Friday, October 11, 2019

Car crashes into the Whitney Young Library branch

[VIDEO] This happened earlier this afternoon a car crashed into the Whitney Young Library at 79th Street and King Drive. Will repost any new updates when available.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Update to the fatal chain-reaction crash on Dan Ryan early Saturday morning

The Chicago Tribune has more on that early morning wreck near Garfield Blvd that happened Saturday morning during the AM commute on the Dan Ryan Expressway. One woman dies in a chain wreck crash that involved five vehicles and resulted in injuries to four other drivers although in this article their conditions weren't reported.

Be careful out there!

Yes this is a rare Sunday post.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

CBS Chicago: Fatal Crash On Dan Ryan Closes Northbound Lanes At 63rd Street

[VIDEO] I was on the red line this morning and saw traffic in local lanes backed up through Garfield on my AM commute. Sorry to hear that this was a fatal crash for one person.

If you're driving northbound on the Dan Ryan the lanes are now open according to ABC 7.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Metra Electric: Proposal to expand service to south side & south suburbs #Ward09

The above segment aired on Chicago Tonight earlier this week. The plan proposed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to create a pilot proposal to expand Metra Electric service to the south side and south suburbs. Unforunately newly minted Mayor Lori Lightfoot is opposed fearing a potential drop in CTA ridership.

Chicago Tonight's Carol Marin speaks with Andrea Read co-chair of Coalition for a Better Metra Electric and executive director of the Greater Roseland Chamber of Commerce.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Kenneth C. Griffin Museum of Science & Industry...

[VIDEO] All that you see in the video above by artistmac will soon be under a new name. In fact it will be named for the man who made the largest donation to the Museum of Science and Industry. Kenneth C. Griffin is this state's richest man and this south side institution near Hyde Park will now bear his name.
The Museum of Science and Industry will rename itself after Chicago philanthropist Ken Griffin, who is making the largest donation in the institution’s history, the museum announced Thursday.

The sprawling science, tech and business museum on the city’s South Side will become the Kenneth C. Griffin Museum of Science and Industry after the museum’s board voted to accept Griffin’s $125 million donation and the name change Thursday morning.

It’s a major change in the Chicago cultural landscape, prompted by one of the largest cash donations ever to a local cultural institution. Ken Griffin, founder of the hedge fund Citadel, has been one of the most prominent and active donors to cultural and educational organizations through his Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund, with giving that now totals over $1 billion.

“We are honored to receive this incredibly generous gift, which helps ensure that MSI remains a vital resource for science learning in the 21st century,” David Mosena, the museum’s president and chief executive officer said in a statement. “This gift will allow us to continue providing the kind of innovative experiences and programs that work to achieve that mission for generations to come.”
I should've visited MSI's website. They announced the large gift there also... 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cap Fax: Mayor uses unpopular president to boost census participation

It's that time again for the US Census and the city is getting ready for outreach. Just read this report from Capitol Fax

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

CBS 2 Chicago on the bus shelter at 79th/Cottage Grove

[VIDEO] You might have seen this on our fb page over the weekend. CBS 2 Chicago news picked up the story regarding the missing bench at a bus shelter at 79th & Cottage Grove. Nothing really new to report here, just that the story gained more traction.

CTA, Chicago Police, Alderman Michelle Harris (Ward 8), and Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) all want to address the issue of any loitering at this bus shelter.

Capitol Fax: The Statehouse doors don’t open by themselves

This was posted to the CapFax yesterday. It refer's to Mayor Lightfoot's efforts in the state General Assembly. According to Miller, the Mayor simply "hasn’t yet settled on what she wants".
There are state legislators who wants to know what the mayor of Chicago needs from the General Assembly.

Monday, September 30, 2019

R.I.P. James Crawford

This was noted a week ago via Nextdoor, however, I just decided to check out 2nd City Cop and found this item about a retired police officer who killed himself - Lt. James Crawford - in the Chatham neighborhood. This year and last year have seen a number of active and retired police taking their own lives. It's very sad, and I hope some steps are being taken to help those active and retired officers in need.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What's going on with this bus shelter at 79th/Cottage Grove

79th/Cottage Grove bus shelter loitering
You might have seen this photograph circulating on Facebook and I've been trying to determine where at 79th/Cottage Grove this was located. I see in a recent article from Block Club Chi that this was probably in front of the currency exchange on the north east corner of 79th & Cottage.

