Monday, November 29, 2010

Are these the issues what we should be concerned about...

During the coming aldermanic campaign here in the 6th? I'm stealing this least from the 19th Ward Chicago blog. The issues the blogger there has listed also affect us minus the final item which I am striking out for our purposes.
  1. Protection of people and property.
  2. Quality of the local public schools.
  3. Economic development.
  4. Parks and recreation.
  5. Public pensions.
  6. Taxes.
  7. Ward remap.
  8. The return of the South Side Irish parade.
Basically, I doubt there are enough Irish in this community to even consider a St. Patrick's Day parade. Not that one has to be Irish to consider it, if there are even the Irish amongst us they probably would want a parade here anyway. Who says that you can only do one in Beverly or in the Loop.

My main issues are numbers 1, 2, and 3. Are there any issues you could add to this list?

If you're running for Alderman next year please do offer your positions on these issues. You can always sent an e-mail to thesixthward [at] (replace [at] with @ and then eliminate the spaces).


  1. I agree with you that 1-3 ar the most important issues affecting our ward. Like you I'm waiting for the rest of the pack to stand up and say something and stop waiting on Alderman Lyle to start the conversation or let your"social media" person answer.

  2. I am surprised you didn't put down senior services as an issue.

    Also, foreclosures/housing is a huge one for us, as well as marketing to middle class buyers.

    I would also personally put down youth development -- this is outside of schools, where we need more after-school outreach to kids, as well as to young adults not in school. Now, i don't think the government is tyhe solution, but we need community leaders to communicate and network, so we can maximize resources.

    i know many of these issues are tied into each other, but it think need some specific addressing.

  3. I'm a bit puzzled as to why you think we are lacking in senior services. Our active seniors have Mather to socialize and as an information resource. Also, the deptartment of aging center inside Senior Suites works in partnership with Mather to disseminate information. Secondly, the Atlas Centers at Abbott Park(95th Wabash) and 79th Stony Island provide free meals and information sources and lastly our neighborhood churches excel in senior services St. Mark and Bethlehem Star on the Southern end of the ward and Salem and St. Columbanus on the northern end.
    There is a need for additional senior housing on the southern and northern ends of the ward but I think our seniors have ample resources to get information.

    As far as housing, per real estate experts I speak with foreclosures in our area are being turned around and being sold at premium prices. The properties we are seeing going into foreclosure now are investor owned properties and there is no forebearance programs for investors.

    Overall, I agree that there is a shortage of youth programs but with the cost of insurance and the new Child Facility Licensing ordnance it makes it cost prohibitive to only the large churches and NPO's.

    Yes our community organizations should have these items on their monthly agendas. The City has a clearing house for organizations to request speakers on a wide variety of topics. I think talking about these issues is more beneficial than talking about guns.

  4. 1-3 a are the most pressing problems in the 6th ward.I am concerned not only with the violent crimes being committed but also with the media response to the crimes. Case in point, the officer who was recently killed in his own car was killed in Beverly. Yet when it was reported on the news Beverly was never mentioned. However, when the officer was laid to rest at Leaks, the reporter led with Chatham comes out to mourn fallen officer. Yet another police death linked with Chatham...
    Therefore I would add to the list the perception of the 6th ward in the city and in the mind of the constituents. Another case in point; why is it acceptable to refer to 79th street as on the "9"? Don't drive on the 9, be careful on the 9,there was another shooting on the 9. This is not how I want my community viewed.

  5. Ms. Burton I see that you have noticed a perception problem. How would you propose to change that negative perception of the Chatham neighborhood?


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