Saturday, October 31, 2020

Walmart on 83rd/Stewart is hiring

 Sorry to have not shared this information earlier as it was also shared on Concerned Citizens of Chatham on Thursday. If you're looking for work there are opportunities out there including at the 83rd Street Walmart which fell victim and was closed for a while due to the unrest from over the summer.

Tuesday is election day

However, you can still early vote if you're still concerned about the pandemic. Or if you choose a Main-In ballot you can drop it off at an early voting location. Concerned Citizens of Chatham has all the city's early voting locations & there are drop off places at city libraries also.

I shared a listing of early voting locations earlier this month where I list locations in Wards 6, 9, and 21. And as far as local libraries listing in Worlee Glover's posting I will share some nearby ones you can drop off your mail in ballot. It doesn't include that new Whitney Young Library Branch, unfortunately.

  • Greater Grand Crossing Library, 1000 E. 73rd St
    Sun., Closed; Mon. & Wed., Noon-7; Tue. & Thu., 10-5; Fri. & Sat., 10-5
  • Thurgood Marshall Library, 7506 S. Racine Ave
    Sun., Closed; Mon. & Wed., Noon-7; Tue. & Thu., 10-5; Fri. & Sat., 10-5
  • Mount Greenwood Library, 11010 S. Kedzie Ave
    Sun., Closed; Mon. & Wed., 10-5; Tue. & Thu., Noon-7; Fri. & Sat., 10-5
  • Sherman Park Library, 5440 S. Racine Ave
    Sun., Closed; Mon. & Wed., Noon-7; Tue. & Thu., 10-5; Fri. & Sat., 10-5
  • Woodson Regional Library, 9525 S. Halsted St
    Mon. - Thu., 9-8; Fri. & Sat., 9-5; Sun., 1-5
  • West Pullman Library, 830 W. 119th St
    Sun., 1-5; Mon & Wed., Noon-7; Tue. & Thu., 10-5; Fri. & Sat., 10-5
Why did I place Woodson library in bold. It's a very convenient location by public transit or even by car. Not to say the others listed are less convenient as your circumstances may be different.

Just bear in mind polls are open on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 2020.

Turn your clocks back tonight

 Saturday night you must turn your clocks backwards by 1 hour. We will lose an hour until March 14, 2021 when we will start this process all over again - and regain that hour.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Re: Your Saturday viewing....

The Chicago Neighborhoods

 I got it wrong on Saturday. While Chatham didn't feature seemingly on the webpage for the Chicago's South Side documentary was mentioned during the program that aired on Channel 11. They mentioned that Dempsey Travis called this community the jewel of the south east side and also noted those "garlow" properties along King Drive. If you don't know those are homes that were intended to become garages once people had the means to build a larger house on the front of the lot closer to King Drive.

Also noted was the home of Mahalia Jackson and the fact that Chatham was home to Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer - actually the father of Ward 6 Ald. Roderick Sawyer - and former state comptroller, attorney general, and US Senator Roland Burris. Also you might have seen the house that is said to resemble the White House on this blog it was shown during this documentary as well.

Either way Chatham was mentioned so I hit them with a critique just about five years too late and it turns out they covered that neighborhood. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

You Saturday viewing: "Chicago's South Side" by Geoffrey Baer


[VIDEO] Allow me to state from the jump that I found this video on YouTube as opposed to sharing the video on WTTW's page for this documentary. I believe this aired on WTTW in 2015 and didn't find this until doing a Google search on the Roseland neighborhood.

Basically this documentary focuses on the south side neighborhoods of Brighton Park, Chinatown, Ashburn, Bridgeport, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Washington Park, Woodlawn, Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Beverly, Washington Park, Roseland, South Shore, Pullman and the southeast side. Basically the south side is divided up into near southwest and southeast and far southwest and southeast.

I know over the years Geoffrey Baer has done documentaries of interest such as Chicago by L (of which there was another edition produced in 2020 according to his wikipedia page), he did one on the Chicago Lakefront, I think he even did one that featured the Illinois & Michigan Canal that runs through the southwest side.

