Saturday, January 16, 2021

WGN: CTA bus driver carjacked in employee parking lot Friday afternoon


[VIDEO] The incident shown here happened at 77th Bus Garage (210 W. 79th Street). Suspects carjacked a CTA bus driver who gave up his keys and ran. He was still shot at while running but wasn't hit - thank goodness.

This was said to be the third incident of gun violence towards CTA bus drivers with an incident at 57th & Laramie and on the 6 Jeffery Jump.

Be careful out there everyone.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Capitol Fax: First case of more contagious COVID-19 strain identified in Chicago

 I mentioned that there was a new strain of coronavirus emerging in England and has been found here in the states. And it's been identified in the city.

Via Capitol Fax with a press release

As stated since the public learned of this new mutated strain of coronavirus it's more contagious, however, nothing has shown it's more deadly. Also the vaccines that has been developed is expected to be able to cover this new strain.

Also noted today is that in some parts of the state mitigation efforts will be eased, however, that won't include Cook County or Chicago for now at least. [VIDEO]

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Father Michael Pfleger removed St. Sabina parish

I'm sure the nation is watching the shocking developments in Washington, DC as Congress met to certify the electoral votes from the 2020 presidential race. Meanwhile here in Chicago another shocking development which was reported last night.

Allow me to embed from the Sun-Times:

Father Michael Pfleger, the longtime pastor at St. Sabina Church and one of the most prominent priests in Chicago, has been removed from the Auburn Gresham parish following revelations of a decades-old sexual abuse allegation against a minor.

Cardinal Blase Cupich announced “the difficult news” in a letter to the St. Sabina community Tuesday, saying he has “asked Father Pfleger to step aside from ministry following receipt by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review of an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor more than 40 years ago.”

Cupich said Pfleger agreed to his request and will live away from the parish during the archdiocese’s investigation. The allegation has also been reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, Cupich said.

Pfleger, 71, did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday evening.
Pfleger is a longtime public figure on the south side in the nearby Auburn Gresham neighborhood and this isn't the first time he had been pulled aside from St. Sabina. It seems controversy follows him as his sermons also became known during the 2008 Presidential Race. I do hope that the allegations are proven unfounded as they are very incendiary involving child abuse.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year - 2021

Longtime no see everyone. Again I didn't allow myself a usual wrap up of what happened in 2020. This has been without a doubt a wild year and we hope 2021 will prove to be better for many of us.

We suffered the shock of lockdowns due to this pandemic. We also suffered from unrest which went downtown and sadly affected our neighborhoods with looting and destruction of businesses. We're still trying to figure out the 2020 presidential race which resulted in President Barack Obama's Vice President - Joe Biden being elected the 46th President of the United States.

However, the 45th President Donald Trump is still contesting the results and there will be objections filed once Congress counts the electoral votes. Seven states filed dueling electoral votes, it's a long shot without a doubt and perhaps we can expect that as most hail mary passes go it not going to work. I would say rest easy on January 20th when we should know for sure who'll take the Presidential Oath.

As for this coronavirus pandemic thankfully there is a vaccine, so here's hoping things will open up more in 2021. No more restrictions, lockdowns, and hopefully no more masks because I'm tired of them. 

Regardless I hate to bring up that the coronavirus has mutated with cases in England and some states such as California and Colorado are reporting cases of this mutated virus. Regardless what's out there in the news is that the vaccine that has been developed should be effective with this new strain and it's to be expected that the coronavirus that has shut things down around the world will likely mutate.

Also if you're concerned about the vaccine, I urge you all to ask someone in the healthcare field especially a doctor all the questions you can about it. We're in the times where you're hearing a lot of dire things about taking the vaccine. Be as knowledgeable and certain as you can about this vaccine, and this is true for those of you at the most risk for coronavirus.

I also want to add that there is a new spin-off blog - Ninth Ward Chicago. Unlike this blog it might have a shelf life, but one goal with that is to be able to do some of the things that this blog was known for at least earlier on in its life.

Either way I hope you all have a safe and happy new year. Hoping for the best in 2021!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

CTA Holiday Train on the Green Line


[VIDEO] I'm sorry I missed this video from YouTuber msibnsf Harrison showing the CTA Holiday Train terming this the 2020 version of this tradition running on the CTA Green Line especially on the Englewood/Ashland branch from 59th street west side of the Dan Ryan which was uploaded on November 28. The Holiday Train ran on the Green on Nov. 27, 28 and Dec. 1.

Here's a schedule for when and where you will see the Holiday Train & Holiday Bus on the CTA.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

CBS Chicago: Two Chatham restaurants could close due to pandemic


[VIDEO] This report features the owners of two Chatham restaurants both located on 75th Street. Mabe's Deli and 5 Loaves - I've yet to visit them and I hear a lot about their chicken - who are struggling thanks to this pandemic. Dine-in is difficult because of mitigation efforts that either prohibited dine-in service or limits the capacity of dine-in service. Indeed the talk before the weather got colder was to allow tents to allow people to dine-in, however, they'd do so outside of the establishment.

Either way this pandemic has been painful for small businesses across the nation for sure.

Ever seen these Kim Foxx is a crook flyers around?

 Over the summer, actually back in July I actually did see a flyer like this on a bus shelter on 95th Street. 

