Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Burris headlines

Updated 9:29 AM: Carol Marin's column on the Burris "fiasco". What I except can be seen as the truth of the matter. The column is entitles "Translating Durbinspeak on Burris fiasco"

DURBIN: There is a "feeling of disappointment of some of us in the Senate. . . . We were relying on his sworn testimony."

TRANSLATION: Everyone knew this guy, appointed by THAT guy, was tainted but Harry Reid and I didn't have the cojones to cross the Congressional Black Caucus and just say no.
That how the talking heads are sizing it up. Well some of them. They lined up behind Burris whom many see as flawed because of the man who appointed him. I'm sure many are saying they could've avoided this problem in the first place by standing their ground, however, now they got a problem with him because Burris can't get his story straight on who he met with and what happened regarding that Senate seat.

It's so bad that Obama barely acknowledged him at the State of the Union address and Burris was forced to walk alone. Even faced the scorn of his Senate colleagues who were probably the first to welcome him into their prestigious chamber despite the fact of who appointed him. Even Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. got the whole I didn't nothing wrong Jesse at the State of the Union. It's a mess.

BTW, you can get a round-up of Burris stories at the CapFax blog.

This video is really old news, but a visual record of Sen. Dick Durbin comments after his meeting with Sen. Roland Burris.

The Burris Signal - Progress Illinois

Dear Illinois African-American Community - Beachwood Reporter
Please let me make a point on the unfolding debacle formerly known as Roland Burris, despite the fact that I have no recent ancestors from Africa. (I considered not writing this at all, but then I picked up the paper and found Eric Holder was already calling me a coward.)

The single most reliable strategy to ensure that President Obama's former Senate seat will ultimately go to a white politician is to keep Roland Burris in it right now.

Ill. GOP chairman: Senate should oust Burris - AP

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says the U.S. Senate should kick Roland Burris out of office since he won't resign.

Republican chairman Andy McKenna says the Senate should immediately take steps to remove Burris.

He's also calling on Illinois Democrats to pass legislation that would end Burris' Senate appointment and set up a special election to replace him.

Trouble for idea of Ill. special Senate elections - AP

A plan to change the way Illinois fills vacant U.S. Senate seats faces a tough road in the state Legislature, despite the new governor's support and the ex-governor's vivid illustration of problems with the current system.

Gov. Pat Quinn has endorsed legislation that would end the current practice of letting the governor decide who should be appointed to the Senate. Instead, voters would choose a new senator in a statewide special election.

Burris attorney still working on key document - AP
U.S. Sen. Roland Burris’ attorney says he’s still working on a document that’ll prove Burris didn’t lie about the circumstances of his appointment.

Attorney Timothy Wright says he doesn’t know when it will be completed, and Burris will decide who sees it.

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