Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scandal items

Continuing coverage of the scandal. Anything I kind find will go here. I will be looking throughout the day. Enjoy!

The Fix: IL-Senate: Between Rod and a Hard Place

Items via Newsalert

Rahm Emanuel talked with governor's office about who should fill Obama's Senate seat
Obama aide's Blago chat
Blago could decide future by Monday
Behind Door #4: A Deputy Gov. with Tax Problems
Fitzgerald Should Keep His Opinions to Himself
Chicago - America's 'most theatrically corrupt' city
Plaintiffs allege Attorney General Madigan has conflict of interest in lawsuit
Obama's rules or Chicago rules?
As Axelrod has said, a too-zealous prosecutor can look at normal political behavior and suspect impropriety. In a 2006 Vanity Fair interview, the Obama aide complained about Fitzgerald's scrutiny of Chicago politics.

"He goes after fleas and elephants with the same bazooka," Axelrod said. "At some point there's a line ... where you begin criminalizing politics in its most innocent form." (This week, Axelrod called Blagojevich's actions "appalling," and Fitzgerald took pains to say he wasn't accusing the Obama camp of wrongdoing.)
Blagojevich Confidant Turned Informant
For years, John Wyma has been one of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's closest allies. He served as Blagojevich's chief of staff in Congress and was a key advisor in his 2002 campaign for governor. When his former boss took over the statehouse, Wyma remained a central fundraiser and counselor, but also had Blagojevich's ear as a lobbyist. But now this longtime advisor and old friend has become one of the most significant cooperators in the government's efforts to put Blagojevich behind bars.
Blagojevich scandal hits IL finance

Moving on finally....

You can check out state Supreme Court proceedings on Rule 382 here.

A pay "for" play chart. Via CapFax who properly corrects The Washington Post.

Congressman Jackson doesn't know when he'll meet with Federal Prosecutors.

State Rep. John Fritchey on MSNBC. Fritchey has been all over the place since the Governor's been arrested. He is in fact chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and is spearheading impeachment proceedings. Lisa Madigan became something of a national figure yesterday as her press conference yesterday morning was seen on not only local stations also CNN, MSNBC & FOX News however Fritchey is almost right behind her. I hear that he'll be on FOX News Channel on Sunday. Can't wait.

Why is Speaker Michael Madigan waiting to impeach the Governor?

A video history of Blagojevich corruption via Bill Baar

Cartoon via 2nd City Cop...
Well that hurts!

Blago lawyers up, might resign by Monday - Hot Air

Chicago Argus talks about the apology offered by George Ryan. Remember him?

Jeff Berkowitz appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to talk about the Blagojevich scandal and the President-elect.

AP: Citizen groups calls for Jesse Jackson Jr's resignation from Congress.

A pair of Tribune editorials

Is Illinois the most corrupt state
How to stop corruption in Illinois

Assessor Houlian's Office: The Blago-Houli connection

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