A bench was removed from this shelter and people who want to just hang out here simply bring their own chairs. I've even seen reports online that although these loiterers may seem menacing at first glance have been courteous enough to offer their chairs to those waiting for a bus. Certainly a plus for any senior citizen who are taking public transit.

However, this is an issue that the police and the 8th Ward Ald. Michelle Harris are looking to take care of the loitering and have taken steps:
Administrators of the Concerned Citizens of Chatham, a popular neighborhood Facebook page, said there were requests to remove the bus shelter bench, as well as one on 71st Street and Indiana Ave., due to the robberies and other “dangerous activities” at both locations.

The shelter bench at 71st Street remained in place as of Sunday.

Harris and 6th District Police Cmdr. Rahman Muhammad said they believe the removals are a good way to combat loitering. But when asked about how the removal affects elderly riders and passengers with disabilities, Harris said the move removal was only temporary.

“Once we get things under control, it will return,” Harris said. “I and Cmdr. Muhammad will be monitoring the intersection for the next week or so, and going from there.”

Muhammad said he is taking a “three-pronged approach” to tackle the problem.

“Firstly, offering those individuals a warning to leave the area, while at the same time giving them job fliers for employment opportunities,” Muhammad said.

Harris and Muhammad are planning to meet with CTA leadership “in the near future” about the issue and possible solutions.

“There will be weekly updates,” said Harris, who added that she hopes to have a meeting with the owner of the nearby currency exchange to persuade them to hire security.
Here's an update with the above photo from Worlee Glover's Concerned Citizens of Chatham
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CapFax: Lightfoot v. Preckwinkle could have far reaching consequences

Yesterday on the CapFax we see a post about the continuing "feud" between Toni Preckwinkle at Cook County and Mayor Lightfoot. It's related to last week's news about a potential pilot on the Metra Electric line.
Also as an added bonus here's Rich Miller's syndicated column with regards to a city casino and her zoning plans with regards to marijuana. Miller suggests it's not a good idea for Lightfoot to leave money on the table with some of her proposals and risk downstate lawmakers voting against some of her initiatives that she needs from the state government.
What I am with Lightfoot on with her proposals is making sure the neighborhoods benefit from a casino and any recreational marijuana. At the same time everyone does go downtown especially tourists.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Red Line extension slipping away? #Ward09

I found this article from The Chicago Crusader over at the resource for Chicago transit history -
With Trump now in office, the chances of securing federal funds for the Red Line Extension project are slim. And with the lower property values of the Red Line Extension Project area, the Metropolitan Planning Council has estimated that, at best, an RLE transit TIF would raise only $200 million over the next 35 years.

To his credit, Emanuel spent $280 million to rebuild the 95th Street Red Line station that opened last January.

When compared to other projects on the North Side, including the latest Red-Purple Bypass project, the South Side projects looks like peanuts and another example of the inequity of services between the North and the South Sides.

During the mayoral campaign many candidates including Lori Lightfoot, in political forums, acknowledged that federal funding is the only real option for financing the Red Line Extension Project. But none had come up with creative alternatives for a project that has been on the back burner for so long.

Last summer Governor JB Pritzker passed his $41.5 billion capital spending plan, which would be spent on public roads, transit, schools and other public, state-wide projects. Transportation would get $28.6 billion and $3.4 billion will go to mass transit. There was no mention of funds going towards the Red Line Extension project and no one made a fuss about it, not even Black leaders.

Shortly after he was elected, Pritzker said funds for the Red Line Extension project would come from the Illinois Transportation and infrastructure funding bill, which is part of his passed $41.5 billion capital spending plan. Since then, Pritzker has been largely silent. With Trump in the White House and little funding and vocal leadership, Pritzker seems the only leader whose administration can keep the Red Line Extension project from being a dream deferred.
Especially noted was the efforts to secure funding for improvements to the Red, Purple, and Brown Lines on the north side. This was noted as the largest capital project in CTA history... 

Fatal shooting in Roseland Saturday night #Ward09

[VIDEO] This incident took place in a store. Two are dead including the victim who had a conceal carry permit and one of the robbers. However another person in this store survives and police are looking for the other robber.

This took place in Roseland near 112th & Michigan Ave.