Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do you want to join a park advisory council?

Location: Abbott Park, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
Distributed thru the Roseland Heights Community Organization e-mail list:
I hope you had a great summer, with all kinds of fun! Community meetings will start back Sept. 23rd, at 7:00pm. I 'll give you an update before the next meeting. There will be a park advisory meeting at Abbott Park, 6:00pm Sept. 8, 2009. The park advisory Council still needs officers and members. For more information call Ms. Morgan [contact info redacted] or email me.There is also a Park region budget hearing September 10, 2009. We need to go to make public comments about our concerns for Abbott. I plan to be there. If we say nothing we get nothing! I will give more information on meetings later. Remember what Barack Obama said, "We are the change that we seek". Seek change and have a good day.
The issue of rezoning Harlan on the lot of Abbott Park has been an important issue to the Roseland Heights community. All one has to do is refer to this link on the Roseland Heights Neighborhood Link site!

BTW, another e-mail lists the requests of both 2008 and 2009 from Roseland Heights:
Last September South Area Manager Gloria Beard sent, then new, Abbott Park Supervisor Ms Morgan to the RHCA meeting with answers to questions and requests from our Parks Committee. Manager Beard, in writing, promised to fulfill committee's requests. There was also a June 2009 meeting with RHCA committee, park supervisor, and region manager. Region Manager Millan had park supervisor submit new requests to Ms Beard. Requests were submitted again to Ms. Beard at budget meeting July 17, 2009.Of the requests made summer 2008, June 3, 2009 and July 17, 2009 to date Ms Beard has not met one request!

2008 requests: promised but not fulfilled
*Post signs which reflect new closing time 10:00pm. Note: a NEW 11:00pm sign has been posted.
*Swing gates are not locked at night when park is closed.
*Bollards were not positioned along areas of 96th & 97th Michigan and 98th State to stop cars from driving/parking on grass.
*Required non-permit activities/groups to be stopped immediately- has not been done
*Still issues permits to disruptive groups and activities too large for this park

June 2009 meeting requests that have not been fulfilled:
*Repair all rotted benches, all broken water fountains and broken track bleachers.
*Replace plastic fence in front of field house with metal fence and replace faded signs.
*Put temporary fences at 96/97, & 98 Streets until bollards are in place and put car stops to keep cars from driving out of small parking onto grass.
Well I like to hear from people who serve on LSCs but now I would like to hear from anyone who served on Park Advisory Committees. Let's hear about the work that you do!

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