Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scam alert

Hey Neighbors...wanted to let you know about a man who is allegedly scamming people for money.
A quick summary...
He came to my door, and said "Hi, it's your neighbor, Mr. Wilson,"claiming to be a neighbor across the street, and needed $20 to get his car fixed.
(Someone had supposedly broken into his car, stole his battery).
I had fallen for this type of scam before (by a man, also claiming to be a neighbor and had his car burglarized and damaged; who had a CTA uniform, and "needed to get to work", and would repay the money), and told "Mr. Wilson" about my suspicions about him.
He left, and said he would ask another neighbor for the money.
I followed him, going down the 7900-8000 block of South Calumet, and saw that he did stop by one house, but then left and went down the block, away from his alleged home. He walked around the corner.
I tried to cut him off by going down an alley and walking around, and saw him on the 8100 S. Prairie, talking with a neighbor and his wife.
i was unfortunately too late. He took their money.
His story was that he worked for Crerar Presbyterian Church, and that his car was broken into, and needed some money for repairs. They thought it was the actual custodian, but "Dick" wasn't.
So let everyone know.. don't give money to anyone claiming to be a neighbor, especially one you do not know FOR SURE if he or she is a neighbor.


  1. Please consider providing link to - Report All Scams Here. empowering people with information to protect themselves and others. Thanks!

  2. About a month ago, He came by my house. I was cutting him off and telling him that he didn't live across the alley from me. He better stop soon or he's going to jail.


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