Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chicago bloggers threatened

This is already news it has been for a while. Tom Mannis at The Bench sent some links to some blog posts and articles about this story. This morning I found that Instapundit, a top national blog, has gotten wind of this story.

You can read the gist of this story here:
Fix Wilson Yard, the grassroots community organization that claims to represent more than 2,000 Chicago residents, alleges numerous abuses on the city's part in the creation, planning, implementation and funding of the Wilson Yard TIF District and the corresponding Wilson Yard development.

Subpoenas were filed last month seeking information on Web sites hosted by Buena Park Neighbors and the Uptown Neighborhood Council. The revelation comes on the heels of subpoenas served at Google, asking for ownership information about two anonymous blogs, Uptown Update and What the Helen.

According to copies of the subpoenas obtained by News-Star, Google and its hosting service, Blogger, are being asked to produce information "related to the identity of the person or persons who created and/or control '' and 'Uptown Update' blogs and websites (sic)."

Uptown Update is an active blog that has gained popularity as a clearinghouse for information about the Uptown neighborhood. What the Helen was active during the 2007 aldermanic election and has not been updated in more than a year.

The neighborhood block club Buena Park Neighbors and the Uptown Neighborhood Council are also being subpoenaed for documents identifying contributors who have posted on both organizations' Web sites. The neighborhood organizations are being asked to produce all posts in "the form of a blog, chat room comment, website (sic) post or any other form that relates to the Wilson Yard development, Alderman [Helen] Shiller, or Uptown development."

In addition, the subpoenas ask for all documents pertaining to the six Uptown residents named as plaintiffs in the Fix Wilson Yard lawsuit.
You can go to Uptown Update and see the original story in addition to that you can see those other bloggers who took notice of this story.

Also you can check out this write up at the Chicago blog, Flying Debris. That write up was linked in the Instapundit post.


  1. i think it's a good thing that Uptown bloggers & commenters are "exposed". A few have been vicious, and could be termed "internet bullies". If they had to give their real names, that kind of negative talk would slow down if not stop altogther.

    Howevever, Uptown & Rogers Park, being as active as they are, would still have critics. But at least the discussion would be more civilized, and clearly between neighbors (i.e. "real" people). I think those with different points of view would be more willing to share them. If Uptown is as diverse as everyone claims, you SHOULD expect some very different views, from multitudes of people & perspectives. i think that would happen if people had to post as human beings with real names, rather than have the luxury of hiding in anonymonity.

    I don't agree with Craig Gernhardt on many things, but I admire his willingness to put himself out there. If i don't agree with him, there is a person i can look at in the eye, and talk to him about it.

    Luckily, we haven't had too many anonymous comments that are outreageous. i WOULD like to see people put their name to their comments. Part of the reason is to see who has what concern, and we can blog more toward those issues.

    Also, at least for me, it builds respect of our readership when i get to know them by name.

  2. Meh, I'm not so sure I would play that game. I think it's the choice of the bloggers or the comments as to whether or not they are exposed. The problem is they may not be credible even if their message is credible.

    There can be vicious drive-by posters who will post anonymously. They are what I refer to as cowards! They won't attach their names to anything they say good or bad. To me that's a coward, a person should put their name behind what they say even if it's obviously horrible.


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