Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christian COmmunity Development Association (CCDA) conference THIS week!

The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is holding its 20th annual conference here in Chicago this week.

The CCDA & its members follow 8 basic principles:
  1. Relocation: Living Among the People
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Redistribution (Just Distribution of Resources)
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Listening to Community
  6. Church-Based
  7. Wholistic Approach
  8. Empowerment
Individuals, churches and ministries use this philosophy to help minister to the whole person and the coomunity, especially in areas of economic development. They are coming from across the gcountry, and the world (such as India, Ethiopia, and many other countries)

The conference rate is $75 daily. However, the evening events are free. Your best bet is to arrive by 4pm, when workshops have ended. Attendees are then free for dinner until about 6:30pm.

The conference is held at:
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
301 East North Water Street
Chicago, IL 60611

You can use dinnertime to network and learn more about the CCDA, and then come back for the free sessions.

Local churches such as Temple of Glory International and Chatham Fields Lutheran Church are attending. How about you and your church?

More information about the conference is here.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Another great opportunity going on over the next several months is at the University of Chicago's Graham School of General Studies. It's titled "Poverty, Promise, and Possibility" and its a set of courses, lectures and workshops focused on the South Side of Chicago, looking at poverty, redevelopment, education, and the humanities. The first class just ended and was great! There may still be scholarship funds available. There is information through the Urban Education Institute or on the Graham School Page.
    The next class, POVERTY AND THE HUMANITIES IN CHICAGO, begins October 27 and lasts 4 weeks.

  2. Yeah, we need some morehelp from University of Chicago. They have already usd the southside as an experiment and destroyed neighborhood and now are attempting to destroy our neighborhoods. We don't need UC or this CCDA in Chtham!

  3. C'mon Worlee, how is UChicago destroying south side neighborhoods? You've got to explain your opposition.

  4. Well the Unoversity of Chicago has posted opposition to the independent development of the southside. UC destroyed African American communities on the Southside by duping them in believing that they could get access to grants and other resources by joining with the university and creating a "super" community organization. The communities that joined this organization were lef high and dry by the university when they got what thy wanted. Most of these communities are just recovering(i.e. Woodlawn) from the controversy UC caused. This is why there is no Avalon Park in CAPCC because the residents of Avalon Park chose to go with UC.

    Secondly, UC is leading the Charter School charge and are attempting to silence the opposition (i.e. CTU, communities, politicians, etc) by not inviting them to any events that UC host.

  5. Well I do believe UChicago are operating Charter schools in former CPS buildings. Not that I have a problem with them promoting their programs, but if what you say is true then at least for Chatham and per your reaction they have a lot to prove.

  6. Worlee, U of Chicago has NOTHING to do with CCDA.

    One of CCDA's guiding prinicples is indigineous leadership.

    Had CHatham, been following CCDA princicples when you were growing up, many of your friends wouldn't have left Chatham, but instead be leaders.

    As a local example, see how Lawndale Christian Health Center, Lawndale COmmunity Development Corporation and Lawndale COmmunity Church have positively impacted the community.

  7. No JP some of my friends are still living in th community and are taking leadership positions. Rod Sawyer is one and he running for alderman, commissioner Cheryl McGill and others still live in the community.

  8. "I've been asked by friends who once lived here why I stay. "

    That's what you said in "Chatham faces problems with crime, aging residents".

    I said many, not every. Clearly there are some leaders of your generation in our community. But it seems less than the previous generation.

    And to me, the numbers drop even more when you get to the younger/next generation of leaders.Again, there are some, like Kari Steele. But how many fewer than the previous generation?

    There's clearly a void of leadership in some areas (such as youth leadership). There's also a drop in businesses (and this is pre-Wal-Mart).

    CCDA ministries, as i have mentioned, can help a community reverse these declines,and create prosperity for CURRENT residents, and not simply outsiders.

  9. Well, we shall see how many churches will reach out to this organization.


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