Keep reading for our policy on anonymous comments!

I don't have a lot of space to play with in discussing this policy in the comments section so that policy will be outlined here.
  1. Negative comments will either be deleted/or rejected in moderation
  2. Vulgar/profane comments will also be deleted or rejected
  3. Spam will be deleted or rejected
  4. Comments that take a post off-topic will be deleted or rejected
  5. Personal attacks will be greatly discouraged. By attacks I mean an ad hominem for example.
Currently as of March 29, 2009 comment moderation is enabled and that means comments have to be approved before they are published!

As of June 5, 2010 comments made on posts older than 5 days will be moderated. That is a moderator for this blog will have to either approve or reject the comment.

As of March 4, 2013 comment moderation is enable and comments must be approved before they are published. Posts made within those five days will be un-moderated but the previous five rules will apply. In addition comments that violate the rules will be deleted in accordance to these rules.

As stated already moderating policy is subject to change. That also means that at some point in time these rules can be expanded or we can return to a system where comments will just be posted when the commenter clicks on post comment.


Basically I want to discourage anonymous comments however they are not prohibited here. I could just easily decide that anyone who comments here must have an account at Google or with Open ID, AOL Instant Messenger, TypePad, Live Journal to name a few well-known services out there to leave a comment. On the other hand that would leave out those of you who are without an account with those services.

If you go into the comments section you shall see a comment box, where you'll type your comment. Look under this box and look for Comment as: then you should find a drop-down menu box with "select profile" inside right next to it. Click on it and it has choices for you to log on or if you aren't logged on there are the options further down for Name/URL or Anonymous. I would like for you to avoid Anonymous so I would like for you to click on Name/URL.

Like I said, identify yourself as you would see fit with your real name, nickname or whatever creative name you come up with. Either way another box will pop-up and this box should say "Edit profile". Fill in the necessary information and don't worry about a URL if you don't have one (if you have a website remember to add http:// if you wish to add a link to it).
Now if you will click continue after you type in your information you will find an edit button next to your information if you see that you've made a mistake. Also before you're ready to post your comment you will also see a preview button right next to the post comment button. If everything is in order then click on post comment and the comment gets published to the blog.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, but before you decide to make comments please refer to the moderating policy above. And once again thank you for your comments.

The purpose is to better identify those who choose to read and leave a comment. I want to account for those who do not have accounts to be able to offer their comments. Hopefully these instructions helped.

Thanks for reading and discussing as always!