There was not a lot of context to that. Perhaps a random flyer with an unfair charge. Of course on social media it was noted that these were seen throughout the south side. I may have seen a bus shelter with a flyer like this on Cottage Grove over the summer.

And then in December I found a similar flyer at a bus shelter in the Sloop at Roosevelt & State.

Monday, December 7, 2020

CBS Chicago: Large Crowds Show Up In Chicago Loop, Prompting Police Response


[VIDEO] I got caught up in this on Saturday night. Thankfully I was away from the action as I saw a line of Chicago Police vehicles along Washington Blvd from State to Wabash and then to Michigan Avenue at least. It appeared the focus was near the Christmas tree in Millenium Park.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The CTA Holiday Train 2020

 JP Paulus used to talk a lot about catching up with the CTA Holiday Train. He hasn't really shared anything about it in the last few years. However, I figure you the audience can use some holiday cheer.

With this pandemic and the challenges to the presidential election still ongoing, I think we could use it.

Of course because we're still in a pandemic we can't board the holiday train or bus as we usually would in normal times. Still I saw the holiday bus on a run one night recently and to see a vehicle decorated with Christmas lights and blaring Christmas much raised my spirits a lot!

Here is the CTA Holiday Bus & Train Schedule for 2020.

  • Green Line: November 27-28, December 1
  • Brown Line: December 2-5
  • Orange Line: December 2-5
  • Red Line: December 8, 10 and 12
  • Purple Line: December 9, 11 and 12
  • Pink Line: December 15, 16 and 19
  • Blue Line: December 17-19
  • Yellow Line: December 21
And the buses
  • December 1-2: #56 Milwaukee
  • December 3: #91 Austin/#92 Foster
  • December 4: #22 Clark
  • December 5: #22 Clark/#97 Skokie
  • December 8-9: #66 Chicago
  • December 10: #126 Jackson
  • December 11-12: #12 Roosevelt
  • December 15-16: #62 Archer
  • December 17: #49 Western/#X49 Western Express
  • December 18: #79 79th
  • December 19: #3 King Drive
  • December 22: #28 Stony Island
  • December 23: #29 State
  • December 24: #J14 Jeffery Jump
I made bold the dates where the holiday buses and trains will come through our part of the south side. So if you want the Holiday Train we'll see it on the Red Line on the 8th, 10th, and 12th...

Also great applause to CTA for their charity food delivery
The CTA family continues its decades tradition of supporting Chicago communities. Each year our employees donate their time and money to purchase groceries and assemble food baskets for delivery to community organizations across the city. This year, we'll donate approximately 600 food baskets to local community organizations.

Each food basket contains all the ingredients for a complete meal including a canned ham, potatoes, mixed vegetables, muffin mix, macaroni and cheese, fruit cocktail, green beans, corn and dessert.

Either way I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season this year.

h/t Sloopin 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Red light tickets

 I recall that the media hit former Mayor Rahm Emanuel for getting caught by red light cams and then we see Mayor Lightfoot evidently has the same issue. She had some tickets for this dismissed.

h/t Newsalert

Friday, November 27, 2020

Jahmal Cole helps restaurant donate 2,000 meals


[VIDEO] Cole's My Block, My Hood, My City partnered with Oooh Wee It Is restaurant in the Chatham neighborhood on Thanksgiving to donate food to needy families. As Cole stated in the above report from WBBM-TV it matters to him if someone in Pilson or Jefferson Park is hungry. It should matter to all of us if someone in the city is hungry.

I hope everyone had a very festive holiday in these uncertain times.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Artistmac visits the now reopened Chatham Walmart


[VIDEO] The Walmart located on 83rd & Stewart located actually in the West Chatham neighborhood reopened on Friday. It was closed since late May as it reportedly suffered a fire and was heavily looted in the last weekend of May in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis. 

As artistmac notes:  

One welcome addition to the store: in addition to the existing vision department, a health clinic with its own entrance.

Glad to see this Walmart reopen because of the looting that happened in a number of neighborhoods around the city - and especially critical on the south side - businesses hit with the looting caused them to be in danger of closing permanently. As noted in this video it also means a loss of jobs for those who want to be productive in their communities.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Chatham Walmart has reopened


[VIDEO] After getting hit by the unrest in the last week of May as a result of what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis the Walmart on 83rd & Stewart has reopened. I'm very glad as Ald. Howard Brookins fought to get this store built and open. I'm especially glad that the unrest didn't cause Walmart to shut this location down permanently! 

Also noted in this CBS 2 report before the unrest the store had originally 485 jobs upon reopening Walmart added 750 new jobs. There are new health care offices at this location also.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

#AllinIllinois Healthy Holidays to You, Too


[VIDEO] As head head into the holidays we are still during a pandemic. Here is a PSA from the State of Illinois wish you all a healthy holidays.

From the media kit:

This year the holidays are about adapting to keep each other safe, and while we may not be breaking tradition, we are certainly bending it. From socially distant holiday carolers to virtual parties, we’re proving we can still have joy and stay safe, too.

We’re all safer and stronger when we go all in, Illinois.

Got wind of this via Capitol Fax which did a rate the ad type of post on Friday. I think most didn't like this ad, and personally I would've liked won akin to what was shared during the summer about wearing face masks.

Also I must add the guidance provided by the city as far as a stay-at-home advisory and family activities during the holidays within the confines of this pandemic.