I guess my takeaway without watching having yet watched this is I wish he had some other neighborhoods on this such as Chatham. Perhaps there wasn't enough material for him to really document the neighborhood as he had Englewood, South Shore, Hyde Park, Auburn Gresham, or even Ashburn. However it has my attention and plan to watch this documentary with you all.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Magiskist Carpet sign that once stood near 87th & Dan Ryan #tbt

The Magikist sign was a childhood landmark for myself until it was dismantled in 1992 according to Pete Kasantes of Vanished Chicagoland. I'm sharing this with you as the Chatham neighborhood was home to this recognizable landmark for many commuters going into the city on the Dan Ryan Expressway. I was disappointed to see it was gone at some point in the 1990s, however, the memories remain.

CBS Chicago: New city budget include police budget cuts


[VIDEO] There were members of the Chicago City Council who expressed interest in "defunding" the police here in Chicago. I didn't expect this, unless of course someone who observes the city finances expected this.

Also bear in mind Illinois voters will be voting on changing the state constitution to allow for a progressive or graduated income tax - you might have seen ads that advocate for a fair tax on the wealthy residents of this state. These cuts are also dependent upon any relief from the federal gov't and it seems for the moment none is forthcoming.

This has been a year of calamity. We've gotten the economic realities of the pandemic with many businesses considered non-essential at one point. Worse still jobs that were considered non-essential will probably not come back. And let's not forget the summer's unrest over police actions around America. Unfortunately some tough decisions will have to be made.

You will see Ward 9 Ald. Anthony Beale here agreeing with the mayor as far as why there shouldn't be deeper cuts in the CPD budget.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

WGN: Reports on early voting at Deneen Elementary School


[VIDEO] Yesterday WGN news was at the Ward 6 early voting site at Deneen Elementary School located at 7257 S. State St. BTW, did Julian Crews pronounce Deneen correctly? Can someone who has attended that school say for certain?

Anyway Crews noted in his report that while things were moving smoothly for the most part throughout the city, there were technical issues at Deneen and as a result there were lines as you saw in this report. People were getting out here and one person Crews spoke to was correct to say we had to fight for our right to vote.

And as another man stated in this report, it doesn't matter who you vote for just vote. He's right. Early voting continues through Nov. 3rd.

If you want to vote early I blogged about it on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Early voting starts tomorrow

 We will have a different election than we had in our history so far. This is due to the ongoing pandemic as the rage for now is to vote by mail instead of voting in person or even waiting until Election Day and going to your local precinct which is what I plan to do.

On Oct. 14, 2020 - tomorrow on Wednesday - early voting around the city will begin. You can register and cast your ballot at designated locations within all 50 wards and at the Loop Super Site located at 191 N. Clark St. or at Clark/Lake.

Here are the locations for wards 6, 9 & 21

  • Ward 6 - Deneen Elementary School, 7257 S State St. 
  • Ward 9 - Curtis Elementary School,  32 E 115th St.
  • Ward 21 - Turner - Drew Language Acad.,  9300 S Princeton Ave.
These are the operating hours for early voting until Election Day Nov. 3, 2020 for all sites throughout the city and at the Loop Super Site

  • Early Voting sites in all 50 Wards - plus the Loop Super Site
    Monday-Friday - 8:30 am-7 pm
    Saturday-Sunday - 9 am-5 pm
    Election Day, Nov. 3 - 6 am-7 pm
Here's a notice from - Ald. Anthony Beale's constituent webpage about the early voting at Curtis Elementary on 115th Street

If you want more information check out the Chicago Board of Elections page on Early Voting.

Friday, October 9, 2020

CBS Chicago: Regal Cinemas Temporarily Closing Theaters Thursday, Including 8 In Chicago Area


[VIDEO] Probably not exactly germane news to the south side, however, one of things I have been keeping on eye on during this pandemic is the movie theater business. From what I can tell the Studio Movie Grill at 210 W. 87th Street remains closed.

Chains such as Regal Cinemas, AMC Theatres, and even the Showplace Icon on Roosevelt have since reopened back in August. Some of you may have seen the latest anticipated release Tenet starring John David Washington - he's the son of the legendary Denzel Washington - and directed by Christopher Nolan who you may know from the The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception to name a few big ticket releases he's made.

