update from election night's 124 votes). That's less than 2 votes per precinct. 

Had people gotten 5 less SEIU mailers, 3 less phone calls, or had 1 person talk to them one-on-one, it might have gone the other way.

When you see the results on the Chicago Board of Elections website, you will see that Sawyer won 31 precincts, and Lyle won 33. So it's not an overwhelming mandate (unlike, say, Bernie Stone in the 50th).

We do need to move on, but with the realization that our neighbors may not have agreed with us. (Or even those who voted the way we wanted them to, may have done so for the wrong reasons).

Let's really try to understand their concerns and interets, and see how we can forge ahead.

From what I have seen so far, I believe Rod Sawyer will strive for that. Let's strive with him, and with our neighbors. All of them.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roderick Sawyer: His dad imparted nuts and bolts of politics, but not quiet demeanor - Chicago Sun-Times

Sun Times Political Reporter ABDON M. PALLASCH wrote what is in essence a short biography on our new alderman, Rod Sawyer.

It's a fascinating look at who he is, and how that will shape our future.

 Check it out here -> Roderick Sawyer: His dad imparted nuts and bolts of politics, but not quiet demeanor - Chicago Sun-Times

This appeared in today's Chicago Sun Times.

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Election Recap- Yes We Are Still Independent

Well said, Worlee. Well said:
In the end, the residents of the 6th ward said they wanted to be independent and sent the SEIU, Ed Burke, the Lakefront" when they want to be" Liberals, and Team Rahm their money was no good here. This will not be the last call for independence and change as we will see new community based organizations (i.e. GCA, RAGE, etc) rise and the members of others demand new leadership which is more in tune with the needs of the community.
What say you? Is the 6th still independent? Can the 6th remain independent? Why or why not?

Lighter started Englewood house fire that killed three children

[VIDEO] from ABC 7. The fire took place at 6758 S. Emerald Ave.

Write up from the Sun-Times:
A mother and father fought desperately to save their 10 childrens’ lives but couldn’t rescue three of them when a fire that was started accidentally by one of the children quickly spread through their Englewood home early Thursday.

Just minutes after one of Stacey Austin and Samantha Sims’ young children accidentally started the fire while playing with a disposable cigarette lighter, the 2 1/2-story frame home near 68th and Emerald on the South Side was engulfed in flames.

“I tried to get my babies out . . . but it was too late by that time,” said a distraught Austin, who was sleeping when the fire broke out just after 2 a.m.

Austin said he tried to douse the flames with water he brought from the kitchen in a pot.

Firefighters found 4-year-old Joseph Austin, his 2-year-old sister Dashiyah Austin and 10-year-old brother Stacey Austin Jr. in a back bedroom on the first floor. Dashiyah was dead. Joseph and Stacey Jr. were rushed to the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital but died there.

Austin said he and his wife thought everyone was out safely but realized after they were out that three were still inside.

“There were so many of them, 10 of them,” said the children’s mother, Samantha Sims, crying outside what remained of her home. “I tried so hard to take care of them.”

“He was just the happiest little fella I ever met in my life,” Austin said of the boy named after him.

Chicago Fire Department. spokesman Larry Langford said the fire began when one of the couple’s 10 children, playing with a lighter in his bedroom, accidentally started his bunk bed on fire. It quickly spread to the rest of the room, despite the parents’ attempts to extinguish the blaze using pots full of water, Langford said.
My heart goes out to this particular family. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: Prayer Vigil/Rally for Peace

Location: 8500 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
The postings at the CAPCC blog have been infrequent as of late, but it's great to see this posting this evening:
Sunday, May 1, 2011 Chatham Avalon Park Community Council & Community Church congregations are hosting a prayer vigil rally for PEACE SAKE at Nat King Cole Park, 8500 S. King Dr. @ 3:00pm.

Please plan to attend :-)
Something worth attending, yes. 

Crain's: Chicago's City Council turns over more than a third of its members

[VIDEO]What yesterday's run offs means for Chicago. It's citizens, Mayor-elect, and businesses. Lisa Leiter of Crain's sits down with political science professor Paul Green.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clean up on Aisle 81!

It's been only a day since the election, so i should give the campaigns time to recover from their parties.

But there is a lot to clean up. These photos were taken on 81st ST. and St. Lawrence, and signs form both were put up all along 81st (as well as throughout the ward). This was Wednesday at noon.

The Sawyer campaign certainly can recycle these for next season, and Lyle's campaign could perhaps also find a use for their signs as well.

Now it's time for us to unite as a ward....

Retail at CTA Red Line L stations....

During the recent run off campaign now Alderman-elect Roderick Sawyer had talked about one plan for economic development. To turn or L stops into economic hubs where you could at the very least buy a newspaper or a cup of coffee before you board the Red Line.

Although we see a recent column about the CTA revamping their policy for retail leases at stations throughout the system, Sawyer surely wasn't merely stopping at having retail at L station houses:
The CTA last year began an experiment at eight rail stations, including those at both Chicago airports, by installing vending machines that sell popular national magazines such as Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly. Under the contract with The Classic Group, the CTA is guaranteed $500 per month per machine.

The CTA's new leasing partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle is aimed at completing transactions with new vendors quickly. It is the result of an ordinance the CTA board approved in March allowing retail and concession space on transit agency property to be marketed for lease on the open market through direct brokerage, a break from previous practices in which the CTA conducted a lengthy requests-for-proposal process for available spaces.

"We can market these properties, create competition and solicit bids directly from prospective tenants,'' said Kurt Little, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle, which has been the CTA's real estate services provider since 2008.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VIDEO: Rod Sawyer takes seat as 6th Ward Alderman


[VIDEO] I wrote on our FB page about this report from Chatham. Well I'm assuming that WGN did this remote outside of Carribean Cove @ 8020 S King Dr where Alderman-elect Sawyer was to host an election party this evening. You will see Sawyer family friend and former state Comptroller, Attorney General & US Senator Roland Burris standing alongside the Alderman-elect.

Worlee noted in the comments that this WGN-TV remote was outside of Sawyer's campaign office on 463 1/2 East 83rd Street