Cook County sheriff to suspend foreclosure evictions

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said today his office plans to stop serving eviction notices on people who have fallen behind on mortgage payments as well as renters unaware their buildings have fallen in arrears.

He said his action was necessary in light of the national foreclosure crisis that is driving down the American economy.

Dart acknowledged he could be found in contempt of court for ignoring court orders, but said he was willing to risk that to carry out "justice."
Bump'd up top because this has become the hottest item since I posted this last night.


  1. Thank you! Common sense is part of law enforcement! My family and I are very proud of you, your department and your decision.

    Your Brother,
    Detective NYPD

  2. Thank you Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for doing what is right, moral, and legal.
    Sheriff Tom Dart is required by law to not endanger the county, and as it would endanger the county's stability to endanger the stability of the renters who have paid their rent, he is doing the right thing. The Federal American court system rules over the state and county courts. And this is a case where the stability of America and therefore also American National Security are involved.
    Coronella Keiper, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

  3. Get 'em sheriff. Glad to see a public official that remembers he was elected BY the people FOR the people.

  4. Wow, this story should stay in headlines until other people take notice...this is what America and its people should stand for, HONEST SERVICE!!! BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Good work sheriff! We are proud of you.

  5. Thank god someone finally realized that the law is not always right. I don't say this very often, but God Bless you!!!! All the banks care about is collecting there end, which they put themselves into this situation. Sir, if they try to hold you in contempt, I will be there for you will all the legal support that I can offer. People forget that the law is just a natrual philosophy that is there to guide us, but it is ocassionally wrong and in need of change. Thank you Sheriff for using your position as a elected offical to represent the people.

  6. GREAT! This is a good starting point for the people to start taking our country back. Let this sheriff inspire us all to do what we can on individual levels. There are more of us "common" people than there are of the "elites". Stand up for our rights.

  7. This is good for compassion and mercy for homeowners. Not only that the judges should dismissed also the foreclosure judgement by the lenders. I am calling Attorney General Lisa Madigan of Illinois to do something by imposing credit rating and foreclosure must be suspended for a year and also the lenders must decide for the loan modification within 30 days. Loan modification is very good and benefits thousands of homeowners. I congratulate also Lisa Madigan and her staff for winning against Countrywide. Hope she will after Chase,Wamu,Ocwen,Saxon,Central Mortgage,American Servicing,Homecoming,Homeq,Morequity,GMAC,HSBC,Wells Fargo. These lenders are nuts and refuse to review the loan modification and it takes the processing for 60-90 days.

  8. So, why would anyone in the county ever make a single mortgage payment ever again? and why would any bank ever lend to any home buyer in the county ever again? Perhaps it is a good thing now that all house prices in the county have to fall to the level that can be purchased with cash savings!

  9. Tenants are given notice they have to vacate the property...doesn't matter if they are not the owners. I'm sure they can find another dwelling to rent. It is not their decision whether they can stay. If an owner goes belly-up then the property has to be vacated. IT IS THE LAW! THEY GOT TO GET OUT OF THERE!

    The sheriff is wrong and should lose his job for not DOING his job. Period.

  10. Looks like the couple of negative comments are from mortgage bankers who created this mess, or just people with no heart.

  11. Yeah, just stop evicting people and burn down the houses, collect the insurance and then there'll be a need to build more housing. Problem solved. :P

  12. A man who has the respect of the people has the power of the people. If the people support him (which, seeing how things are going, they are), there will be holy hell raised if the banks go after him. The word backlash doesn't seem to justice to what would happen to any entity that went after him.

    It's nice to see the people getting a chance to stand up in this mess.

    And those of you who say how horrible he is for not evicting them- How much money are banks making from empty home? Maybe this will open their eyes to the fact this is a C-R-I-S-I-S. They can't expect 'normal' business in a crisis, they need to be flexible too. 43,000 foreclosures says to me that there needs to be give on BOTH side, not just the people's side.

  13. Does everyone understand that Tom Dart is refusing to evict people who are paying their rent, when the landlord failed to make payments on the building and it fell into foreclosure? Dart hasn't made any changes to deadbeat tenant evictions AFAICT.

    Why would a lender want a building vacant? They don't want the wear and tear. They also want to starve the rental market of supply (this building is no longer for rent) because rents provide a floor to real estate prices. Why can't they wait until the leases are up? They don't want to pay property managers to fulfill landlord responsibilities/liabilities. They don't have or want any kind of stake in the communities in which they operate.


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