Well what's happening to Regal Cinemas who does have two locations within the city limits aren't much different from what other chains are doing. The Logan Theater announced that they were closing after reopening. Another chain with a few locations within the area Classic Cinemas earlier this summer announced that they were closing temporarily. And as of Thursday, yesterday, Regal Cinemas will again shut down operations temporarily.

The concern is that there aren't movies available to get people out of the house as much as it might be the continuing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. I'm sure there is a reason why the 87th theaters remain close and it's exactly those two factors.

As a matter of fact if you're a James Bond fan you were probably anticipating that release in the near future. Unfortunately it has been pushed back due to this pandemic. Originally it was supposed to have been released in the spring when these stay-at-home orders were in effect, then it was supposed to have been released during this summer, then the fall, and now it has been pushed back into next year.

As I've stated over the past summer and it's true now, people want to get out of the house. Now is the time for entertainment. Thankfully we've finally gotten out of this tumultuous summer and at least so far this week in fall the weather has been nice.

Also stated at some point on this blog, this pandemic is temporary. We should continue to take our precautions with this tricky virus. I shared a video from the state about wearing face masks, my expectation is that we won't be doing that forever. I wish we could flick a switch and this pandemic is over.

As far as the 87th theaters, I'm looking to see what's going on with them. If you have any updates feel free to share. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Generosity of a stranger keeps mother and child from living in her car


[VIDEO] I hate to see stories like this, however, its an interesting twist. You own the property you rent it to someone else, however, that party refuses to move out. Eviction proceedings are useless because due to this pandemic the state has issued a moratorium because well if you're not working and unable to make an income how can you reasonably pay rent.

I'm glad to see that for now, thanks to someone's genorosity that someone helped this mother out and allowed her to stay in an apartment rent free. At least until that moratorium runs out and whenever that tenant is forced to move. In the meanwhile this still isn't an ideal situation.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

CBS Chicago: New #COVID19 rules for certain businesses


[VIDEO] What restaurants or bars will you go to with eased restrictions? Also do you plan to workout?

This was announced by the mayor's office yesterday.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dreadhead Cowboy's horse is fine

I just wanted to share this update with you all, if you're at all concerned about the condition of his horse who authorities suggested could be euthanized due to her grave condition. Here's what Sun-Times' Michael Sneed states in her column
Where is NuNu?

Sneed has learned the injured horse nearly ridden to death by the “Dread Head Cowboy” in an anti-violence protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway, is safely on the mend and on her way to recovery since being moved to a horse farm in the south suburbs.

“She’s rallied,” said Ald. Ray Lopez (15th), a strong advocate of humane animal care who works closely with the city’s Animal Care and Control Department.

“But I’m told it should never be ridden again,” he said.
Also and this is more shocking:
But Sneed also hears Hollingsworth — who has been seen at protests riding horses around the city this summer — was “already on the city’s Animal Care radar months ago for riding a horse near the expressway,” Lopez said.

“This is not the first time,” Lopez said, even before Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office tapped the cowboy to do outreach for the U.S. Census. “We had videos and pictures of him multiple times before the mayor hired him to be her census outreach person/cowboy.

“We were trying to find out where he lived before the mayor hired him,” said Lopez, who has frequently sparred with Lightfoot during her administration. “We were actually on the hunt for him due to concern about how his horse was being kept.”

The city might send an invoice for the cost of NuNu’s care to Hollingsworth. A GoFundMe Hollingsworth launched earlier this year — with the goal of opening a horse barn in the city — has raised more than $88,000 as of Friday, with many donations pouring in since his highway ride.

I wanted to share this with you from 2nd City Cop. They were on the case of a horse being kept in an Englewood backyard. I wonder if Ald. Lopez had this on his radar.

Sneed notes that Hollingsworth keeps his other horses at a farm in Dyer, Indiana

Did you know there was a Republican running against Kim Foxx?


