Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roseland Heights meeting Sept 28th

Ald. Lyle made a surprise visit to the monthly meeting of the Roseland Heights Community Association last night. She covered a variety of issues of concern to that neighborhood.

Issues mentioned last night includes Chicago State University, Red Line extension, loitering, breakins, pan-handling, squatters, property upkeep, Harlan High School, and police services. I only wished that I had brought a notepad or something to keep up with a lot of what was said last night because I know that I won't remember everything.

In a series of posts I will address as many of them as I can. It hasn't been decided if this will be a series of posts over a period of time or that I will gradually publish them during the day. Just know that hopefully you have an idea of what's going on in Roseland Heights.

Besides the reason for the Alderman's visit was to address the concern that she wasn't doing anything for Roseland Heights. She did offer a sheet for all the money spent in that neighborhood as far as infrastructure.

BTW, it should be noted that this is election season and she had volunteers outside of the church where the Roseland Heights meeting took place in additon to handing out campaign flyers. Also I want to note her comments on the election coming up in November.

The feeding frenzy over the Mayoral election next year is no reason to forget that we will elect a Governor and a US Senator in November. The Alderman is not only the committeeman for the 6th, she is also the city chairwoman for the Cook County Democratic Party. She admitted that she sometimes wonders if Gov. Quinn is living in the same dimension, however, she believes the Republican candidate for Governor is scary.

One of the mostly elderly people who attended the meeting said under her breath that she believed that Quinn was evil. Most of the people at the meeting appears to not be very enthused by Pat Quinn.

Also the US Senate election. The Alderman is committed to insuring that the Senate seat currently held by ward resident Roland Burris will not fall into the hands of Republican Mark Kirk. While Quinn may have a huge probability of losing his attempt for a full-term as Governor, the Kirk/Gianoulias race for Senate is more evenly matched as Kirk hasn't been able to put this election away yet.

In any event stay tuned for future posts about the issues affecting Roseland Heights.

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