About Us

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not connected with Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer nor former Alderman and Cook County Judge Freddrenna M. Lyle or any other public official or political organization. This blog is for all the residents of our community for the purposes of communication, learning and sharing. If any blogger here does get involved with any public officials or political organizations there WILL BE FULL DISCLOSURE! Thank you in advance.

So what's in a name?

The blog started in November 2007 is named for Chicago's 6th Ward - the map of which you see to your right. The map was in effect from roughly 2002 to 2015 and contained the neighborhoods of Roseland Heights, West Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Chatham, Park Manor and Englewood. A new ward map will be effective after the 2015 elections.

The blog was started to mainly get attention for our many neighborhoods - especially Chatham - that has a history of being stable middle-class neighborhoods.

This blog has three writers - all volunteers:
  • Levois J. - Creator & Blogmaster
  • JP Paulus - Creator & Blogger
  • Worlee Glover - Concerned Citizens of Chatham (Worlee's own blog; occasionally we share posts) & Blogger
With a new ward map the scope of this blog has changed and just in time for the 2015 municipal elections. We now focus on not only the 6th Ward but also the 9th (in addition we're following the 21st Ward as a result of the new ward map). In addition to that we have often followed what's going on mainly on the south side of Chicago, but also the city in general.

ALSO, with three primary bloggers here there are varying viewpoints on those issues which affect us. We may not always agree and you the reader may not always agree with any of us. That's OK, let's be mindful and respectful of those differences and create an on-line forum for decent discourse about where our community will go in the next decade. 

And bear in mind that we all believe in the First Amendment!

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