Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quinn Says Relationship with Gov is 'Frosty'

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn had some sharp words for Governor Rod Blagojevich today. Blagojevich yesterday came out against a referendum on Tuesday's ballot asking voters if they want a constitutional convention. Quinn says Blagojevich is flat-out wrong.

QUINN: The ludicrous idea that somehow the governor's powers might be in jeopardy through a constitutional convention is a lot of balogna.

The lieutenant governor says he thinks Blagojevich opposes the constitutional convention because it could result in a recall provision. That would let voters remove officials from office before their terms expire. Quinn admits his relationship with Blagojevich is "frosty."
And yet the Governor is honored to get his "ass kicked for the people". All the while alienating the very people (his fellow Democrats) who have already been cool to some of his objectives anyway. It also doesn't help if the people he claims to be champion of doesn't really see him as their champion anyway.

Excuse the language, BTW.

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