Monday, December 22, 2008

City can't afford 50 aldermen any longer

There have been a lot of discussions about cuts -- less snow removal, longer waits for things like tree cuttings -- and fee increases, such as those parking meters increases that are going to kill neighborhood businesses. The people of Chicago will be paying for a lot more and getting less. Such a deal.

But in all these talks, not once has it been suggested we lop off something completely unnecessary -- so many aldermen.

We don't need 50 aldermen. Some aldermen, but not 50. Maybe before 311, you needed an alderman to help you get city services. But not anymore. So really, 50 is a luxury Chicago can ill afford.

Because it's not just those 50 salaries of $110,556 each that we are stuck paying. That's 50 staffs, neighborhood offices and aldermanic "expense" accounts that pay for who knows what.

I like several of our city's aldermen and the work they do. But there are more than a few we never hear from, who do little for their paychecks. We need to lop off the deadwood.
I thought exactly about the post here that has generated so far 18 comments with regards to Hugh's analysis of Aldermanic salaries. Perhaps this won't generate as much discussion, indeed there may not be much support for this either. Just thought this would be interesting.

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