Saturday, October 20, 2018

San Francisco's narrowing middle-class

I found this article from this past summer from Newsalert, San Francisco have some much more serious problems and it involves the proliferation of excrement on public sidewalks. Regardless it shouldn't be a huge surprise that it's expensive to live in San Fran.
San Francisco’s narrowing middle class, already squeezed by the high cost of living could take another hit if a new business tax is approved in the November election, according to the city’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

The measure, approved for November’s ballot last month, would levy an average of about 0.5 percent gross receipts tax on companies that make $50 million or more in revenue. In return, it would roughly double the city’s funding for housing and homeless services, such as 1,000 extra shelter beds and services for the mentally ill.

Homelessness activists, nonprofits and community groups strongly support the measure, saying it’s time for the city’s businesses to do more to alleviate San Francisco’s homeless population.

But, according to a memo sent to the mayor’s office by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development last week and obtained by The Chronicle, the extra tax would disproportionately impact employees in mid-level jobs, such as administrative staff in retail companies and grocery store workers.

“There is a limit on how high taxes can go before you decide to go to Oakland, where the taxes are much, much lower,” Jim Lazarus, senior vice president of public policy for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, said of businesses located in the city. “There are companies in San Francisco that pay more San Francisco tax than they pay in other states.”
One of the main points of this blog is to talk about urban middle-class issues and as I share this my hope is that Chicago doesn't begin to have those issues. Our city should be for everyone low-income, middle-class, or wealthy.

I'm sorry that I didn't share a timely article as it was published in the San Francisco chronicle in August almost a month before Mayor Emanuel's surprise announcement to forgo running for a third term. One of the issues hopefully mayoral candidates could address in 2019 is whether or not there is a plan to make Chicago affordable for any middle-class families or people.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Washington Heights Visioning Session - Red Line Extension Coalition

Red Line extension
This invited with an attached newsletter was sent to us via the West Chesterfield Community Association with regards to the red line extension.

    6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Thursday October 18th, 2018
    Woodson Library Auditorium
    9525 S Halsted, Chicago

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kurt Summers not running in 2019

You can count out Kurt Summers - Chicago City Treasurer- for re-election or even to run for mayor. Perhaps he has a future in politics in whatever office he chooses. At the same time I'm surprised he doesn't want to run for anything next year.

Also it seems no one advances beyond treasurer once installed and once they leave. Whatever happened to Stephanie Neely or Judith Rice after they left the treasurer's office? And exactly!

Here's a statement released by Summers on ig.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The mayor's check used instead for community organizations...

This happened last Friday.

A press release was shared via e-mail with regards to Ald. Roderick Sawyer (Ward 6) donating money from outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel to 10 local community organizations. I will share the post provided from Worlee Glover's Concerned Citizen's of Chatham below.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A blast from almost 10 years ago...

Legal Insurrection
A few years ago we got an email from the blogger at Legal Insurrection. It was during the time that I made several posts about what was going on with our then Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2008-09. In December 2008, Blago was arrested by the FBI on the charge of attempting to auction off the former US Senate seat of then President-elect Barack Obama. In January 2009, Blago had been impeached and removed from office.

I had written a number of posts during the episode about Blago's arrest and impeachment during that time. Also some posts about potholes caught the eye of law professor William A. Jacobson. As you see in the post about his e-mail which I never actually published back then he wrote as a descriptor of this blog in a list of sites regarding that long ago scandal that it was obsessed with Blago and potholes. Heh.

Anyway 10 years later, he celebrates a decade of blogging and this blog celebrated a decade of blogging last year. Blago is actually serving a term in federal prison for his crimes that got him arrested while serving as governor in 2008. Prof. Jacobson as a blogger has seemingly become a right-wing blog over the years.

However, when he was following news about Blago it seemed that he was taking our former governor's side in that. If I recall he seemed to think the federal government was out to get Blago. I'm sure there are those who including myself who wonder how he came to that. Perhaps as I could reason today it was a genius move to play advocate for Blago. At that time did we need one more blog that would dump on him?

While I'm sure Legal Insurrection has gone on to bigger and better things or better yet other news of note over 10 years I would like to wish him another 10 years. As he tells his story of how he started blogging it was a dare from a friend he even wasn't political. Sorry to say part of him starting to blog involved his frustration with "Obamamania".

