Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Zoning rules for marihuana dispensaries

Yesterday it was in the news that Mayor Lightfoot has proposed zoning rules for when the sale of marijuana is legalized in this state next year. The main thing to know, downtown Chicago is excluded thus no dispensaries will be allowed because downtown is a major tourist destination as well as its density.

You can read a quick round-up of this story at CapFax

BTW, the mayor and the police are still working on ways to deter aggressive enforcement of minor cannabis violations. Also covered in today's CapFax roundup.

ALSO, another issue to consider what do you think of a marihuana dispensary located in your community? Are there any concerns as far as crime or drug use?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kristen McQueary: Would you support an opioid addiction treatment center in your neighborhood?

From Tribune columnist Kristin McQueary. Chatham in the last few years had to come to grips with a drug rehab facility that was located on 79th. It seems other parts of our metro area are dealing with the same issues and they aren't happy. If the issue isn't over crime or loitering, it could also be any perception of any drop of real estate values.

Most of us want addicts to become recovering addicts, but what are you throughts on a drug rehab facility in your community?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sun-Times: CPS’ handling of sexual abuse cases ‘tragic and inexcusable,’ feds say in ordering major overhaul

The issue of sex abuse in CPS is troubling especially with the many issues the public schools have faced. It's great that the feds are look at this issue to order a major overhaul of how Chicago Public Schools handles these issues.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Capitol Fax: Question of the day

Wednesday's question of the day at CapFax involved whether or not judges in this state should be appointed. For example should judges to the Cook County Circuit Court be appointed?
And end to those candidates running for judge coming to neighborhood events for votes. Especially since it's often difficult to find much information on them.

Chicago remembers #September11th

I just wanted to share this article from the Sun-Times. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was at a downtown fire station - Engine 42 - to mark today which is believe it or not the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NYC and the Pentagon. Many of us likely will remember where we were when those tragic events unfolded on that day back in 2001. Here's hoping we don't forget the victims on that day.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sun-Times: Rev. Leon Finney Jr.’s free fall

This story seemed to have broken over the weekend. Leon Finney Jr. is something of a power broker who has a church in Bronzeville and largely has been an important person in Woodlawn. This report from the Chicago Sun-Times has been quite damning!
The Rev. Leon Finney Jr. spent the last half-century building a real estate empire on Chicago’s South Side while amassing political power and hobnobbing with politicians like Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Richard M. Daley and Toni Preckwinkle.

Now in his twilight years, Finney’s fiefdom teeters on the brink of collapse.

Once revered for his community work, Finney, 81, stands accused of fraud, self-dealing and mismanagement after his nonprofit, the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation, filed for bankruptcy in October and the curtains were pulled back on its finances.

Finney has been ousted at the organization he helped create. And, in a rare step, a federal judge appointed a trustee in April to take control of Woodlawn, a move the nonprofit fought. Piece by piece, its real estate holdings are being sold off.

After the bankruptcy came more financial blows. Woodlawn’s main source of revenue — lucrative contracts to manage more than 4,300 apartments for the Chicago Housing Authority, bringing in about $170,000 a month in management fees — was canceled in June after the CHA accused Woodlawn of mismanagement resulting in nearly $400,000 in damages.

Finney’s personal finances are in tatters, too, with the bank going after his church and his home.

And his wife has filed for divorce.

Investigations into allegations of wrongdoing and mismanagement have dogged Finney for decades. But the troubles he now faces represent the gravest threat to his legacy.
Read the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

34 District Office Open House #Ward09

Happening on Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM at 113 E. 95th St. Suite A

And state Rep. Smith has a website

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Block Club Chi: After City Cuts Funding For Englewood Preschool, Alderman Says He’s Trying To Get It Back #6WardChicago

6th Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer is trying to get funding back for an Englewood learning center (preschool). Something that was evidently promised last year by former mayor Rahm Emanuel:
Last year, former mayor Rahm Emanuel praised Little Angels Learning Center, pledging $1.4 million to turn a vacant lot near the Englewood church from which it currently operates into an early learning center.

Emanuel has since left office, and the city just this month sent a letter to center founder Nashone Greer-Adams telling her the funding is being cut.

Chalkbeat Chicago reported this week that Greer-Adams got a letter from the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Commissioner Lisa Morrison-Butler with the bad news for her center, which operates out of a church at 6701 S. Emerald Ave.

Sawyer says he wants the city to reverse the cuts.

“We’ve been a big supporter of Little Angels. They’ve been doing a phenomenal job with our children in the Englewood community,” said Sawyer, who had worked to get funding for the preschool program.

“A lot of their grant dollars were based on the programming they’d been doing over the years. They were held up as a model of what a preschool should be. How could they do that? It’s unheard of,” said Sawyer. “[Greer-Adams] came to me today in tears. She works so hard.”

“We’re not finished. There’s are going to be more conversations about this.”

Sun-Times: Englewood’s 1st new school since 1970s welcomes students this week

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

Today is the first day of school and the new high school in Englewood will welcome their new students this morning at Englewood STEM High School. Englewood STEM is located at the former site of Robeson High School (6835 S Normal Blvd) which had been closed and demolished to accommodate this new school. Here's wishing the newest students at this school a successful school year.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

IL Channel: Can Mayor Lightfoot Find a Way to Save Chicago?

[VIDEO] From our state public affairs network Illinois Channel. Executive Director Terry Martin & the host of cable TV's Public Affairs Jeff Berkowitz talk about Mayor Lori Lightfoot's recent state of the city speech. One of the more talked about aspects of her speech is regarding the city's budget deficit. Vid duration is about 30 minutes.

You can read a couple of posts about that at CapFax

This one from yesterday
And this one from Thursday

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jalen Shelton from Morehouse College has been found safe

I got wind of this missing person's report on the radio yesterday WBBM-AM radio. Then saw this post from AUC Cam on ig.
The good news is that according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution Mr. Shelton has been found safe. He was said to be unfamiliar with the Chicago area and it was reported that he left Morehouse just as the school year was starting in Atlanta to take a sudden flight to Chicago. The reports above noted the he wandered from his father's home near 72nd and Ashland.

Either way glad he's been found safe.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sexual assaults in Greater Grand Crossing #6WardChicago

[VIDEO] The report you see above is Jim Williams of CBS 2 in Greater Grand Crossing at 77th & Langley talking about a string of sexual assualts in the area. Here's more from the Tribune:
Investigators believe one man may be responsible for all of the attacks, said Cmdr. Ozzie Valdez of the Area Central detective division. In each attack, the man lured the women to a secluded area. There was a conversation between the assailant and each woman before the assaults took place, Valdez said. During each assault, the assailant took out either a gun or a knife and stole the woman’s personal property.

“What we do ask is that everyone be cautious when they are out in that area … if they have to be out that they should be out with others and not be alone," Valdez said. They should try to be in areas that are well lit, and just be cognizant of their surroundings.

The attacks occurred on the:

• 7700 block of South Langley Avenue about 2 p.m. Friday.
• 7400 block of South King Drive about midnight Aug. 6.
• 7400 block of South Vernon Avenue about 5:30 a.m. July 25.
• 7600 block of South Evans Avenue around 5 a.m. July 12.

The man was described as African American, with black hair, 20 to 30 years old, 5-foot-8 to 6-foot-3 and 130 to 160 pounds. The man was last seen in the 6700 block of South Prairie Avenue, wearing a white T-shirt, blue shorts and gym shoes, according to police, who did not specify when he was seen on that block.
The first time I got wind of these assaults was from the instagram page for Alderman Sawyer. Great way of getting some necessary immediate updates.

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