Saturday, February 28, 2009

E-Mail Your Support Of TIF Transparency

I just got this e-mail Friday Morning:
Flores' & Waguespack's TIF sunshine ordinance was referred to committee. Ald. Waguespack expressed an interest in walking into the committee meeting with a big ole thick stack of print-outs of e-mails from folks who think more transparency for TIFs in Chicago might be a good idea, even if from outside his ward. I told him we could help. He asked that we use his "ward" e-mail address, ward32 (AT) cityofchicago (DOT) org. The committee meeting will be in early March, so you could save this for a slow news day. My preference would be to keep my name off the post if I may impose to partake of your anonymity.

Below is a sample post soliciting e-mails. Of course recast in your own words if you so desire.

Thanks for your support!
Here's a sample e-mail if you want to lend your support to transparency with your tax dollars.
Dear neighbors,

Please write to Alderman Scott Waguespack and express your support for greater transparency in Chicago's TIF program.

Aldermen Flores and Waguespack recently introduced into City Council a ground-breaking proposal to post documentation related to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) online. This important proposal is working its way through the City Hall process, but it needs YOUR HELP! If you have been frustrated in trying to learn more about what your home town is doing with your property tax dollars, please take a moment to send Ald. Waguespack a brief note of support for this simple idea.

Send your note of support to Ald. Waguespack at ward32 (AT) cityofchicago (DOT) org today!

Thank you!
If some of you aren't familiar with TIF then here's some stories that will educate you on this subject:

Transparency on TIFs by Mick Dumke, Chicago Reader, February 11th 2009

Aldermen want to remove shroud over TIF contracts by Kate Gardiner, Medill, Feb 18, 2009

Opening a window on Daley's piggy bank - Chicago Sun-Times editorial, February 23, 2009

Oh and lest we not think that TIFs doesn't affect the 6th Ward here's one that might be created in our neck of the wood for the site of the old Kennedy King City College.

College trustees considering Kennedy-King TIF from The Sixth Ward

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