He was inspired to blog by a friend thanks to his ability to make very clear points. Almost a year before that this blog was inspired by many of the local neighborhood blogs that had existed just in time for the 2007 municipal elections in Chicago. And as Jacobson's blog presumably gears up for the 2018 midterms, I expect this blog will gear up for the 2019 municipal elections not only for Alderman, but for the open seat for Mayor of Chicago as well.

h/t Instapundit!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

CBS 2: Englewood Woman Passes Bar, Video Goes Viral

[VIDEO] On Tuesday, we saw this story of a woman who graduated from DePaul University's law school who after almost a year passed the Illinois bar to become a practicing defense attorney. To Ariell Williams who is from Englewood, I say well done. And a video of her looking at her bar exam results went viral hopefully someone out there is inspired.

If it's meant to be and you're determined keep going no matter what. You will ultimately achieve your goals! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Watch the CTA Board meet...

[VIDEO] This is the first time I have seen a CTA board meeting livestreamed on YouTube. There are past videos on CTAConnection's YouTube channel that record meetings of the CTA board. If you're so inclined you can see what they talked about for this month.

Perhaps some of you who are concerned or want to learn more about Chicago transit issues would be so inclined to go there in person. Perhaps some of you if they do public comments at these meetings you can ask about that CTA Red Line extension.

Chicago Transit Board - If you seek more information on the meetings and business of the CTA board.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

CapFax: Pritzker now won’t define what “middle class income” is

[VIDEO] All I can say to this is ouch Pritzker, ouch. The Democrat nominee for Illinois governor won't define what income levels would be considered middle-class. I suppose this might mean he doesn't have a grasp on those middle-class families who are leaving Illinois.

The video above was provided by CapFax and will share link to that blog post below!

Monday, October 8, 2018

#6WardChicago 2019 race for 6th ward alderman

Thanks to Worlee Glover we know there may be a repeat of the 2015 election in the 6th ward between Ald. Sawyer & Richard Wooten. Hopefully if we mention him again as a candidate for alderman we won't get hit with petty comments about how we're not listing him as a current candidate for alderman while noting he was a past candidate in 2011 & 2015.
I just want to note that last month after Mayor Emanuel bowed out of the race for mayor last month it was noted that Ald. Sawyer was looking into running for Mayor (which was an office his father Eugene Sawyer once held from 1987-89). Though in an appearance on Chicago Tonight also last month he noted that if the voters of the 6th Ward so chose he would be more than happy to represent them for another term.

If you know of anyone else running for alderman in the 6th Ward let us know! 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Treasure Island is closing down...

Treasure Island was always a nice store to shop at, especially the one in Hyde Park. Unfortunately I've never been to that location when it was formerly the Hyde Park Food Co-op, but I had the opportunity to shop at a local European grocery store.

I'm disappointed to find out that Treasure Island - a family-owned company - is forced to close down operations. I'd be curious what could replace them in that spot near 55th & Lake Park.
You might recognize Steve Daniels, he did some good reporting on what happened with Seaway Bank. When the news broke he hammered out some tweets about Treasure Island and one of those is a link to a Sun-Times article about the impending closure.

Here's another tweet from someone who has been to the Hyde Park store recently. Kind of a shame the shelves are just about empty already.
Finally in recognizing that an employer is closing down it's bound to be difficult for the employees. I would be somewhat disappointed that a company isn't doing right not just by their employees, but by their suppliers as well.
Finally I wanted to share this tweet for those who are employed at Treasure Island. I suppose there are groups out there who want to look out for those who were affected by this.

Our Instagram nametag

We have a small badge that at one point in time was provided by ig only for it to no longer be available. We also have the ability to photoshop some of ig's brand resources and with them you could use those to promote - within reasonable guidelines of course - to promote your ig page(s).

Then ig finally unveiled their nametag where with your camera - through the ig app of course - you can scan the code and then you will be sent to that ig page. This is what we present to you below and expect the name tag to be seen in the sidebar in the near future.

BTW, some facts about our ig. Our account was first active according to ig on July 26, 2014 so we just celebrated our 4th anniversary officially on July 26, 2018. Most of our posts are regrams or even flyers about local events however occasionally you might see some original photographs. As I write this our page has over 800 followers and with our nametag it's easier to get more.

