Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Petition challenges for 6th ward challengers

I'm copying this from the Board of Elections. I have only allowed the case number, objector, candidate and either dates for next hearing or some type of ruling that has either occurred or eminent.
  • 11-EB-ALD-059 | Denise Smith Cassandra | Goodrum Burton | 400 pm 12/15/10
  • 11-EB-ALD-060 | Vinona Summers |  Bobby Joe Johnson | Recommendation pending
  • 11-EB-ALD-067 | Vinona Summers | Sekum Walker | 400 pm 12/16/10
  • 11-EB-ALD-068 | Denise Smith | Burundi Davis | 12:00 pm 12/20/10
  • 11-EB-ALD-069 | Denise Smith | Brian E. Sleet | 12:00 pm 12/17/10
  • 11-EB-ALD-298 | Delton J. Pierce | Burundi Davis | 12:00 pm 12/20/10
  • 11-EB-ALD-299 | Delton Pierce | Sekum Walker | Recommendation pending
  • 11-EB-ALD-303 | Delton J. Pierce | Cassandra Goodrum-Burton | Recommendation Pending
  • 11-EB-ALD-307 | Delton Pierce | Bobby Joe Johnson | Recommendation pending
Those cases that are dated will take place at the Conference Room on the Lower Level 69 E. Washington Blvd in the building where the Chicago Board of Elections is located. It's right across the street from Daley Plaze.

I would like to know more about the "recommendation pending" I wonder what that means. Although for other Aldermanic candidates around the city decisions are pending. So what's the recommendation. No candidate in the 6th ward has defaulted either (whatever that means :P)

Does anyone know anything out there?

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  1. The candidates and objectors have their cases heard by hearing officers. The hearing officers are experienced attorneys from the area. The hearing officer hears both sides and makes a recommendation whether the objection stands and the candidate is taken off the ballot or the objection is overturned and the candidate stays on the ballot. The recommendation is sent to the election board for a final decision. In most cases the election board follows the recommendation of the hearing officer.

    In the case of defaults, candidates and objectors had to make an appearance on Dec 6th and the party that didn't appear lost by default. Secondly, if either party did not appear for their hearings without an excused absence they lose by default.

    I believe in due process but this objection process needs an overhaul. The hearing officers are experienced attorney's who charge the public 100+ and hour aren't cheap and doing this for free. Some of these hearings have been continued 2 or more times. If you owed parking tickets, lied about where you live and just flat out didn't research the rules before you got into this I don't feel the taxpayers should have to subsidize your mistakes.

    Also, it in the objectors favor to keep these hearings going so if they lose if gives the other candidate less time to campaign. In the case of the 6th ward most of the candidates who have objections also lack funds so they have an uphill battle. Today. the Chicago Fedetaion og Labor endorsed Alderman Lyle which means a check of $10,000 or more. That buys a lot of posters and crews to put them up and tear down the competitions. I think some of the candidates need to be serious with themselves and accept the fact this was not their time to be Alderman


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