Friday, October 24, 2008

Schools need to get out of the bedroom

Well a little late now since it was reported yesterday that Daley put the brakes on a school for homosexual public school students. This is worth noting however and I tend to agree from the Sun-Times:
The Chicago Board of Education approved 13 new schools Wednesday and put off voting on five others -- including a school serving lesbian and gay students that ignited the most controversy at its monthly meeting.

"The schools need to get out of the bedroom and back to the 3 R's," an angry, opposed parent, Kathy Reese, told the board.
"This is why Johnny still can't read because the children are being used as pawns to further a political agenda. We should be helping them out of that lifestyle, not helping them into it," Reese said.
This parent was on the right track to be sure. The schools need to be focused on the three Rs. The rest of her comments however is a long way from keeping the schools out of the bedrooms. I understand what she's saying but the schools indeed need to be focused on the three Rs. Not sure they should be involved in either helping them out nor helping them into a lifestyle.

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  1. I'm ambivalent about the proposed school as well. It seems like opposition has created an alliance of strange bedfellows (if you'll forgive the pun) of people who are homophobic and people who believe that gays need to just be integrated into regular society. I tend to support the goal of complete integration, but I can see the role for the school when there are still parts of the city where homophobia will prevent gay students from feeling safe in their neighborhood schools. Fixing that problem is not something schools alone can do, without broader cultural change.


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