Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now this should make the CTA Tattler

It was sometime after 12 Noon when I was on the train at 95th Street waiting to pull off when a guy walked by me walking between cars to the car I was sitting on. Little did he know some gentlemen was following him onto my car.

All three were white, and one got onto the car from the platform and the other two entered through the doors between cars. I believe they were plainclothes police officers and there was one younger men and two older men. The one who was the oldest got out his ticket book to write a citation for the guy who came to my car to sit down.

You know the only time I would imagine seeing that was I recalled immediately the time I was at Jackson/State heading back to the south side and some people were ticketed by uniformed police for smoking on the platform. Smoking is definitely a no-no on CTA property so I can understand that, in the case of this man who was caught by police I'm not sure what he did, but I would imagine it was for smoking or perhaps daring to walk between railcars.

These officers caught another guy near Garfield, when a black gentlemen boarded the train and asked semi-loudly if anyone had 35 cents they could spare. No one said anything but the cops who boarded at 95th was right under this guy's nose! They all looked at the boss (my assumption) and he nodded and the other two guys went on ahead to get him. Perhaps begging on CTA property is against the law (and rightfully) as that was what he was doing.

They all got off at 47th Street the beggar and all the plainclothes. To sort this situation out!


  1. Both of those things are ticketable offenses. CTA policy is that you are only allowed to walk between cars in the event of an emergency, at the direction of CTA or public safety employees. And soliciting and sales are also illegal in CTA vehicles and facilities. Both activities are rampant on the Green and Red Lines on the South Side, so I guess they decided to crack down.

  2. Well in that case the begging fellow committed a double whammy by also crossing from car to car.


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