Wednesday, January 21, 2009

While Obama was inaugurated!!!

Governor Blagojevich needed to go back to the city's Federal buildings to once again get fingerprinted:
The governor, charged with political corruption, was fingerprinted again because the quality of the first set of prints taken last month was not considered good enough, sources said.

The fingerprinting inside the federal courthouse came on a Blagojevich visit to pretrial services that his attorneys characterized as routine. The governor's attorneys noted that the governor is required to appear at the offices whenever directed. His lead lawyer, Edward Genson, was not present.
The Governor also didn't file a motion to dismiss his impeachment charges with the State Senate. His attorneys have already pledged not to participate in his impeachment trial:
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich remains silent on formal answers to impeachment charges with a Senate trial over his possible ouster just six days away.

The second-term Democrat, whose criminal lawyers quit his impeachment defense in protest last week, missed a second deadline Tuesday to file responses to a charge he abused his power as governor. The House voted 117 to 1 on Jan. 14 to impeach him.

As a result of his inaction, the Senate will presume the governor pleads not guilty to the charge and will move toward opening the historic trial Monday, said Toby Trimmer, spokesman for Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago).
The 4 p.m. deadline Tuesday was to file a request to dismiss the charge and kill the Senate proceeding. Senators, sitting as judges in the trial, would have voted on whether to grant the request. But there was no word from the governor or anyone representing him, Trimmer said.

It was the second trial-related deadline established by the Senate that the governor missed. Blagojevich had until Saturday to file a document answering charges in the case. Neither he nor a representative submitted anything Saturday or Monday, Trimmer said.
Doesn't seem like he's going to "fight, fight, fight" until he takes his last breath.

The impeachment trial is on with or without him.

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