Monday, March 15, 2010

Has crime been transported into Chatham?

Harold Lucas of the Bronzeville Visitor's Center starts off in this video (actually this is the second visitor of an interview by Marc Sims check out the first one here) saying that the crime that was once prevalent in Bronzeville has been transported into Chatham on 79th Street. He then goes on to say that making a heritage area out of Bronzeville could ultimately benefit other black neighborhoods on the South Side.

The question to ask is if you believe that crime has been transported into the Chatham community from Bronzeville?


  1. Interesting and one sided video that is signature Marc Sims. He and his side kicks, CPD officer Pat Hill and several others who consider themselves "intellectuals' have been kicking Chatham for the last several years on his public access program. While I agree with him on the state of education in several of the high schools I have a serious problems with the others espcially Officer Hill who was an ineffective Community Relations officer in the 6th district and who continues to spread venom about Chatham. the fact remains that her child was caight committing a criminal act and the situation concerning the abuse of a senior citizen is horific it is nothing short of a fear mongering when a law enforcement officer attempts to potray it as an epidemic.

    Secondly, this Harold Lucas is nothing more than a "hustler" who has an ineffective organization that most people in Bronzeville do not recognize as their spokesperson. Also, the comment was not surprising because he and several others in that area have an ulterior motive to paint Chatham as the ghetto. They are supporters of Walmart and have received funding from third parties associated with Walmart. Yes, the pooh pooh sho sho residents of Bronzeville want a Walmart but just not in their upper middle class neighborhood.

    I think it would make a great story to have Mr. Sims explain himself on this blog.


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