Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post inaugural goals

I didn't post this on New Years Day and since we're in a new era, the Obama administration, this post will honor that although we'll keep this ward centric. I did have some goals that are for our ward neighborhoods in general. Perhaps some goals are in order for this blog.

I would like to thank those of you who have subscribed thru our live feeds and via e-mail. Even if you have only bookmarked us whether or not you use Internet Explorer, FireFox, Delicious or Digg. Even if you have linked to this blog on your own blog or website.

Some New Year's Resolutions for the blog:

- JP resolves to try and blog about something other than gas prices.

- Could you resolve to post a comment on the board? We love the comments that have come in so far, and hope to generate more discussion from residents and friends of our ward!

- One other request -- if you have something you'd like to see featured, such as a favorite restaurant, business or church, please submit it to us...whether a whole description, a photo, whatever. We want you to resolve to grow in your relationship to this blog

- I still need help in generating news around the ward. In addition to anything you'd like featured we would like news that occurs on your block or street on the very grassroots level. It would also help if the blog was shared with your neighbors. Word of mouth is always great, but fliers would be more ideal.

- Perhaps finding unconventional ways to share content. The blog is set up with e-mail subscriptions, but it couldn't hurt if these e-mails were published and distributed like newsletters. Or perhaps if you run a neighborhood newsletter you could print something you found on this blog into your newsletter.

Anyway some 2009 goals for this blog!

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