Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Burris headlines

UPDATE 3:40PM Durbin asks Burris to resign; he refuses - AP
U.S. Sen. Roland Burris is refusing to resign despite a suggestion from fellow Illinois senator Dick Durbin to do so.

Burris also is refusing to say whether he'll run for the seat in 2010.

Durbin tells Burris to resign - Politico
Sen. Dick Durbin has told Sen. Roland Burris he should resign, but the embattled senator still has no plans to quit the Senate.

"If I were in that position, I would resign," Durbin said Tuesday afternoon.

Burris and Durbin spent an hour in a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, where Durbin offered this advice.
You know the headline seems leading. Designed to whet appetites. I'm sure Durbin wants Burris to resign but I'm sure there is a nuance to convincing a colleague to do what you wish them to do. The headline seems to indicate something a bit more forceful that what probably really happened or at least than what the rest of the article has indicated.

Don't resign, Sen. Burris - Dennis Byrne
Hang in there, Roland.

Don’t quit. Finish out your term as the Democratic senator representing the cheesy state of Illinois.

It’s your best, and perhaps only, way to get even with your fellow Democrats who have turned on you with a vengeance, who have knifed you in the back after your lifetime of subservience to Democratic rule. You are the Rod Blagojevich gift to fellow Democrats that would keep on giving.

Truth is, senator, your former compadres want you out, without a second to lose, even more than Republicans, who have much to gain by your hanging on. Your Democratic pals didn’t want you in there in the first place, so it shouldn’t come as news to you that they’d betray you at the first chance they get. They’ve got their chance now, with your bumbling non-explanations for how you got the seat in the first place. Now, for as long as you stay in office, Democratic bigwigs have to worry what it will do to their candidates in the big 2010 election.
Positives for Sen. Roland Burris - Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council

I mentioned this last night. Just a link, but this appears to be a series of e-mails talking about the political situation of Roland Burris. It's somewhat racialized, but it's still worth a read.

Burris attempts to extricate himself - Capitol Fax round-up

Roland Burris returns to DC to face colleagues - AP

Get Rid of Burris the Chicago Way - Chicago Daily Observer

Did Senate leaders blow it on Burris? - Politico

Burris lawyers still working on Blagojevich memo - Clout St.

Burris Will Not Resign, Will Not Run in 2010 - Political Wire

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