Friday, November 7, 2008

The 42nd is No.1

Division Street has the story, but now we just need to find a way to make the 6th, number 1 in voter turnout and registration.

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  1. The 42nd Ward is downtown, near north and the Michigan Avenue-Rush Street areas. Because of the tremendous increase in new housing units their registration numbers jumped up 39% according to Lance Gough at the Board of Elections. The 6th Ward has an older population and the increase of 3000 new voters was great but not enough to push 42 out of first place. As for early voting, the 6th Ward was number 1 for the first week and then Ald. Reilly began robocalling his residents to get out the vote. We did no robocalls and still had 9000+ early voters, so we had a tremendous turnout. And just a comment about the Black power Chicago style article. Pres-elect Obama was the State Senator for 1/2 of the 6th Ward. He regularly attended our Picnics, came to the Principals' meetings, and earned the trust and confidence of many, many of its residents. Additionally there was an undeniable sense of pride in being able to vote for an African American male for President that drove people of color to the polls. Further more in the Presidential race Sen. Obama's ticket was by far the superior choice.


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