Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Issues at Ruggles?

I had only posted a tweet about this as soon as I got this. And I didn't recognize that this meeting was to take place on Tuesday Nov. 9th at 4:30. Either way I wanted to share some comments at Ruggles School per the man who was responsible for those photographs of wayward signs on 75th Street.
I am chairing this committee and would like to invite all stakeholders interested in the Education of our children to get involved. Minutes of the meeting will be available, via email, seven days after the date of this meeting. Make your request by email.
I made my request and hopefully Mr. Julius Stanley, will allow me to share the minutes of this meeting on the blog.

Also I asked if I could post about this on the blog he not only gave permission, he also offered more comments. My main objective was to post this flyer he attached to his original e-mail. I had already saved that to my scribd account.
There is a problem at Ruggles. Children are not being educated and there seems to be no accountability from the Chicago Public Schools. There will be more coming. My home number is *redacted*. There will be a Principal Evaluation process taking place; a meeting is scheduled for today, at 4:30pm. You need to report--- see the problem for yourself. I'll let you know of future dates in advance.
Also I'm choosing not to share his number, not sure if he'd appreciate that being posted online. ;) I also hope we will have further updates as well.

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