Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spoke too soon on petition challenges...

To 6th Ward Aldermanic challengers. Worlee had posted over at Concerned Citizens of Chatham the names of the challengers to the petitions of five Aldermanic candidates. Apparently the Chicago Board of Elections updated their master list not long after I posted the most recent blog article late last night.

I would like to have this information on our 2011 page, however, here are those 6th Ward candidates who have objections to their petitions. Listed below are case numbers, objector, and the candidate.
  • 11-EB-ALD 059 | Denise Smith | Cassandra Goodrum Burton
  • 11-EB-ALD 303 | Delton Pierce | Cassandra Goodrum Burton
  • 11-EB-ALD 060 | Vinona Summers | Bobby Joe Johnson
  • 11-EB-ALD 307 | Delton Pierce | Bobby Joe Johnson
  •  11-EB-ALD 067 | Vinona Summers | Sekum Walker
  •  11-EB-ALD 299 | Delton Pierce | Sekum Walker
  •  11-EB-ALD 068 | Denise Smith | Burundi Davis
  •  11-EB-ALD 068 | Delton Pierce | Burundi Davis
  • 11-EB-ALD 069 | Denise Smith | Brian E. Sleet
  • 11-EB_ALD 309 | Delton Pierce | Brian E. Sleet
The hearings on these objections are to start on December 6th.
Worlee further opines:
I think its self explanatory who is filing the objections and this is where the lack of money and volunteers is becoming apparent. If all objection are granted this will bring this to a 3 person race with the possibility of candidates officially withdrawing before the withdrawal date .
Stay tuned for more info.

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  1. Recently, received information from a reliable source that these are legitimate petition objections. None of these candidates filed over 900 signatures. Most notably, Mr. Sleet only filed 500.


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