Feel free to let us know what you would like to see on our page. Also if you have any events you would like to share and have an ig ready deliverable to share tag us or email us at blog @ We would be happy to hear your suggestions or even about any event you would like for us to share.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Van Dyke - guilty!

I'm very relieved that today there is no rioting, Jason Van Dyke is the police officer who shot young LaQuan McDonald 16 times and he's convicted of second degree murder. He was taken into custody immediately after the trial. The ugliness didn't come to past although the passion is still out there.

Check out this scene in South Shore for example. There had been demonstrations on this day. Of course also bear in mind another person was shot & killed over the summer by police officers. Bear this in mind as far as why 71st and Jeffrey was chosen. [VIDEO]
Since I didn't really follow the trial I had no idea what the charges he was facing at least I see an indication of this on instagram other than the conviction for second degree murder.

Van Dyke trial jury deliberations

By the time you read this court will probably be in session. I'm sorry to have not have closely followed the trial of Officer Van Dyke with regards to what happened with the late LaQuan McDonald. What I want to leave you with as I share this most recent article I found before going to bed Thursday night is whether or not it should've took 16 shots to subdue McDonald.

As the jury continues to deliberate on Friday I'm sure this will be the question they will consider as far as Van Dyke's fate. Incidentally I was reminded by a long-time reader about the trial and the fact that it's now up to the jurors fairly recently.

One thing I am concerned about with the jury deliberations is that whatever the verdict, the police are getting prepared for any potential disturbances. I'm hoping any ugliness doesn't happen in our city.
Finally this was reposted on our ig page and want to share this hear. While it probably doesn't need to be stated or repeated this is one reason hopefully many of us want justice for LaQuan. From Mr. Jahmal Cole of My Block, My Hood, My City.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Laquan McDonald had experienced his first visit downtown a year before he was killed. Why downtown was out of reach for Laquan for so many years is unacceptable. What happened to him in 2014 was devastating. The loss of his life and the circumstances of his death have left a deep wound for his family and our entire city. We can’t afford this continued violent loss of life. We need solutions that build community, not tear it apart. Solutions that include police, activists, houses of faith, grandmother, mothers, fathers, and our youth. We also must demand honest accountability for a disgraceful past that we can’t let continue. The solutions must unify our city and repair what we have lost. Chicago is about standing together AND about a unified call for something different.
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Thursday, October 4, 2018

#tbt 95/Dan Ryan - 1971

Before sharing with you a CTA's ig post from earlier this week I wanted to give you all a history lesson. Many of you who read this blog may already know this if you've been riding the CTA's Dan Ryan branch for its 49 years of operation.

So the Dan Ryan branch of what we now call the CTA red line was opened on September 28, 1969. Originally this route was connected with the Lake Street branch to Harlem/Lake via the 18th Street connection and eventually along the south side mainline through the Loop elevated. On February 21, 1993 the Dan Ryan branch would be redirected to the Howard branch through a tunnel into the State Street subway created the red line as we know it today!

In 1971, the trains you see at 95/Dan Ryan in post below with one departing and the other arriving are on what they would call the west-south (aka Lake-Dan Ryan) route. With all the changes to the Dan Ryan due to various construction projects especially the 5 month shut down of the Dan Ryan (aka red line south) and the current reconstruction of the 95th terminal it's cool to see this look back to when it was like new.

In this 1971 photo, a Lake-Dan Ryan A train of 2200-series cars departs 95th/Dan Ryan with open track ahead alongside bumper-to-bumper traffic on a weekday morning. To the left, a train of 2000-series cars arrives in the terminal station. The Dan Ryan line turned 49 on Friday! When the line first opened, the West-South Route (Lake-Dan Ryan service) went between Harlem/Lake and 95th/Dan Ryan via the north and east sides of the Loop while the North-South Route, or Howard-Englewood-Jackson Park service) used the State Street Subway. The south portions of these two routes were flipped in 1992 with the opening of a new, short segment of subway in anticipation of the Orange Line coming, creating the modern Red and Green lines' routings. #cta #chicago #oakpark #forestpark #transit #traffic #rapidtransit #trains #railway #tracks #railroad #publictransit #expressways #freeways
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