Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here comes the vultures!

Greg Hinz says that Chicago Urban League CEO Cheryl Jackson is looking at a run for Burris' US Senate seat. Here we go!
Probably the last thing embattled U.S. Sen. Roland Burris needs now is for another prominent African-American to make a move on his Senate seat. But that's exactly what's happening.

Confirming political rumors, Cheryle Jackson, the president and chief executive officer of Chicago Urban League, says "I am considering a race" for the Senate seat now held by Mr. Burris.

"Given the economic crisis, I have to consider what I can bring to the table," Ms. Jackson said in an interview Wednesday. Whether she actually runs depends on where she concludes she can best pursue "my passion" of spurring economic development, she added.
Well I didn't think people would start declaring openly whether or not they'll run against someone. He hasn't been confortable in his Senate seat for a month and people are already lining up against him. Of course we know why, it's been dominating the news since over the weekend.

What did Dick Durbin say today?
“I am troubled by this and I hope he will call in some advisers he trusts and gets some advice about what to do next,” Durbin said of Burris. “At this point, his future in the Senate seat is in question.”
“I’m troubled by the fact that his testimony was not complete and it was unsatisfactory,” Durbin said. “It wasn’t the full disclosure under oath that we were asking for.”
“Every day, there are more and more contacts with the Blagojevich administration,” Durbin said. “Then there was the issue about fundraising and more information about what he did about fundraising.
Senator where were you when Sen. Burris finally took his oath of office last month. You were one of the many people who was in the way of his seating? Then when the race card comes out or you waffled on legislation that would call for a special election to fill President Obama's then vacant Senate seat you and others were more concerned about a Republican winning that seat. And that opened the door for Rod to assert his authority even as his political career was coming to an end.

I just hope the truth comes out and if Senator Burris has a very short Senate tenure because of it, then so be it. As long as we can look forward to put in someone who doesn't have the baggage that Burris seems to have at this moment.

What a mess!

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