Monday, October 4, 2010

Ex-RTA boss: no expansion funds

Sun-Times and this may not bode well for that Red Line extension from 95th into Roseland:
"We've got to stop raising expectations that we're going to be able to expand the system," said [RTA Executive Director Stephen] Schlickman. He pointed out that the CTA alone needs $10 billion in capital funding over the next 10 years just to stay in a state of good repair, let alone create something new.

"There's not a feasible financial plan for any of the new start projects proposed by any of the agencies right now," said Schlickman. That includes the proposed expansion of the Red Line to 130th Street.

"The federal government will not allow them to advance [out of the alternatives analysis phase] unless they put forward a credible financial plan, and they don't have it."
This article is worth your time if you're into transit policy. Lot's of numbers and some other proposals can be read here, but I want to stay focused on this Red Line extension.

BTW, whoever will be the next mayor, they may want to put out a credible financial plan for this. If this is too far down on their priorities then perhaps our Aldermanic candidates can come up with some ideas.

Hat-tip CapFax morning shorts!

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