[VIDEO] It's been quite a while since I've shared anything from Public Affairs host Jeff Berkowitz who recently interviewed Foxx's Republican opponent Pat O'Brien. The video you see above.

What a difference four years makes? There was great enthusiasm for Kim Foxx four years ago against then state's attorney Anita Alvarez. I'm sure there was a perception that Alvarez wasn't adequately addressing the needs of the Black community over her eight years in office.

Lately State's Attorney Kim Foxx has gotten a lot of attention and it started with the Jussie Smollett fraud. Did you know a judge who called for a special prosecutor in that case didn't get endorsed by the Cook County Democrats.

And nationally - well actually with the right wing to be honest - she's been getting some attention for he handling of the unrest in Chicago especially after the death of George Floyd and last month after the looting in the wake of a young Black man getting shot.

To also share 2nd City Cop wants to see former Democrat and Cook County Judge Pat O'Brien defeat the sitting state's attorney they dub Crimesha.

I also want to note the last Republican who held the state's attorney office was Jack O'Malley who was defeated by Dick Devine for the office in 1996. He later became an appellate judge.

Friday, September 25, 2020

WGN: Dreadhead Cowboy speaks out after expressway horseride


[VIDEO] It's been quite a delight probably for many of you who've seen him in person on the south side. It's been a delight to see any posts of him out there in unexpected settings a man on his horse on the south side. And then this latest stunt to protest gun violence by riding his horse on the Dan Ryan on Monday has opened up another charge, animal cruelty.

In recent reports it was noted that his horse was very exhausted and allegations that the horse was whipped to keep it moving forward. The Dreadhead Cowboy it has been noted is trying to find his horse. Authorities who are now concerned about the condition of the horse which reportedly may cause it to be euthanized.

Earlier this summer Adam Hollingsworth was among the action in downtown Chicago the last week in May where the most violent riots occurred in the wake of George Floyd's death. He had to fight allegations that he stole his horse - I don't know if it's the same horse he rode on the Dan Ryan with, however, the horse he had isn't the type of horse used by police. His car was even vandalized accordingly by people who probably don't care about the horse.

Regardless the recent charges of animal cruelty has only served to cause people to believe he treated his horse Nunu (sp?) inhumanely. I hope finds Hollingsworth finds his horse still alive.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

CBS Chicago: Father Pfleger marches to show disatisfaction with Breonna Taylor grand jury decision.


[VIDEO] As with George Floyd at the end of May protests - or riots - with regards to the case of Louisville, Kentucky native Breonna Taylor goes nationwide. Father Pfleger leads a march from his St. Sabina parish to show dissatisfaction with this decision.

If you didn't know it was announced yesterday by the Attorney General of Kentucky that there would be no charges against three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. One officer however will be a charge with wanton endangerment of Ms. Taylor's neighbors as he reportedly fired a shot at another apartment nearby.

That shot was in response to a shot fired by her boyfriend Kenneth Walker when police came to break down the door. There was a no-knock warrant however some reports were emerging that police had announced their presence and had knocked. Either way tragically Breonna Taylor was killed in a gunfight. Regardless none of the three officers involved will be charged in Ms. Taylor's death.

Unfortunately I think a lot of people have made up their minds on this particular issue. There were protests in Chicago and thankfully as this report from our local CBS affiliate indicated they were largely peaceful aside from wanton vandalism of a monument in Logan Square where most of the protests in Chicago were taking place. Louisville, Kentucky has some unrest but has calmed down after quick action by authorities there.

EDIT 9:47 AM This is more about the protest near St. Sabina. Pflegers group yesterday disrupted traffic at the intersection of 79th & Racine. Again via CBS Chicago [VIDEO]

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Political Forum with Ald. Anthony Beale (Ward 9)


[VIDEO] I've been meaning to share this since getting the email blast from the Ald. Beale's office sharing the word on this. Ald. Beale has been a vocal opponent of Mayor Lori Lightfoot especially with the unrest going on in the city during our most tumultuous summer. You may have even seen him on FOX News last month and if you haven't here it is.

So here on this recent edition Beale talks about the financial issues facing the city during this pandemic and how he was able to prevent the looting of business in Ward 9.