Saturday, October 31, 2009

PHOTOS: 79th & State Street with vacant lot and abandoned building

I took these pictures near 79th and State Street sometime in September when there was actually sun out! This lot that's vacant, well I don't remember when it first turned vacant. What I will say is that in earlier times there was a store (probably a convenience/liquor store) that had it's entrance directly on the corner. I will assume that there were apartments since it was a multi-story building with about 3 floors and perhaps an entrance directly on State Street.

Eventually that building would not only be vacant with that store closed and boarded up, but eventually torn down although I couldn't even begin to tell you when it was torn down.

BTW, you might have also seen pics of this site on Worlee's Concerned Citizen's of Chatham. As always you can click on the pictures to get a much larger resolution.

We're going to get to this exact building in the next set on this post. It was noted by JP Paulus that there was a tree growing right out of the building. It just shows how bad a shape this structure is in at the current time.

When I was here in September this fence was broken. When I returned in October, didn't even notice if it was very put back together or not!

The next set of pictures are of a building that is abandoned that I had taken on October 27th. It used to be a bank as there is lettering at the very top of the building that indicated who used to own it. There is a vacant lot to the east of this building that's used by the Carter Temple Church on the corner of 79th & Wabash.

These next to pictures are of ghosts signs. Not sure if they'd have been visible if the building at the 79th and State intersection has remained, but I can barely make out that it was ever there. I see lettering, but not sure what this sign was for or even said.


  1. The building on the corner that was torn down did contain a liquor store and other stores on the ground level. Carter Temple led a group to have the have the liquor license revoked. Subsequently the church purchased the building with the intent to rehab but had internal disputes and ran afoul with the city. Also, the apartment building to the south was torn down because it was designated a nuisance.

    The building in the pictures also belongs to the church. The building was part of the car dealership that was on 79th State and had several tenants after the dealership closed. The church was supposed to rehab this building with the other.

    The last time I checked the church was $400,000 plus in the hole on this project. They had come uo with a new plan tp build a seniors building but were being urged to sell by members who had stayed after this project collapsed. The church will argue that they community and Alderman Lyle interfered with them completing this project because she would not release adeolition lien against the project. She was asked by the community not to release the lien because there was no solid plan and financing in place at that time.

    It is unfortunate because the Alderman worked very hard to get Starbucks interested in the site before the building was demolished and after the church indicated that they did not want Starbucks CAPCC indicated they wanted to open a coffee shop/convenience store.

    The church and the community got the short end on this because of a small group of greedy church members.

  2. Obiously, worlee must be a member of Carter Temple for the knowledge of who were those greedy members.

  3. CAPCC, I'm not totally sure what your point is. Whatever it was, it's out of line!

  4. Each of these buildings have been a constant eyesore ALLOWED to stand for far too long! While an aficionado for rehabbing old buildings these are too far gone! Also after 10 a.m., early evenings 4-6 p.m.and during wee hours after 11 p.m.-7 a.m. they are magnets for all varieties of crime upon residents. Parents [+ all other area residents] should be demanding that the city legislate, pass & enact that such properties be demolished immediately whether tax lines are paid are not if they are truly 'concerned & diligent' parents but obviously they aren't. I absolutely love my hometown but living in it can honestly be a serious pain in the you know what! Frankly tired as heck of how politics rules over residents having SAFEST POSSIBLE NEIGHBORHOODS. I advocate that Chicagoan's STOP TAKING THIS 'HANDLE -IT-LATER' b.s. from politicians with voracity and in physical presence unity. DO SOMETHING! GET UP & DO SOME....THING! IF YOU'RE TIRED OF HAVING EXTRA LOCKS ON YOUR DOORS; HAVING MARIJUANA SMELLS IN YOUR HALLWAYS; HAVING PIT HOLES IN YOUR ROADS, HAVING UNSAFE BUILDINGS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS; AFRAID TO EXERCISE BY WALKING YOUR NEIGHBORING STREETS etc.....then get up & do something! Talk to your neighbors, paint buildings all white near street level and add lighting far up so not even a ladder can reach it. Be vigilant in securing your properties: keep plenty of brightness around your geound-level (bright paint, lighting, white-gray gravel/concrete/rocks/stones); keep hedges/bushes clear to see through any time of day/nite for yourselves and passerby's and late-night/early a.m. employees returning home to rest after a hard workday. City says/You repeat "City budget too low." DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPED MANTRA! SIMPLY ALL RHETORIC OF LIES! You-know-who politicians have been warned to tell public broke while higher gov't. posts plans are to build up & stored in coffers across the nation to use for rebuilding after, After, AFTER they can ensure a majority are high-income earners. STOP TOLERATING! DEMAND BETTER!


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