Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: Blog Question

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: Blog Question: "Which blog best serves the interests of Chatham, the Sixth Ward blog or the CAPCC blog, and why? Leave your comments on the comment line."

That was posted at the CAPCC blog yesterday and I promised an answer which is that I believe both blogs serve a niche.

The Sixth Ward was named for the city council district. The 6th is also a very broad area that covers not only one neigborhood but several such as Park Manor, Chatham, Chesterfield, Englewood, and Roseland Heights.
CAPCC, on the other hand, serves more a neighborhood that this blog might and in addition they are connected by name to a neighborhood organization.

While at the Sixth Ward we do attempt to cover what is going on in the neighborhoods, the CAPCC is the direct source for news as it pertains to the Chatham neighborhood. While the CAPCC might cover issues and then seek to lobby the federal government for neighborhood improvements. The Sixth Ward will also cover politics as it related to us locally.

This was a comment from a reader to the link I posted on the FB page last night:
If both blogs provide informational services to the community, then why is a comparison needed?? Is there not enough room for both to exist and serve the community?
Perhaps there is enough room for both. Besides I was elated to have found out about the CAPCC blog early in 2009. Hopefully others will be inspired to help build a local bloggosphere in our community. And they too will serve their own niches as well.


  1. I agree with the comment from the FB reader as posted above. Both serve a vital purpose and are needed.

    The only thing I don't understand about the CAPCC blog is why isn't there a lot of info/news as it relates to Avalon Park itself?

  2. Worlee could answer that better than I can, but I understand that in spite of that organization's name they really have nothing to do with Avalon Park. It's basically a Chatham organization.

  3. On the name Chtham Avalon Park Community Council at one time Avalon Park was part of the organization. A conflict split the organization years ago and subsequently the Avalon Park organization became inactive.

    Over the last several years the organization has become active again and is now known as Community Pride.

    CAPCC service area border is the west side of Cottage Grove.


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