Friday, October 23, 2009

Gubernatorial launches 'jobs tour' at Chatham Market on 83rd St.

A GOP candidate for Governor next year, Brady paid a visit to our part of the South Side recently:
State Sen. Bill Brady, a Bloomington Republican running for governor, went to the Chatham neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side Tuesday to launch what he called his “jobs tour” of Illinois.

He spoke as he stood at 83rd and Stewart on the site where Wal-Mart wants to build a store but has been blocked by the Chicago City Council.

Brady introduced legislation in May that would allow the store, and other non-union big-box retailers, to get around the pro-union City Council. Brady’s bill would need a “super-majority” in the Illinois Legislature to overrule Chicago’s home-rule powers. And it’s unclear Brady, even as governor, would be able to persuade pro-union legislators to back such a bill.
Well understanding that the 6th Ward and the 21st Ward (the actual site of the proposed Wal-Mart) trends heavily to the Democrats I would like to share his campaign website. The last paragraph that I chose not to excerpt has his proposals to help out the business climate in Illinois.

Via Capitol Fax!

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