Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ride with us aboard "PC1"

Last month we elected people to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. In this vid courtesy of the Northtown News Magazine we see one aspect of this lesser known governmental body. They are on board a boat that tests the water in the Chicago area.

Duration is about 30 minutes.

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  1. whoa, Levois, my brother, I tend to think if you understood a little better Mr. Meyer's attitudes toward his fellow man, you might not be linking to him. Here's one low-light:

    Meyers: So, number one: I was told at one of the CAPS meetings by, somebody was claiming that there's actually a law in the 50th ward against having street vendors? Is that true?

    Stone: Yes.

    Meyers: So these guys -

    Stone: It's been the law for at LEAST 15 or 20 years.

    Meyers: So, but, you know what, on my corner, when school's in session, over, over, I live by Boone, there's going to be people selling these, um, frozen pretzel things messing up my grass, as if I don't water it enough, but, whatever, and, not frozen pretzels, but
    you know what I'm talking about.

    Stone: There's always, the law's always being broken all the time. I see these guys with these paper cups, I saw it this afternoon, standing on the corner ACCOSTING MOTORISTS. I mean, people break the LAW.

    Meyers: Well, that I know. And, by the way, I do remember my youth, and I made a big habit out of breaking the law.

    Stone: There's a law against peddling in the 50th ward, and the street vendors are part of the peddling law, and it has been the law for at LEAST 15 years that I recall. I introduced the law. I put in the exact
    dimensions of the 50th ward. I updated it about 5 years ago because of the change in the map of the 50th ward. And there's a no-peddling law in the 50th ward. In fact, I think if you go on certain corners, you'll see a sign that says "no peddling." and that's part of it. I
    don't bother the guys that sell Christmas trees at Christmas time. I don't bother ones that are inoffensive. But I do ask the police to
    stop the rug peddlers, the guys who set up shop with the paintings.

    Meyers: You know, I figure they're not even paying rent, they're just stealing somebody's space on someone's parking lot.

    Stone: That's exactly right. ... I've STOPPED them. I've had the police tell them point blank that we're going to confiscate their trucks and their goods if they don't GET THE HELL OUT of there.

    Meyers: ... So in other words if I see - you know what, I'll tell you something, I think it just cheapens a neighborhood, and gives people a lower opinion of what's going on. And when I see these guys, like, you
    know, and you know, don't think I don't have a heart and I don't feel like they shouldn't be making money and whatever, but they don't have to make it HERE.

    Stone: There's a law against it. But of course the police have so many other things to do, that it's more important that they be stopping crime than that they hassle the street peddlers. If they see it, they're obligated to stop them. But on the other hand, in my book, it's more important that they stop crime.

    Meyers: I don't disagree, but let's face it, I mean, you know, I see people near Clinton, I see people near Boone, now if the police really took care of a just handful of people, it's pretty much GONE. There's
    not a ton of them. And I feel bad for them, but you know what, let them go down Clark Street, where it's more THEIR CROWD. That's more like a street. Or go down to Broadway and Belmont, that's more the area for these kinds of things.

    Stone: That's not part of my ward.

    Alderman Berny Stone Show date 9/7/06


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