Friday, December 5, 2008

Teen shot to death after leaving ballgame, Part 2

I'm not going to rehash this story that I already posted here yesterday. I could have added it to that post for a more complete blog. I promise I'll get better with that in the future.

In any event I wanted to post more about that young man who was killed a block away from Harlan. The idea here is to say that it would have been easy to portray this young man as a thug. Of course I look forward to knowing more about why this young man was targeted.

Anyway you can check out this report on WLS-TV you can go to this link and watch either the video report or read an excerpt here to see what his mother says about him:
"Sergio was real helpful; he was like the house nurse and whenever anybody in the house got sick, we could count on him to take care of us," said Jacqueline Dukes, victim's mother.

Dukes mother Jacqueline showed off the diploma her son had earned this past June. She says he was a great basketball and football player who also loved to cook.

Police are trying to determine if Dukes was the intended target. His mother says her son had no enemies.

"I don't know, all I know there's a lot of shooting in this city, and you really can't say if they were targeting him or if they were just randomly shooting," said Jacqueline Dukes.

Even though she is devastated by the loss of her son, she says she doesn't wish harm to her son's killer.

"I don't' want anything to happen to the person, because it needs to stop. I just think they need to put the guns down," said Jacqueline Dukes.

Dukes was supposed to start his first job next week working for his family's church. Area 2 police detectives are in charge of this investigation.
May anyone who may know of a motive or a reason for this tragedy come forward with information to the police or anyone they may trust.

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