Sunday, September 19, 2010

Latest 6th Ward Aldermanic Candidate

Originally posted Sept. 14th, 2010!

Thanks to Jimm Dispensa of for this news. (Aldertrack is the premiere website for sorting through all 50 aldermanic elections. Sign up with Aldertrack to find out the instant it goes live.)

Sean Washington is another declared candidate for 6th Ward Alderman.

Here's a short biography from his website:
Sean Washington has been actively involved in civic duty, community service
and social organizations within the ward.

Currently, a Chicago Firefighter, Sean, exemplifies courage and desire for community preservation. His commitment to the community is felt by young and old. Whether shoveling snow for elderly neighbors or teaching Fire Safety to young children.

Through several community groups Sean Washington has dedicated himself to the 6th Ward.

As President (2009), of the Community Pride Association, Sean lead the charge to
“Vote Dry” 79th and Cottage Grove. He worked with the Association to bring absentee owners/landlords back to the community to secure and maintain properties in the ward. Realizing the importance of “community safety”, Washington worked to identify halfway houses and recovery homes in the ward.

Roseland Heights faced with rezoning of Abbott Park and 98th and Michigan, Sean, as committee member partnered with others in opposition and circulated petitions in protest.

Today, in the Ward – Sean Washington will create the 6th Ward Council. He will advocate and develop Block Clubs for the entire ward. The Block Clubs will promote socializing and the exchange of ward (city) information amongst neighbors.

Sean will bring tutoring programs to our ward by partnering with local schools and churches to provide tutoring service for children in need.

Sean received his Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University in 2001, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification in 2008 and EMT Certification in 2000. He resides in the Chesterfield community with his wife Lonita Washington.
We at The Sixth Ward hope to have a summary page soon of all candidates, and perhaps mirror Uptown Update's list of candidates, for your convenience.

We welcome all candidates and their supporters to post comments and issues. We also welcome submissions for entries, such as news for events, or photos (please give us links of exisiting photos; we don't have the memory to host your photos).

While individual writers may (or may not) have their personal favorites, this blog is not a tool for a specific candidate.We simply want to help the community make an informed decision.

We do want serious discussion on issues affecteing the ward. However, name-calling, accusations and slander are not a part of debate. So please use wisdom in responding. One suggestion, if you find a post you want to passionately respond to, is this: type up your response on Microsoft Word, save it. Then go away from your computer for at least an hour. Re-read what you are responding to, as well as what you typed, and revise as necessary


  1. Just a friendly word of advice... That summary of candidates you are putting together needs to come out sooner rather than later, because I had people representing two separate candidates for 6th Ward Alderman come to my house this weekend-- one just came by at 6:30 p.m. of all times-- asking me to sign petitions...

    And me and my neighbors refused because we don't know a thing about them... Just saying...

  2. I will take that under advisement. Got one ready to go now although incomplete. Do you know who they were. We know of four so far.

  3. With all due respect-- of course I know who the petitioners were representing-- they stated who they were obtaining signatures for-- but I'm not going to publicly state it, or I would have done so in my initial comments... That wasn't the point.

    The point was that before most people including myself sign a petition, we need more information about what or whom we would be signing for...

  4. Thanks Ms. Branch for your comments. In an attempt for fairness to the candidates we have ask that they send us information. Unfortunately, some have not. With the exception of one candidate who has contacted me personally to state why he hasn't answered any questions, the rest of the candidates have no excuse not to us know who they are and what they stand for.

    This is a VERY important election for our ward that can change the makeup of the city council but more important is the candidate selected going to speak up for the 6th Ward. You and your neighbors need to send these candidates a message that this election is important to you.

  5. This will be me and my daughter's first time voting in this ward, and we're closely looking at everyone running in order to make an intelligent and well thought out decision to vote for who we feel can not only address our concerns (crime, education/schools, etc.) but to do something about them as well-- and what their positions are/where they stand-- so we definitely need info on ALL candidates running for 6th Ward Alderman...

  6. Refusing to sign a potential candidates petition because you don't have information on that candidate will stifle the electoral process. By signing the petition, one is simply affording that person the Right to be on the ballot. Nothing more nothing less. Your signature is not your vote.

  7. I'm not ignorant. I've been voting since I was 18, and I know what a petition is, and I know my signature is not my vote. But why on earth would I sign a ballot to "afford" that a person has the "right" to be on the ballot if I, my family or my neighbors don't know a thing about them in terms of their positions on things that affect this ward/community??

    What "stifles" the electoral process is any and everybody throwing their "hats" into the ring without doing "their" homework, and taking MY signature and therefore, my potential vote-- seriously.


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