Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday morning scandal items

I will continue to compile items throughout the day!

Tribune: Image of dishonesty can harm a state's economic vitality
Illinois, take heed. The state's formidable reputation for political corruption hit a new low this week with the arrest of Gov. Rod Blagojevich on charges so brazen they might shock Edwin Edwards, the imprisoned former Louisiana governor and a gold standard of sorts for modern gubernatorial corruption.

Yes, Illinois is a far cry from Louisiana: Its economy is far more vibrant, its workforce more skilled, its population more educated. But the image of corruption is an important intangible factor that can affect a state's economic vitality, some economic development experts say. It signals to businesses that rules are squishy and the economic deck is stacked.

"There is an issue with trust in the political system, being able to rely on a certain set of rules," said Timothy Bartik, an economic development expert at the Michigan-based W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Corruption "creates tremendous uncertainty," and uncertainty is bad for business, he said.
WBBM-TV: Governor Rod Blagojevich Talks to CBS 2
CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine asked Blagojevich: "Can you say something to us…the longer you say nothing, the longer people wonder if you have something to hide."

"There'll be an appropriate time to talk about this, but let me just wish everyone happy holidays and, uh, things will work out just fine," Blagojevich said.

Levine: "The rumor is you intend to resign -- true or false?"

"I just think you should have a great holiday season," Blagojevich said."Thanks Jay, see ya."
I hear that he won't resign on Monday as per the rumor, that will only mean more pressure on him to leave office and probably impeachment proceedings in addition to an attempt by Lisa Madigan to strip the Governor of his powers.

AP: Ill. governor: Eager for battle, rarely victorious
Anyone who wants a peek inside Gov. Rod Blagojevich's head should look back to last year, when the Illinois House voted on his plan for the biggest tax increase in state history.

Not a single lawmaker voted for the $7 billion tax — a stunning rebuke of the governor's leadership and legislative know-how.

His reaction to the defeat: 'Today, I think, was basically an up ... I feel good about it.'

Whether you call it optimism or delusion, Blagojevich has always acted as if nothing can ever go wrong for him. He paints himself as the hero and others as the villain, once even claiming he was in God's corner in a legislative battle
These links via Marathon Pundit!

Chicagoist: Blago Gets the SNL Treatment

Other AP items...

Sunday highlights in Blagojevich investigation
Legislature to consider possibility of special election
Ill. Republicans pushing Democrats on impeachment, election

Daily Beast: I Was a Victim of Blago's Vendetta

Legal Insurrection: Illinois Attorney General Gets a Grade of "C-" via Instapundit!

The Hill: Illinois GOP launches special election campaign 

Progress Illinois: Quinn Open To Idea Of Senate Appointment Followed By Special Election

Bloomberg: Blagojevich Doesn’t Plan to Resign, Spokesman Says via The Bench!

Carol Marin: No Mercy: Fix Illinois Politics Now

AP:  Schakowsky: Gov's 'brazenness' offends people

Chicago Argus items...

“Resignation” vs. “stepping aside”
EXTRA: Because it would make sense and would be practical, it won’t happen

NYTimes: Two Cheers for Rod Blagojevich

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