Friday, December 12, 2008

Ald.: Pay to plow

So focused on the whole situation involving the Senate seat scandal and its implications I have to look at what's going on in our fair city. The Alderman in question is Thomas Allen who's not happy that city is neglecting the side streets in clearing snow...
Transportation Committee Chairman Tom Allen (38th) said he plans to introduce the ordinance next week after being bombarded with complaints from angry constituents "in shock" that city snow removal has come to a screeching halt.

Struggling to rein in costs, Daley is cutting corners on snow removal-by using less salt, plowing side streets during normal working hours and skipping side streets altogether after minor storms.

"The new snow program is 'do nothing.' Irving Park Road was ice-packed. Traffic was crawling after a two- or three-inch snowfall. Cars near schools just slide through intersections, putting every kid who tries to cross the street in peril," Allen said.

"I'm getting pounded by my constituents. We don't live in Honolulu. We live in Chicago. We've lost our compass. We have to provide the most fundamental city service. Are we gonna ride from December through March with people's lives in peril trying to cross the street?"
That's all fine and good, but where will this money come from? I understand that this fiscal environment is hostile:
Fed up with snow-covered side streets and ice-packed intersections, an influential alderman demanded Thursday that Mayor Daley set aside $1 million apiece from the sale of the Chicago Skyway, Midway Airport and city parking meters to restore "dangerous" snow removal cuts.
Heh, that was the first paragraph at the link! That's what I've heard on WLS_AM this morning, but hey I suppose that it has to be seen somewhere.

As I walked home yesterday I almost slipped on some ice on the street. I noticed that the city didn't do a great job plowing the streets when it snowed. Times must really be difficult.

Remember if you want to know about the weather you may look no further than in the sidebar with an Accuweather widget that shows forcasts, temperature and even a radar for your convenience. Look anytime before you go to work, while you're at work, or before you go to bed!

And let's clean these streets up!

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