Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year & Updates

Remapped Wards 6, 9, & 21

I'm giving this blog a refresh given that for the foreseeable future it will remain in more or less an archival mode.

I'm working on an Election 2023 page, which I had very little time to really compile this time as I mostly focused on the mayor's race and the election for 9th Ward Alderperson ewww Alderman. This time around I want to compile candidates and results for the 6th Ward and the 21st Ward. Both were open seats in 2023 since Ald. Sawyer and Brookins weren't running for another term on the Chicago City Council.

Another part of the refresh is to share information on the new ward maps and on the new Aldermen who succeeded both Sawyer & Brookins in the runoff elections in April '23.

When I wrote this post there was a controversy over there not being a physical ward office in the 6th Ward when Ald. William Hall took office. I will make sure to create a 6th Ward page to help those who need to contact the Alderman the ability to do so whether electronically (on the internet that is) or to be able to call his office or even pay him a visit at his offices in city hall or in the neighborhood.

The last time a new Alderman took office in the 6th Ward our FB page and this blog had been hit with comments, people wanting assistance with the new Alderman and thankfully that hasn't been an issue this time. I took great pains to make clear we're not associated with any Alderman or public official. We might be able to assist where we can, however, what was the best course of action is try to refer people to who they should contact especially Alderpersons ewww Aldermen.

I've been taking the time out to refresh this blog. This blog isn't as regularly updated as it used to be in recent years, however, if there is something that we could put out that would be beneficial to the community feel free to contact us.

As always Happy New Years.

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  1. Why not use the term Alderperson; it's not just men holding the office anymore, and hasn't been for years. (At least I'm not advocating for fake pronouns or anything.)


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