Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Site of the late Rhodes Theater

Location: 544 E 79th St, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
You can read the previous post on the Rhodes Theater here!

It was brought up here on this blog bouncing off of several posts made at the CAPCC blog about what they wish to have on the site of the old Rhodes Theater which is a health/fitness club. This site has been vacant for almost 20 years since this old movie theater was demolished in 1990. Let's look at what's there now though I regret not taking more pics of this lot.
There's nothing here other than some steel posts and some vegetation.
I just had to get a picture of this trash. I tried to focus on this large this white piece of trash. While I didn't try to figure out what it really was, it struck me as a diaper. Someone just had to leave their diaper right there on the streets for someone else to pick up or at least allow Mother Nature to take care of it.

Worlee made a comment in that post that was linked earlier in this post that mentioned the CAPCC blogger's post mentioning what they'd like to see on this site:
The owner of the land the Rhodes theater sit on has wanted to build there for years but CAPCC does not agree with his choice of business to occupy(laundramat).
I have no problem with a community indicating their wishes as far as what businesses they may need in their own community. For example, Chesterfield Community Council seems to take issue with a dollar store in the community where once upon a time there was a neighborhood owned grocery store.

The problem as indicated here it seems is when the community opposes a plan that could get this lot built, but  in the midst of opposition nothing gets built. On top of that this lot doesn't appear to be very well taken care of. Of vacant lots my view is that something positive should be taking place here whether or not a structure is erected here or this is just plain turned into a little park area!


  1. This lot has become a eyesore and it was totally unnecessary. I will step out and start some mess. The lot is not being developed because the president and vice president of CAPCC live/have relatives living on that block and they have promised the neighbors a Borders like bookstore but no developer has come forth. As well as several residents have asked CAPCC to partner with several urban garden organizations to no avail.

    This lot can get developed if CAPCC shows a willingness to meet the property owner and talk about a mutual solution but giving him an ultimatum its a bookstore or nothing isn't going to work.

    As far as what is being written on the blog it defys logic. The person writing is not knowledgable of the organization or any discussions that have/had taken place and is just attempting to cause unnecessay controversy and its sad that the officers of the organization are sanctioning his actions.

    Enough said.

  2. You should realize that the former Rhodes Theater lot is owned by the City of Chicago!

  3. But the lot was owned by an individual and the issue is still the same.


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