Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Capitol Fax: Robin Kelly wins DPI chair

 Well tonight the cribbing from CapFax continues Congresswoman Robin Kelly is the new Chair of the state Democratic Party. She effectively succeeds former state house Speaker Michael J. Madigan. Kelly defeats 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris this evening.

There were a number of items coming out of the jockeying over the weekend which comes from whether or not as an federal elected official if the Congresswoman was eligible to become the chair of the party. There were also questions over whether or not the Congresswoman as Chair could raise or spend soft money. She even acknowledged that she won't be able to do much with soft campaign money.

However, she got the chairmanship of the state party and as you see in the above Capitol Fax post the state Republicans had something to say about Gov. Pritzker. Pritzker backed Ald. Harris and it didn't quite work out and is viewed as yet another defeat for Pritzker.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Decision '21: Ald. Harris closer to the chair of D.P.I.

 Yeah been cribbing a lot from the CapFax as of late. Probably should do better but surely Rich Miller doesn't mind that much. He's a good source as far as what's going on politically in Illinois. If you have sources that I should look at for this state or in the city let me know.

Either way Harris is reportedly close to being the new state Democrat chairwoman she's gotten a few endorsements and that translates into weighted votes of the states Democrat committepeople two from each of the state's 18 congressional districts. She's got a slight edge over Congresswoman Robin Kelly.

And did you know there was yet another candidate who's vying for the state chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois. Latinx Democrats want to put their own person in charge of the state party.
Since the fall we had a commenter in Eddie come over and in the last update about the chair of DPI asked an important question of Congresswoman Kelly which is whether or not she has the ability to juggle her duties in Washington with coming back to Illinois to chair the state party? Perhaps one question to look at. Also from the CapFax Kelly had a look at the state party's finances why was federal hard money converted into soft money.

Ah campaign finance intrigue....
And then Harris, over the history of this blog we've had a few stories on her. What would her controlling the party do for the 8th Ward? It would've been something if John Stroger has ever been state Democrat Chairman and he was a longtime ward boss while he was the Cook County Board President. 

 Either way it seems things are shaking out for now and we see how things will shake out! 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Decision '21: Race for Democratic Party of IL chair

 It seems for now it's going down to Ald. Michelle Harris (Ward 8) and US Rep. Robin Kelly (2nd US Congressional District) a couple of updates for you on Capitol Fax. Just to let you know former IL House Speaker Michael Madigan quit that position earlier this week. It's strange to type that but things must change right?

To start, Ald. Harris picked up the endorsements from US Reps Bobby Rush and Danny Davis. So they didn't endorse their colleague in Robin Kelly I see....

This was just posted today as Ald. Harris shared her endorsements, however, in Lake County prominent Democrats there have endorsed Rep. Kelly.

Like I said some shakeups going on in this state with the changes in leadership. And it's interesting to see some of our local leaders begin to take on more prominent roles in Illinois.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Could Ald. Michelle Harris be the new IL Democrat Party chairwoman?

 Things are changing at a rapid pace right now. First Michael Madigan is no longer speaker of the IL House of Representatives, then just last week he resigns his seat and was able to install his successor an Edward Guerra Kodatt. 

Then yesterday Madigan resigns his longtime chairmanship of the state Democrat Party. He's been in that role for over 20 years.

Jahmal Cole for Congress

When the 34th state representative seat was vacated a few years ago Jahmal Cole was one of many who stepped up to represent this part of the state (of course that distinction when to current state rep Nick Smith). Now he's throwing his hat in the ring to unseat longtime Congressman Bobby Rush. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Karen Lewis R.I.P.


Karen Lewis as President of the Chicago Teacher's Union was very controversial and stepped up to the mayoralty of Rahm Emanuel has died. CapFax has a round-up of stories:

I was looking through this blog's mentions of Lewis, she was part of an event with the Greater Chatham Alliance back in 2014. Then mentions of her illness which she was diagnosed that same year. And to note she was looking into running against then Mayor Emanuel.

Condolences to Ms. Lewis' family. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

ABC 7 Chicago: Cook County gun sales spike during COVID-19 pandemic, data shows


[VIDEO] Just saw this on YouTube this afternoon and decided to share it with you. This is how Chuck Goudie starts off his report:

For months the I-Team has been looking into a nationwide run on guns and especially the appetite for firearms in Illinois, following COVID lockdowns and the violence after the George Floyd killing by police.

Every time a gun is sold in Cook County, the taxpayers benefit because the gun buyer pays a tax. According to Open Records data obtained by the I-Team, business was booming last year.

Total gun tax revenue in Cook County was more than $1.9 million dollars, a tax revenue increase of 56% compared with the previous year.

How many of you have purchased a gun? Are you concerned about these uprecedented and uncertain times? 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ald. Michelle Harris is Mayor Lightfoot's floor leader

 You might have seen this on last night's news Ald. Gilbert Villegas (Ward 36) resigned his role for the mayor's office on the city council and will be replaced by Ald. Michelle Harris (Ward 8).

The Sun-Times writes about it:

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Capitol Fax: Rep. Thapedi to step down

Rich Miller has more about the resignation of state Rep. Andre Thapedi (D-32) on his blog yesterday. As you know this was reported on Sunday evening.

Not to go too negative on this, but the comments to that post well a few of them discuss how they hate that an incumbent gets elected to their legislative seat then turn around and resign. Some call for special elections to state legislative seats. Especially for house seats.

There should be some discussion on this at the very least. Perhaps even special elections for Alderman upon a resignation, removal or death. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CBS Chicago: Brothers Who Claim Rev. Michael Pfleger Abused Them Say They Want To Get Truth Out


[VIDEO] Brothers who are victims of alleged abuse by longtime St. Sabina parish pastor Father Michael Pfleger were interviewed anonymously by our local CBS affiliated recently telling their story. Earlier this month Father Pfleger was removed from his position from nearby St. Sabina due to these allegations

Monday, January 25, 2021

Capitol Fax: “The legislature is back in business”

 Not exactly breaking news, but earlier this year the IL House of Representatives elected a new speaker. Michael Madigan is out and replaced by Emanuel Welch who is the first Black speaker of the IL state house. He represents the western suburbs of the 7th state house district.

Rich Miller's syndicated column discusses how under Speaker Welch, the legislature is now open for business. Give it a read.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

ABC7Chicago: Chicago skyline goes dark in memory of COVID-19 victims


[VIDEO] Last night the Chicago skyline went dark to honor those hundreds of thousands of people across America who died in this coronavirus pandemic.

Monday, January 18, 2021

WBBM-TV: 'My Block, My Hood, My City' Distributing PPE For Monday's MLK Day Of Service


[VIDEO] Jahmal Cole of My Block, My Hood, My City distributing PPE for senior citizens at 99th & King Drive at the Secretary of State facility there this morning on Dr. King Day. I hope you all are having a very safe and happy holiday.