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Scandal/impeachment items

Updated throughout the day!

Tribune: Dan Walker - A disgrace to the state Published on the 11th and I missed this one, but Ridge 99 got wind of this one first. Dan Walker was a Democratic Governor of IL from 1973 to 1977.

Althouse, who herself is a law professor, seems to be gleeful about Lisa Madigan's failed attempt to remove the Governor from office.

Tribune: Video - Gov. Blagojevich goes jogging

AP: Blagojevich says he'll address Illinoisans 'soon' - I saw some of this on Channel 2 today very interesting session. I look forward to seeing what he has to say for himself.

AP: State should pay for Blagojevich's impeachment defense: Genson

Greg Hinz: The 12 Days of Fitzmas

At 1:51PM the CapFax reports that the state Supreme Court has rejected without comment Attorney General Madigan's request to either remove the Governor from office or strip him of his powers.

AP: Supreme Court refuses to hear Madigan's challenge to Blagojevich

Also at 2:15PM the Special Investigative Committee has adjourned until 10 AM tomorrow hat-tip CapFax

If you want to follow the impeachment committee you can either go the WGN-TV or directly to this page at the General Assembly website.

I had to see who was on the impeachment committee which is actually named Special Investigative Committee. Check out this link, and click on the tab members. One of the members of this committee is one of the state representatives for the 6th, Constance Howard.

Washington Post: Rep. Jackson Said to Have Reported Blagojevich Request
Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) told federal investigators that Gov. Rod Blagojevich asked for a $25,000 campaign contribution during Blagojevich's 2002 run for governor and may have exacted retribution when the money did not arrive, a political source close to Jackson said Tuesday.

After Blagojevich (D) won, he considered and rejected Jackson's wife, Sandi, for the job of state lottery director, the source said.

Later, the governor saw Rep. Jackson at an event in Washington and, according to the source, told him he bet Jackson regretted not paying up.
Michael J. Madigan, Speaker of the IL House of Reps on MSNBC via CapFax!

AP: Family pushes their dog as next Illinois governor LOL!

Crain's: Major local cement supplier talking with Feds in Blago case
The parent company of a major cement supplier in the Chicago area is cooperating with federal authorities investigating alleged corruption under Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Votorantim Cement North America, which purchased the cement portion of Bridgeview’s Prairie Material in January, is “cooperating fully with the investigation and will continue to do so,” said Steve Gallagher, vice-president of human resources for Toronto-based Votorantim.

Nobody at the company has been accused of anything illegal or “improper,” Mr. Gallagher said.
Clout Street: Blagojevich scandal biggest non-election, non-economy story of the year

CPR: Is Rezko Still Relevant to Prosecutors?


State Capitol Q&A: Blagojevich's potential impeachment
Can Blagojevich beat impeachment?

Chicago Argus: Blagojevich Dems? Don’t make me laugh

Sun-Times: Daley turns up heat on Blagojevich to 'do the right thing'

Daily Herald: Ex-Supreme Court justice doesn't believe court can remove governor
Former Illinois Supreme Court Justice Louis Rathje believes Attorney General Lisa Madigan's request for the state's highest court to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office is beyond the court's powers.

"Lisa Madigan is doing a stretch and is pushing this as far as she can go to see what she can do," Rathje said Monday in a telephone interview. "Hopefully, he'll just resign."
WBBM-TV: State Offices Feel Strain Of Gov's Legal Problems
The governor worked Tuesday at his Thompson Center Office, but for the first time, his spokesperson, Lucio Guerrero, acknowledged the stress on his staff.

"It's difficult to work right now," Guerrero said. Obviously, the events that happened in the last week were a shock to all of us here.

"What you have here is really unprecedented and uncharted," said Dennis Culloton, who handled media relations for Gov. George Ryan when Ryan faced lengthy federal investigations.

But, unlike Blagojevich, Ryan wasn't charged until leaving office. Culloton says the facade of normalcy is just that.

"There is great paralysis because we've already seen the chief of staff is gone, the other senior staff of the governor's office are probably very anxious about even talking to each other," Culloton said. "So that's a horrible situation, a horrible atmosphere..."
The Bench: Idiot voters of IL deserves Blagojevich

Newsalert: FBI Informant Told Feds of Blagojevich's Gambling Operation:Blago Accused of Paying Street Tax to Chicago Mob Years Ago

Hot Air: Holder holding out on Blagojevich connections

Carol Marin: Governor's Lawyer Likely to Infuriate Legislators - Currently listening to impeachment hearings at 1:55PM and I think I'm listening to this in action. A few combative moments at this time.

ChicagoGOP: Cartoons - Illinois' moment of embarrassment

Defender: Candidates unsure about U.S. senate seat

The Caucus: Blagojevich Questions Continue to Overshadow Transition

The Bench: Jesse Jackson, Jr.: Snitch

WLS-TV: Obama: Answers coming soon on Illinois case

Crain's: Illinois tollway chief steps down
Less than a month after taking over as the top administrator at the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Executive Director Jeff Dailey has submitted his resignation.

A spokeswoman for the authority says Mr. Dailey indicated “a desire to explore other engineering and transportation planning opportunities.”

But someone familiar with the situation says the scandal involving Gov. Rod Blagojevich was a factor in Mr. Dailey’s decision, as was a controversy involving the previous executive director.

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