Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evil that struck Wortham lurks around corner

Mary Mitchell:
No more than two weeks ago, I talked to Thomas Wortham III, the slain man's father.

I was in Cole Park for a press conference that was hastily called by the Rev. Jesse Jackson to bring attention to a spike in violence that was occurring in Chatham.

The Wortham home sits directly across the street from the park.

From his front doorway, the elder Wortham can see everyone from the walkers who come from the suburbs to use the walking track, to the young thugs who are trying to stake out a territory.

In recent months, there have been three shootings in or near the park.

"The people who did the shooting don't come to the park every day. They drive by. They are running by and are not the regular people who use this park. They come here because they know this park is neutral," Wortham told me that day.

So far two young men, Paris McGee and Toyious Taylor, have been charged with killing Wortham's only son.
They are being held without bond on charges of attempted robbery and murder.

None of these men lived in Chatham: Floyd lived in the 3700 block of South Princeton. McGee lived in th 6300 block of South Ada, and Taylor lived in the 4300 block of South Lamon.

Young men like these are urban terrorists who prey upon those they see as easy targets.
Let's keep Cole Park neutral. Let's never allow any thugs from outside this community to claim it. And let's also find a way to let them know that their activities will not be tolerated in Cole Park either.

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