Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chatham now a rip-off in Gas Prices?

I have been really bad about keeping things updated regarding gas prices...they have been up and down. But here's the latest, at least as of Friday, it looks like Chatham is now a rip off!

Here's what i mean. Earlier this year, when I started working on Lake Cook road in Deerfield, i noticied Gas Prices ranked like this (frm cheapest to most expensive): Southern Lake County, Northern Suburbs of Cook County, South Side of Chicago, North Side fo Chicago, Downtown Chicago.

After Hurrican Ike (up until Christmas), the BP at 76th & State was usually BEATING the Southern Lake County Prices.

However since Christmas, it's been out of whack (i think initially due to Gaza as well as the Russian embargo to Europe).

It's been up and down this week, but as of Friday evening, the price along Lake Cook was $1.89- $1.92. But our favorite gas station in CHatham, the BP at 76th & State, was at $2.19....$0.30 higher! The thing is , other stations in Chatham, which might have been a few cents more expensive than the BP, were at $2.09.

So what's going on with gas?

To keep updated, go to

Let us know what you've noticed, or if you are one of those heroes keeping us updated on gas.

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