Sunday, November 21, 2010

Squatter house Sunday morning near 95th & Michigan

I posted this pic on the FB page, however, the Alderman posted a comment about this pic to an unrelated posting there. So to make the connection for those of you who follow both the blog and the FB page her comment is posted here for context.
Referred to the Dep. Commissioner of Buildings 2 mins. ago with yr pic. We reported it to the 6th Dist. and Buildings at least 5 times over the last 2 years and each time we empty them, they move back in. Asking Law to go after the Mortgage Companies this time, because its costing the taxpayers money. Also because we don't want any fires from them trying to heat the homes with propane. Thanks for the pic.
Last month three young men just walked up to the door and kicked the door in and I posted about that on the FB page as well. It has also been seen by my eyes that the people who live here like to sit on the porch at times. Also I'm not sure if who ever is taking up residence here are somehow connected to who lives in that grayish looking house you see to the right of the boarded up squatter home. I'm sure I will be corrected in making that assumption.

Oh yeah I wanted to take a picture of this Tupperware/Rubbermaid container top that was covering up the windows at various points. It was out within the past month but I first saw it over the summer written with gang markings such as pitchforks or six-point stars. The message almost dared someone to start trouble. It appears that it was recently replaced by a piece of plywood.

Below is a link to the first time I mentioned this house. The issues that I had found out about it at a neighborhood meeting. It was implied that an aggressive panhandler had taken up residence here. Usually sitting in a wheelchair. Well the wheelchair is present in the above pic alongside the house near the side porch.

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