Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chatham: South Looped??? 2: Gentrification prevention in Chatham

I have tangent based on the conversation starting in this past Thursday's blog entry on more whites in Chatham. (Some like Levois consider this a continuation of the discussion started by the blog entry Chatham: South Looped???

One of the theories that the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council blogger had about the seeming growing number of whites in Chatham, and why they came.

Certainly, the issue of gentrification is something to be concerned about. Residents and even businesses in Uptown (such as the Uptown Snack Shop) have been lost due to gentrification. And the economic results, after the unsustainable frenzy ceases, have been felt through the mortgage/economic crisis.

A few suggestions about how we can improve the community without gentrification (which doesn't actuallly help the current community)

1. Make sure current residents take steps to keep their homes. For example, Commonwealth Community Church (140 West 81st Street) has hosted NACA seminars , which give some homeowners (especially those who want to stay in their home for 2 or more decades). Those at risk of foreclosure should be encouraged strongly to do what they can to work with their mortgage companies

2. Encourage the children of our longtime residents to stay in the community. If they still want to move out, survey them to see what they like about Chatham, and what they think is missing (and are seeking elsewhere). (And yes, it might mean Wal-Mart as one of those factors)

3. Marketing to friends from work and elsewhere. Let them know why this community is a great place to live...the schools, the restaurants, etc. I've talked with several people already, including one local business owner, who wants her son to move up here from Carbondale.

With those priorities, we should be able to minimize the number of homes going to speculation, but rather going to new people who can add new blood , and contribute to mix of the neighborhood.

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