Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loitering at 7846 S. Michigan

The house at 7846 S. Michigan is currently unoccupied, and has been a haven for young (ealry 20's, it seems) loiterers who are there just hanging out and drinking.

They were also next door at 7842 S. Michigan. It's unknown if anyone lives there, and if they are aware of the loitering and drinking.

This is behind the parking lot of Taylor Funeral home and down the alley from Carter Temple Church.

i didn't take a picture with the loiterers because they have seen my face too many times for them to just let me do it. The last picture is the interior of the rear guest house, which has the back door open.

In talking with a neighbor, she has mentioned that neighbors have called about the house several times, but that police don't do anything about it. Also, she said no one has lived there for years.

According to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, in searching the PIN 20-27-319-026-0000 the last action was in 2005 (not including a notice form the city in 2008). Allegedy it was up for auction in Ocotber 2009. But evidently, no one claimed it. Certainly no activity (such as new ownership) has been listed there for the past few months

The property seems like a good one for a church. Other urban churches have mission groups who stay in the community. This would be a great property for that.

Perhaps they can work on the back building first and then use the guest house in back for some volunteers who can have a hand in cleaning and repairing the front.

So what can we do to prevent this from being a haven for loiterers, alcoholics & gangbangers?

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