Sunday, November 7, 2010

6th Ward election results...

According to the Chicgao Board of elections, 19,018 in our ward voted, which is excellent!

Our voting rate (ballots cast over registered voters) was 55.68%,  above the city rate of 51.94%. We ranked #13 out of 50 wards percentage wise , but # 10 in terms of numbers.

However, looking at the results, some interesting findings...
St. Representative Connie Howard (34th) only received 11394 votes.

That means less than 60% who did vote in our ward actually voted for her. Does that mean that 40% of this year's voters not happy with her?

Bill Beavers received 11585 (more than Connie Howard!), winning 91%, with Green Party Candidate Joseph Barton picking up only 728 votes Did most of our ward REALLY think Bill Beavers is doing his job for us on the County Board?

18131 votes were cast for Cook County Assesor. Joe Berrios received 15416 votes of 85% of them.  Do we REALLY trust him more than Forrest Claypool?

For Cook County President , 17746 , or 96% of us voted for Toni Preckwinkle. In her own ward, she only received 15,150 votes or 92% of her own ward's vote!

Why did 94% of our vote go to Democrats, even though they rejected our very own Kari Steele, who was just as qualified as any other candidate?

One last question to ask -- why did less than 1% of us (175) vote for Rich Whitney of the green party but more than 4% (752) voted for Scott Lee Cohen, whose past was exposed AFTER he was elected for the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor?

Some interesting political results...


  1. In reading election results you must be careful to read the district results for candidates that respresent multiple Wards and/or Cities. Rep. Howard, who is one of the largest votegetters in the area represents multiple Wards and suburban communities. Only a portion of the 6th Ward falls within her Dist. The other portion is represented by Andre Thapedi. Beavers may have a significantly larger share of the 6th Ward than does Rep. Howard.

  2. That is an excellent turnout by any measure. Maybe even better than up here in agitated Uptown. I lived in Chatham once in '91 for 5 months...its been a long time.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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