Friday, October 24, 2008

National Democrats dump on Rod in House race

This is certainly not helping the Governor at all. Crain's:
Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s own party now is ripping him in an effort to win a southwest suburban congressional seat.

In an action that veteran political activists say they believe is unprecedented, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the national election arm of U.S. House Democrats, this week quietly began airing broadcast TV ads in the Chicago media market that link an incumbent — if unpopular — governor of its own party to Marty Ozinga, the GOP candidate for Congress in the Joliet-area 11th District.

“Concrete’s a dirty business, especially for Republican Marty Ozinga,” says the announcer as video switches from a truck pouring cement to a picture of Mr. Ozinga, who owns a concrete company. “Republican Marty Ozinga and his companies gave 23 grand to Rod Blagojevich,” it continues, showing a picture of a pained-looking governor.

Mr. Ozinga, the ad concludes, is “the last guy you’d send to clean up Washington.”
I just saw this article at NBC Chicago asking if Blagojevich is the most hated governor in the nation:
The governor has become such a polarizing figure that both Republicans and Democrats are using him in negative ads. State Sen. Debbie Halvorson, a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 11th district, is now using the contributions of businessman Marty Ozinga, her opponent, to Blagojevich as a reason to vote for her.
Blagojevich's approval ratings are lower than George Ryan's during his last weeks as governor when it was clear he was the target of a federal probe. With Blagojevich's top fundraiser Tony Rezko soon to be sentenced and talking to federal authorities, there is heightened speculation Blagojevich may soon face the same fate as Ryan.
Perhaps the only folks who will still speak in favor of the governor are those who'd like to replace Sen. Barack Obama should he win the presidency. The governor will get to appoint Obama's replacement, and there is a long list of those who'd like that job. In fact, the governor could even appoint himself.
I suppose this ought to be a lesson for those involved in politicans parties. I know that we generally elect party nominees in primaries, but the Governor just has to be a poster child for...

Well I'm not sure. It's got to be for good vetting. Perhaps that's not the correct word, but surely there are some lessons to be learned in this. Although I can understand if no one can ever account for general unpopularity.

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