Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ChathamNOW: Blog Question

Check out this blog question from the new Chatham neighborhood blog, ChathamNOW:
Do you think with the influx of Mexican-Americans into Chatham as the newest residents that St. Dorothy's School may have a majority Hispanic student body by 2016? Leave your comments on the comment line.
The blogmaster there may well have been a writer for the CAPCC blog, so this question may seem similar to many you have seen there.

BTW, if you're working on a neighborhood blog or otherwise is a blogger who live in the 6th Ward or surrounding areas we will be very happy to link to you.


  1. We've had Mexican American students at McDade going back 9/10 years and the population has not changed.

  2. My answer to that question posted on the blog

    "Well, let me get it off my chest. It was this type of question that I had problems with over at the CAPCC blog. The over exageration of a situation. 1-10 kids does not qualufy as an influx and I will safely say some are part African American.

    This notion that this community is/has always been 100% African American is false. We have always had people of various backgrounds especially of latin descent here. Yes some slaves were dropped off in Mexico.

    This community will continue to diversify and it should not be viewed as a negative. Yes we will have difference of opinion but that will be the challenge we will have to face and conquer if we want our community to viewed as one of the most desirable in Chicago."

    I think it was these type of questions that made Keith take control of the CAPCC blog.


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