Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I suppose this really is Gov. Blagojevich day...

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I won't get carried away here anymore updates for this evening will be posted here in this post as I find them.

I wanted to share this post from Instapundit. When he, he being Glenn Reynolds, writes the post this way it's almost always a tongue-in-cheek reference to the hysteria over the possible actions of George W. Bush. It's even funnier now because it's a dig against the Governor.
THEY TOLD ME THAT IF PRESIDENT BUSH WERE RE-ELECTED, the government would try to get hostile editorialists fired. And they were right!
Then link at the end will take you to an blog post that discusses and quotes from the complaint Blagojevich's attempt to shakedown the Trib. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

Also from Crain's state Rep. John Fritchey wants to see impeachment proceedings!

Politico reports on a statement from Blagojevich's attorney. The Governor still has no plans to resign and still holds to the notion that he's done nothing wrong. Hat-tip CapFax.

From NBCChicago, 10 colorful quotes from the Blagojevich scandal. Here's my favorite at number 3...
"Make Lincoln roll over? This would make Nixon roll over." -- Gotcha, a poster on the nbcchicago.com forums.
John Kass on the Blagojevich scandal:
Gov. Dead Meat woke early, and even before he could spray on some dry look and meet the day, the boss of the Chicago FBI was on the phone, saying there were federal agents outside waiting to arrest him on corruption charges.

One of those charges was for allegedly trying to sell a seat in the U.S. Senate by the pound, and there were candidates willing to pay the price. His alleged co-schemer was his chief of staff, John Harris, who once worked closely with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

"I could tell I woke him up," Chicago FBI chief Rob Grant said of his 6 a.m. phone conversation with "The Unreformer" outside the governor's Northwest Side home. "And the first thing he said was, 'Is this a joke?' "

No, it's no joke.

Blagojevich's buddies—the ones he still has left—surely aren't amused. They must be wondering how long it will take for Blagojevich to crack under the federal weight and start singing about all his friends.
Times Online gives us a profile on US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. He has an impressive record, especially involved in the conviction of George Ryan and certain other federal investigations.

Newsalert talks about Rod Blagojevich on his father-in-law's city hall payroll! The FBI has been looking at that as well.

Pantagraph asks who's running the state while the Governor was in custody.

Politico - What's wrong with Illinois?
In 2007, the publication Corporate Crime Reporter crunched Department of Justice statistics to rank the 35 most populous states of the nation by corruption. The top three? Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky – which can be better thought of as broadly representing the “moralistic” states. Illinois didn’t even break the top five, coming in sixth on the list.
I forgot to note this. I was watching FOX News Channel this afternoon and Judge Napolitano broke down the standing of US Attorney Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald  has respect from both sides of the political aisle especially in Washington. It was said that during this campaign Daley didn't want him stay as US Attorney for the Northern District and Obama probably didn't want him, but because of this it's entirely possible that Fitzgerald will remain for another years. Besides whenever there's a new administration most US Attorney's will hand in their resignations and most will be excepted unless of course some prove themselves to be invaluable at their jobs as apparently Fitzgerald is proving at this difficult time.

The Smoking Gun offers the Federal complaint against the governor. This was something I found odd the language is strong here so I beg your pardon
During a wiretapped November 10 call, a frustrated and financially strapped Blagojevich referred to Obama as a "motherfucker" and said that he would not appoint an ally of the President-elect to the Senate vacancy if "I don't get anything." 
Financially strapped? Why does he feel as if he has to cheat his fellow Illinoisians out of honest services for more money? Is this governor broke and that desperate for cash? This was all about what's in it for him!

Real Clear Politics blog took a statement from David Axelrod as to whether or not the President-elect and the Governor have at all discuss Obama's vacant senate seat:
In a statement released tonight, Axelrod took it back. "I was mistaken when I told an interviewer last month that the President-elect has spoken directly to Governor Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy," Axelrod said. "They did not then or at any time discuss the subject."
I would like to refer you to this post where he said the governor was a disappointment. I wonder if Axelrod is even more disgusted now.

You will see Mike Flannery from CBS2 fired up in this clip.

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