Sunday, December 21, 2008

What schools could bring in more residents?

I've been planning a post like this for a while. I even have a draft which this post will effectively supplant because I've been hinting at a post like this since the one year anniversary. Also a nice comment was left in the aldermanic salary survey post and I want to quote a piece of that comments...
And a HUGE need in our area is better schooling and funding for educational improvements and not just cosmetic face lifts that look nice off the Ryan (i.e., Deneen Elementary).
Anyway I would like to see any responses that you might have to the rest of this post. I'm sure many of you look forward to a return to community issues since the scandal broke.

There was this post last week over at YoChicago describing how real estate agents make sure they drop the name of a public school, James G. Blaine Magnet School, when they make a potential sale in that part of town. Blaine School is said to be one of the city's acclaimed primary schools although enrollment is from pre-Kindergarten thru 8th Grades. It is also located on the city's north side.

Well that being said, what other schools in the 6th ward have a good reputation that could bring in new residents?

JP Paulus adds:
My wife & i did some research, so i am adding some of that text.

There are two schools in particular that are extrardinary, even compared to many North Side schools, such as Walt Disney Magnet School in Uptown.

They are Ted Lenart Magnet School at 8101 S LaSalle St, and McDade Classical School at 8801 S Indiana Ave.

The McDade student population was 98.5% black last year, but had 97% meeting Academic Yearly Progress (a No Child Left Behind standard). That certainly blows away any racial steroetypes.

Lenart listed the student population as 100% black as well (though other reports on the CPS listed the school as more diverse: 62% black, 23% white, 6% Asian ). Their measure was 100% meeting standards.

Blaine "only" had a 94% overall "success" rate. They were 41% white, 31% Hispanic, and 10% black.

Disney was only 62% meeting AYP. It was 40% black, 20% Hispanic, and 18% white.

You can find the query page at the CPS website. Just type in part of the school name, and it should come up.
I look forward to other responses!

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